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  1. Hallo Ranger Fox I have the problem solved. The image was to large ..... now the WIG / Cartridge run perfect. Thanks
  2. Hallo Surely a very simple question, but i currently see no solution How can I visualize an 'image' of an item in inventory? My goal, if can't find the box, so can be viewed a spoiler image in the inventory. Move: Item - Player works, but I do not see a picture in the inventory .... although it was deposited at Item. Thanks in Advance GeoMuBa
  3. Hi syntaxerror It actually works when I first agree the 'I have read ....' Many thanks for the help
  4. Does anyone know the solution to my problem? ==> Why can I not change the cache type? (from multi-cache to mystery) I can change it, but no save
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