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  1. Thank you for your creative outpourings, Yime. Your coins are singularly unique and very artistic. I look up to you as one of the leaders in the coin community. Not brown nosing... just speaking the truth. If you ask for opinions on the future of coins, then I'll gladly give mine. It's a great topic! I like personal coins. Personal coins always catch my eye and interest. I believe that personals ARE related to geocaching. There has been talk on the threads about coins not being related closely enough to geocaching. Lately, I have come to think the same. I know to each his own. Each coin must appeal to someone, or else they would not have been minted in the first place. Still, these are the coins I like: Seasonal coins, yes, Event coins, YES! Series coins... yes. Nature themed...yes.
  2. Also seeking Anazazi .. any version, but especially like the red/black/white For trade: Tranquility Golden Globe Tranquility Purple Haze 999 SC version Thanks!
  3. >>>>>Disaster avoided! Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience with me, your words of comfort, and your reliable advice. The package just took a while, and was held up at customs, as wenzelbub stated. I've since emailed with him and he has the coins in-hand...oh, happy day! And I received one of my Halloween missions...yeah, baby! Thank you, again. I'll try to avoid cause for such drama in the future! biggrin.gif Now I can try to acquire a fiesta armadillo or a Neptune's Compass - Tsun and/or Tempest!<<<<<<<< Glad the mail came through for you! I had my fingers crossed for you.
  4. Congratulations Chickahominy! Self-appointed assistant judge, Mrs. Yime, looked over my shoulder when I commented that her "likeness" was being referred to as a Sun Goddess. You scored major brownie points with the Mrs., but created a monster for the next few days. I'll have to look more into the "yoni" part, but I like it even if it's hooey! I'm heading out to Salt Lake City today, but please do shoot me an email with mailing info. I'll be mailing out your prizes after GCF, unless I see you there of course! Now, here comes the hard part. I must explain that these coins come with some baggage. Radioactive baggage to be exact. Let me state right here and now that I cannot be responsible for any sudden changes that happen to either of you after exposure to these coins. You'll have to agree to a written waiver before I send these out. Take a look at the last guy who handled one of these... That's right, The Gamma Ray Yime!!! Forged in a laboratory, and bombarded by Gamma Rays, these geocoins were an experiment in "pushing the creative envelope". I think I pushed too hard. Thanks to everyone for voting, and joining in. Your comments, as always, are much appreciated, and I sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy my designs. See you at GCF! Yime Sending my address in hopes that a Yime will come my way Thank you so much for the cointest!
  5. 101 Red Otter 103 sarahbelle 105 DJ.J.ROCK 108 UFgatorgirl 109 acasim 121 Team Van Stoffelen 125 gillianms 127 woogiekids 129 Coreynjoey 138 Shadow's Friend 140 MustangJoni 143 drneal 145 labrat_wr 151 kini_ont 153 wilq 154 LustyPirateQueen 157 mar-elendili 160 cache in hand 161 Opalsns 163 smgsmg 168 Chickahominy 170 Turlutortue 173 LadyBee4T 177 BrokenW 180 EdDakota 182 Howlingmoon --> friend 183 Li-Z 184 Howlingmoon 185 CUTT4 187 fuzziebear3 194 woogiekids 195 Pabloturtle 197 anne.and.eli 199 grodan Karin (grodan & fiabus) 200 Vanelle ??# Tsunrisebey ??# Avroair
  6. Thanks for the cointest! Black and Gold for the Saints.... 5 - 0 Babeee!!!
  7. Dear Erin, I am so glad you liked your mission! I had so much fun putting it together for you. The 999 coin is, indeed, an SC coin. The rooster, my personal coin, is out of the bag... but thanks for being careful. You should be able to go to Oakcoins and get the activation code for that coin. The icon is being created at the moment I'm glad you took my ramblings well. LOL! The missions I have received have all had such wonderful notes in them. Thank you everyone! Happy Halloween!
  8. No Bogarting the coins...that's my job ! LOL Dr. Neal... I'm on your tail and trying to close in! You are a difficult man to try and keep up with!
