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  1. I've actually had several people over the years that I could have given a gift card to. However, since they were made more difficult, I usually ended up just getting something else. This year, however (just a couple of weeks ago), I specifically had someone tell me that they were thinking of signing up because they like to go hiking and had heard of geocaching. So, a gift membership is perfect for her. Whether a gift card is "tacky" or not is in the eye of the beholder. She'll get to try the full game for the first year on me. After that she can choose to keep going or not.
  2. I want to buy one for someone else. I don't want to sign them up first and I don't want to pay shipping for a card to be sent to me when I should just be able to print one out and put it in a Christmas Card. So, I suppose Groundspeak is the seller and I would like for them to send me a code so I can pass it along.
  3. Is there a way to buy a Premium Member Gift Certificate that doesn't require mailing me an actual card or signing the person up for a free membership first? I just want to print a certificate and put it in a Christmas card. They should be able to sign up and put in the certificate number themselves to start their premium membership.
  4. I've had this happen too. Was standing right at the coords for a lab and it wasn't showing on my app. I only knew it was there because it was showing on cachly. Changed to "Show Completed" and it appeared. I hadn't even ever opened it before so it has nothing to do with whether I started it or not. I didn't do the lab due to both time constraint and lack of interest since the API was shut down. But nevertheless, the bug still showed itself.
  5. Like I said, I don't know about whatever gpx file you're talking about. The GSAK macro absolutely did not provide answers. Only name, owner, question, stage coordinates and description. I actually could do without the question. I never really used that anyway.
  6. I'm telling you, the GSAK macro that this entire thread was started about, did not give answers, nor did it provide a way to complete and get credit for a lab stage without a phone. I don't know about other gpx files that you are referencing. Adventures Labs still have to be completed with a phone, as Groundspeak intended, to get credit for the Lab Find.
  7. No, it isn't a bug. It's behaving as they intend it to. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean it's a bug.
  8. There was never another way of completing the Adventure Lab other than the intended way with your phone. The GSAK macro simply provided the coordinates of the lab stages. You still had to go to them and do them as intended.
  9. Even with the previous access, you still had to do the lab caches on your phone. GSAK did not provide a way around that.
  10. Yeah, you get a general idea. Then switch back to website to see which caches are nearby. Then, if it's linear, you can barely see the little opaque circles and have no idea which one is next. No thanks. Maybe if I'm in town for a stay it'll be fine but if I'm just on my way through town, I'll skip them now.
  11. Well with the official news that Groundspeak will not be allowing access to individual stages through the API, Adventure Labs have just become less interesting to me. I have no desire to drive back and forth all over town, tripling the miles driven, to do 2 or 3 adventure labs in a new town, rather than being able to plan them all ahead of time. Not to mention putting them into GSAK for statistical purposes just became infinitely more difficult. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. I should rephrase...I believe the only 2 bullets that matter are the one with coords and the one with direction of travel. Antipode seems to be irrelevant.
  13. The only other thing I know is that only 2 of the bullet points are relevant. I don't know which 2 but my assumption is that one is the one that mentions antipode and the other is the coordinate and direction of travel.
  14. I found that but I don’t know the coords of either antipode. I only know 1 point on the circle and the bearing of travel
  15. Does anyone know of a tool that will allow me to enter a random waypoint and precise heading to create a great circle. Then, return to me the antipodes on that circle?
  16. Everyone here knows that we can pick the individual states and we all know how to do it. However, that doesn't answer the question as to why the US isn't a choice in the country list. I suspect that it will take a Lackey to answer the question.
  17. To be fair, I understand that there are too many caches in the US to get in 1 or even 10 pocket queries. However, it's not relevant. Say you live somewhere in the upper northeast where you might be able to get caches in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Canada. I get that you can choose the 3 states individually, but you shouldn't have to. What doesn't make sense is having all the other countries in that list but not the United States. If we just go by what "makes sense" based on how many caches are in a country, then you could remove most countries, if not all, from that list.
  18. When trying to create a PQ, why is United States not there? To be exact, in the Within section, Countries list US states exist in the States list, however.
  19. Pocket queries are given internal unique numbers by Groundspeak. I believe that the ones that are given odd numbers are run on separate servers than the ones that are even numbered. Names have nothing to do with it.
  20. Looks like the server that runs the Odd PQ's is either WAY behindor it's down. It's been 4 hours and only the evens have run.
  21. I'm still not sure why it was removed quite some time ago, but could you please put back the link to get back to the list of pocket queries from the pocket query configuration screen? Sometimes I'm 5 or 6 changes in and want to go back to the list and it's silly to either have to hit 'back' 6 times or go back to my profile and click the pocket query link.
  22. When is the link to go back to the "Your Pocket Queries" screen from the pocket query configuration screens going to be put back? Currently the only way to do it is to either hit the back button or start over.
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