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  1. I also use a Garmin Oregon 450. The easiest way I have found to deal with PQ's is to do the download, then unzip AND open the GPX file using "GSAK" (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) which is a free download from the Internet . You only need to install GSAK once on your PC. Various databases can be setup within GSAK or simply use a single database for all downloads. Once the GPX unzipped file is in GSAK it's a simple matter to send all waypoints etc to your 450 by the USB connection cable. I am not aware of an equivalent application to GSAK for use on a Mac or an iPad. Wouldn't be much good on an iPad anyway as there is no USB port.
  2. I have recently noticed a Geocaching premium member who has logged a particular TB that they FOUND with the comment "TOOK IT TO" on the last 25 caches they have found. They have not dropped this TB in any of these caches. This seems to me to be quite pointless as my understanding of the TB etiquette is that you either "Retrieve", "Found It" or "Dropped" a TB. Any comments would be appreciated.
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