  9. I made a few changes to the coins and they are now in production. 100 being made. Any suggestions on how to handle the circulation of my coins? Do you keep track of where your personals are? Trade only? Trade some and sell some? There are a few people who I owe coins to. For example, Dr. Neal pre-traded me a beautiful Kathy's coin. I will be contacting him. Once I get my paybacks out of the way, I would like to share with others. Thanks!
  10. LOL.. I agree, Dr. Neal... More more! Payment sent. Thanks Tsun!
  11. Although, I must admit, I can see why you would want to. I LOVE these!
  12. I think I'll find last year's thread and read it to get an idea of the mission packages. This is a one time mission? Do y'all send your recipient more than one package?? Thanks for organizing this... 1. Participating:Chickahominy 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating: PV=nRT 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  13. Particpating: Yes.. I am sending. My daughter, PV=nRT, will be receiving. Thank you. Name Received: Yep.. and I am excited!!! Mission Sent: Sent today, October 15 Mission Received: Laura, PV=nRT, tells me Gillianms sent a wonderful package to her. It was filled with sweet treats and some great coins. Laura is feeling under the weather at the moment, so the package was especially appreciated. Hopefully, she will write a note on the forum telling more about her package. Thanks Gillian!
  14. All purchases made Will be packing and shipping tomorrow!!!
  15. 101 Red Otter 103 sarahbelle 105 DJ.J.ROCK 109 acasim 121 Team Van Stoffelen 125 gillianms 129 Coreynjoey 138 Shadow's Friend 143 drneal 145 labrat_wr 151 kini_ont 153 wilq 157 mar-elendili 161 Opalsns 163 smgsmg 168 Chickahominy 170 Turlutortue 173 LadyBee4T 177 BrokenW 180 EdDakota 182 Howlingmoon --> friend 183 Li-Z 184 Howlingmoon 185 CUTT4 187 fuzziebear3 195 Pabloturtle 197 anne.and.eli 200 Vanelle ??# Tsunrisebey ??# Avroair
  16. Dearest Anne, My thoughts are with you at this time. Grandmothers are very special. I didn't know my mother's mother, but I did know my dad's mom. She and Grandfather lived next door to us in a little cottage for my formative years. I would go to visit Grandmere every day after school. She taught me a lot about gardening, making meringue baskets, prayer and being a lady. Grandmere, nee Molly, wore hose and a dress everyday. When she "went to town," she would put on gloves, a hat and carry a matching purse. She loved Colonial Williamsburg... one of the reasons my daughter went there for college. She had wonderful stories to tell, as her father was in charge of laying the railroad in Texas and New Mexico. Her early years were spent in El Paso. When she was 7 years old, she bought herself a burro for a nickel! My grandmother was the light of her husband's life. He treated her like a queen. I miss her so much but know that she is one of my guardian angels.
  17. Oh my! I see LOTS of pretties! Yemon Yime's, Tribal Sun, Crystal Ball.. and look! a Neptune's Compass! What are the coins on the top left?
  18. Hey! Thanks 57Chevy for sending the coin my way. I posted a note and will be on the look out for your coin. Here is another coin I was happy to move along. AtlantaGal handed it off to me to drop somewhere. Very pretty pathtag transporter. I envied AG's pathtag. A new design? The Georgia peach sitting underneath the Palmetto and Crescent Moon of SC http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...67-e2b222d789be
  19. I LOVE Minnesota. Even considered moving there. Will the event be in Minneapolis? I must admit, having it in MN is very enticing to me
  20. ::: breathe, Molly, breathe ::: Wow! That pic Anne.and.Eli posted took my breath away! I saw so many coins that I desire! Hoodoos, Ladybugs, Anasazi, Armadillos.... and is that an SC 999 coin I spy? Tsun, I'm glad you made it through the day... and your trip to GCF. I look forward to the purchase info for your homeless coins. Yime, thanks for posting the pics on FB. Minnesota? I really like Minnesota.
  21. Well do tell, Stephanie.. was the Caped One wearing his tights and cape?
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