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  1. My .02 cents: I wouldnt like to see this happen. Do you remember what Extreme Couponing on TLC did for the extreme couponing crowd. It was awful and my wife cant use half of her coupons anymore because of the rule changes. I just envision people stealing caches left and right. I dont think it would be good for this hobby of ours...
  2. Great deal, thanks for the link! I have 20 new geocache containers coming my way. I need to get off my butt and start laying some...485 finds and I havent laid one yet. I'll get to 500 and then find my motivation.
  3. Dont get frustrated, you have a very powerful GPS and sometimes the features may be overwhelming. Check out this Youtube video which I found very helpful and it specific to geocaching and your device:
  4. I, for one, like it when updated coordinates are posted in cache logs. I dont have internet access in the field and they are a backup for me if I am having difficulty locating the cache. In GSAK, there is a macro which will scan cache logs for extra coordinates and add them as children waypoints. Like others have noted, unless the coordinates are 30-40 ft off, I wont bother mentioning it. As a cache owner, if multiple finders are noting bad coordinates, I would go back out and check my work, but that's just me...
  5. I think you misunderstood. What I meant was, I'll buy you a bean burrito when you hit 1000 caches found. LOL!
  6. It took some effort to set up GSAK, but it has been working flawless for about 2yrs for me. I had to read quite a bit to get to that point, but it is invaluable for loading caches to my 4 different GPSr.
  7. I use a GSAK macro called "Review for Archive Gmod" that makes this simple. You enter the date of your last GPX file, then review the results, entering "Y" or "N" when prompted...
  8. How many mapsets are you using that you need much space?
  9. I think the Garmin Dakota 10 would fit this bill: http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-2-6-Inch-Touc...4559&sr=8-1 ~$200, not sure what your budget is, but I was looking at this before I ended up w/ an Oregonq
  10. I cant take credit for finding this, as I first read about it on Poi Factory; hope this helps someone as I don't own an Android phone. http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-use...overage-a265509
  11. There is a multicache near me that is a 13 mile hike or bike (roundtrip) along the Suncoast Parkway. I know from driving the Parkway that if you wanted to continue further in either direction there are more to be found.
  12. Check out the Garminfone (a GPS with a SIM)
  13. I would also look into the Garmin Etrex series. I have seen some of those go on ebay for $50-$75.
  14. There is also a GSAK macro called "Cache Cop" which will do the same thing on your database. I run this prior to going out. I can even search for caches that other cachers have requested "Needs Maintenance" or "Needs Archiving" on-that way I wont be wasting what precious little geocaching time I have.
  15. Is this what you are referring to? James Island Sunrise http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...85-1833244fca94 If so, I was here this week, while I am at FLETC for training.
  16. Love the macro...I just can't get my found caches to stop loading. Am I missing something? Thanks! Edit: I just filtered my unfound caches in GSAK before loading them, and it worked, but is there anyway this step can be eliminated?
  17. Sorry to threadjack, but is there a way to search for trackables that you want to end up at certain destination?
  18. You can view the Pocket Query from the Build Pocket Queries page that can be found under "My Account". If you look to the left of the PQ Name, there is a preview button. Hope this helps.
  19. I'm not sure if this is what your looking for, but if you go under "My Account" from the Geocaching homepage and then click on "Field Notes". Your Oregon should be connected via USB at this point and it showed all my finds for the day.
  20. I am using my wife's laptop. Does Garmin create a backup folder somewhere? I couldnt find anything...
  21. Hi, I thought I could reconfigure the Oregon's profiles and so I deleted the "Geocaching" profile from the unit, before I realized I couldn't restore them. Can anyone email the profile? My email address is Shelbrain at hotmail dot com. If you connect your unit via USB and then: My Computer > Garmin > Profiles > ? In my profiles folder I have: Automotive, Fitness, Marine and Recreational. The Geocaching one is the only missing one as far as I know. Please help! Thanks!
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