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  1. its expensive i found one like this on ebay for 45 free shipping. I based my price off the prices I found on this site for the same unit....I'm sorry if you think its expensive but its a NEW unit.
  2. PRICED REDUCED: $80 shipped Reasonable offers welcome!
  3. I'm selling a new, in box, Magellan Explorist 210 GPS. It comes with all the papers, software, and usb cord. I'm asking $100. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at darkgard7@yahoo.com. Thanks alot and happy finding!!! Clay
  4. Because you're not a premium member Thats true, I'm not a premium member, but the "Send to GPS" button still works!!!! Just to let everyone know, I got my first Triton 400 about 2 weeks ago and everytime I turned it off and turned it back on, it would freeze on the shutdown screen. I would have to take the batteries out to get it to unfreeze. I took that one back and got another one. That one seemed to work just fine until today when I was out geocaching and an error message came up on the screen saying, "Internal Error.....Your Triton has experienced an unexpected error and has to shut down." It shuts down and when I try to restart it, the error message just pops up and it shuts down again. These GPS's are pieces of TRASH. I will call the company and ask them to send me a "from the factory" replacement. I will give this GPS a 3rd and LAST chance. Anyone thats looking to but a Magellan, save up another paycheck or two and get a decent piece of electronic.
  5. Okay I figured everything out. Thank you so much. One more thing tho. Why cant you just use the "Send to GPS" button instead of the "LOC Waypoint File" button?
  6. I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the miles to feet. I did everything you guys said to do. Even read the manual, cant figure it out. It wont even let me scroll left and right sometimes! I tried to do the Customize your screen thing and I cant get to my map icon. It wont let me go past Display. And Once I'm on Display, it wont let me go left or right. I have to hit esc to get out. UGH this is so frustrating!
  7. If your not a Premium member, can you still do paperless? And if I dont wanna do the paperless thing, can I just enter the coords manually and it will tell me which way to go and how far away I am? I also just got the 400, but dont really like the paperless thing.
  8. I just got the 400 for my birthday. They are on sale at Walmart for $109. I hope it at least works decent. Are the coords at least accurate?
  9. Keystone, I have responded to the reviewer. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Okay I will check my e-mail but I'm not sure where to go for the submitted cache page?
  11. How long does it take for a reviewer to review a new cache and list it on the site? Thanks! NJGeoKing Clay
  12. Thanks! Will be Geocaching this entire weekend. Tomorrow we are going to do Bottoms up and the Choo-choo tunnel and some in PA and on sunday we are doing all the Merrill Creek ones.
  13. Whats up guys and girls. My buddy introduced me to Geocahing 2 days ago and I'm hooked. Already found 3. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Clay and I am 18. I'm an avid hunter and fisherman and love to be in the woods. Thanks for providing a fun experience.
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