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  1. Introducing the arrival of my personal coin! This coin took a long time to produce and is my first effort at coin producing. The rooster goes hand in hand with my Geo Nickname, Chickahominy. The Chickahominy is a river in Virginia near Williamsburg, named after a local Indian tribe, the Chickahominy. Chickahominy means people of the burnt corn. I have spent a good bit of time in Williamsburg and had the childhood nickname of Pocahontas. My daughter and geocaching buddy, Laura (PV=nRT) went to college at William and Mary. The two of us went on a dream trip of mine to see Tasha Tudor in Vermont. Guess what? She had an indoor rooster named Chickahominy! With that, the name came full circle. I love roosters, don't you? Gold 30 made Trading for personals only. Copper 35 made This one is really my favorite. Silver 35 made Trackable at Geocaching.com with its own icon; a gold rooster inside a red circle. The coin is 3D and is 3.5mm thick. Each coin has 4 red gemstones. (Yes four, not 5. The flower arranger in me did that ) I will be contacting those people who pre-traded me and who I "owe" a coin to. If you have a personal and are interested in trading, please email me. Once I get these shipped, I will offer some of the coins for sale. Hopefully by next week. Thanks for your interest!
  2. Oh wow! I got Yemons too! Don't think I'll be making Yimeade though... I'll save these! Also got my personals in today. Whoopee! Oh my gosh. It took so long to make them. I'll post info later...
  3. Beautiful coins. I collect heart coins I've ordered two sets! Thank you....
  4. Chickahominy 1. Participating - Yes 2. Name Received - Yes 3. Mission Mailed - No 4. Mission Received - No PV=nRT 1. Participating - Yes 2. Name Received - Yes 3. Mission Mailed - No 4. Mission Received - No
  5. I would love to get a set. Are you selling any of them by the set for a price break? Thanks...
  6. I hope Heather gets feeling better. It's no fun to be sick on these special days. Here's a joke for Heather. It's my daughter's favorite Halloween joke. How did the ghost get the Kleenex to dance? He put a little boogie in it!
  7. More pretties from last week I finally got a Halloween compass! Woot woot!
  8. I've been away from my mailbox for about a week and a half. Woo whheee! It was stuffed! One big mailer contained all of the following. I am so tickled! I can't stop smiling! Such pretty pretty coins. Thank you to my sender
  9. Chickahominy


    Oh no you didn't! You didn't just call me out in the forums, did you?? LOL! I have an SC or two to trade. Seeking Portugal, Pittsburgh, Manitoba, Texas, Mississippi, Maine, Arizona. Australia... for starters : -)
  10. Chickahominy


    The Czech coin is very pretty. All the silver in the middle makes it look really "blinged" out (Lil Wayne was the first to use that phrase, did y'all know that?). LOL! Anyway, beautiful coin, great trade.
  11. Great coins! Is that a Nutella Spirit Dweller?
  12. Chickahominy


    Thanks LadyBee, for rescuing me. LOL! I'm trying to keep better coinotations, but I'm swimming in coins these days and can't keep up with them!
  13. Chickahominy


    Help! I have been sooo distracted lately that I can't keep up with myself. Did I trade someone for 2 Michigan 999 coins? I have two that look like Michigan's, and I remember trading... I think. LOL! I unpackaged them Saturday in a hurry as I was on my way to a local event. I took all my 999 coins to show at the table whilst explaining the art of caching to muggles. I can't figure out which state these coins are from. Thanks for the help. Color me: confused
  14. Hockey Canada Maple Leafs LOL! I know there is NO way I'm right on this/! Thanks for the cointest and for the neat coin. I've received the set I ordered. Please don't consider my guess an official entry. Happy Tuesday!
  15. I placed my order ! Thanks for the chance to add these to my collection.
  16. " ... world, world... his world, her world.. he's leaving.. on the midnight train to Georgia.... he'd rather live in her world, than live without her in his.... " Okay, so that song is in my head this morning The 52 Mission #2 has been mailed out! It very well could be going through Georgia on it's way to its next stop. Wooo Wooo! It should reach it's destination in a few days. Watch out for it!!
  17. Yayyy! 52 Pickup, The Mission arrived at my home this week. Thank you FScout! She included two beautiful coins: A Signal that I did not have and a Crake's Wildflower. I didn't have it either and have really desired it. Thank you so much. Oh! The card I wanted is still available! Yay for me! Now, to decide who to send it to and which coins to include. It will go out later this week. Are there any peeps overseas who want it? I wonder........ Thank you to Patty for taking care of the record keeping and organizing for the mission.
  18. Me Me Me!! I have never met a cat I didn't like! I have 3 who rule my world!
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