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  1. Thanks - I'll definitely check them out. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hello, I was wondering whether anyone knew of Canadian GPS rental places where I could get a bunch of handheld GPS units for a group caching event I am considering organizing. I've found a couple of places, one in Ontario (http://durhamgps.com/index.php) and one in Quebec (http://www.gogogps.ca/index.html), but I would prefer to rent from a place in BC which is where the event will be held. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  3. It happened to me today while trying to create a route at approx 13:48 PST in IE7. The server error happens after I hit "Save Route Changes" followed by OKing "Are you sure you want to make these changes" Screenshot of route map with addresses blacked out at http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/5325/500errorscreen.jpg Exactly the same error occured on another machine at home following the same steps in FF 3.5. I tried creating a route last week sometime and got the same 500 Internal Server Error
  4. Thanks - I do recognize the pocket query option for the regular updates on the caches. However, would the pocket query reflect any new caches added to the bookmark list, or would it only highlight changes to the caches in the listing when the pocket query was created? With respect to coming back to the bookmark list at a later date, outside of the pocket query option, it would still be nice if there was a way to bookmark other peoples' bookmark listings (i.e., create a "Favorites" list of bookmark lists). Some people have put significant effort into creating public/shared listings with particular themes/locales and this option would make it easier to keep track of ones that I'd already identified as being interesting to me. Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi there...Yes I have home coordinates entered. And I waited. But its not redirecting to my home coordinates. As earlier pointed, either I have to MAP IT or enter my home town in the MAP Page search box. Its frustrating. Any other suggestions ? Mine is doing the same thing - even with home coordinates input, google maps always loads to Seattle and doesn't change.... Not a big deal, but it would be nice if I could figure out how to default to home!
  6. Hi, I've been trying to find a way to bookmark or watch someone elses shared/public bookmark list so that I can more easily find it in the future and be notified if/when they add/remove bookmarks. Is there a way to do this? It would be nice to not have to go to all the individual caches in the other person's list and add them to a bookmark list of my own. Thanks, Chris
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