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  1. Well.. I heard something strange once.... It is not ... well... do not panic... I am not Hannibal Lecter... I heard in a documentary that human meat tastes like chicken!!! Sarks do not like chicken meat! so most of the deaths of Humans that were attacted by a shark, were because of the blood loss in the sea!!! Ok, this mostly has to do with sharks, but.... Oh, I have to follow the Rules, so... THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY FOR THE COINTEST! Y capitals is not yelling.... just to make it clear that my post will not count! I am giggling when I shouldn't be. Don't know where you found this little bit of info! You seem to be enjoying yourself
  2. I'm in! Just as soon as I figger out how it works.. Edited to say: I traded for a whole slew of coins today! I'm coined up and ready!
  3. No Not for sale anywhere. I have been packaging and mailing out some that I had pre=traded for other personals. I also have two events this week and will be handing out to local friends Quantities are getting smaller and smaller...... which greatly saddens me.
  4. The Tater Racers need to be added to the list
  5. I can't wait to share this with my husband tonight. We will laugh and smile so much! Thank you.. thanks for the pics and the plans! Hubby said something about a cage that rolls around the yard. I'm not so sure about that : -)
  6. Thanks for the replies.. We have enjoyed reading them. Any one know how many chickens equal how many eggs?
  7. Moderator.. Please change title to Chickahominy's Cointest Thank you very much!
  8. Chickahominy's Cointest It has rained here all day. We are shut in! I imagine those of you higher up on the East Coast will be experiencing this same weather in the next few days. While we are all sipping coffee, tea and hot chocolate, let's have a cointest! FOR: One of my gold roosters. This is the version reserved for trading for other personals. THE OBJECTIVE: My husband and I live in the country and hope to get some chickens soon. We want them to eat the bugs in the yard and lay eggs. Wonderful big brown eggs for baking homemade pound cakes and omelettes! Y'all can help by posting facts about raising chickens. : -) Short posts, I have a short attention span and won't read a long long post. THE RULES: One post per person per 24 hours. DURATION: This cointest will be over on Sunday morning at 7AM EST. WINNER: Will be chosen by a random number generator. ( I will have to learn how to do this! Okay? Thanks everyone.. and have fun! Cluck::: cluck::: cluck::
  9. I'd love to be in on a forum coin!
  10. Mine came in. I am very pleased! Thank you!
  11. Nice coin! I would love to add this one to my collection. The leprechaun makes me smile. He's such a happy little Irishman! Please keep us updated on your progress...
  12. Thanks for your help Edited to say: I started shopping for my missions today Lots of fun!!
  13. Chickahominy ... FYI: I get my mail at two different addresses. Just saying so you don't fret if you come across the two different addresses. 1. Participating - Yes 2. Name Received - Yes 3. Mission Mailed - No 4. Mission Received - No PV=nRT -- Did I remember to include her address in NV with the sign-up info?? 1. Participating - Yes 2. Name Received - Yes 3. Mission Mailed - No 4. Mission Received - No Is up to her elbows in roosters busy planning the TWO geo events I'm hosting this week, activating lots of coins to send out and be adopted in honor of my anniversary, and planning two trips out of town this week! No wonder I'm coinfused!
  14. Email me and I'll see if I can help with the coins.
  15. These came last week. I collect heart coins <br> <br>
  16. I have just traded for A Delaware Geocoin and a Great Smoky Mountain Geoquest coins and can not find activation codes. Any hints where I might find? Delaware should be on the coin pouch, Great Smokey Mtn Geoquest is at coincodes.com Should be in pouch is hope for answer. The current answer is to contact MikeOtt52@aol.com. He made the coin and has the activation codes. I could not find the icon or clickable for Great Smokey Mtn Geoquest 2006. Help please.
  17. LOL! Oh boy! A whole collection! With doubles?!?! That is a dream come true. How much do you charge just to sit in the same room with all those coins??? PS.. see that's a new trend you two just started... buying whole collections
  18. Oops, my mistake AG. I'm sorry. I'm always watching the trendsetters on the forums to see which way we are going with coins. You are one who I follow for direction.
  19. Yeee Haww! That's some impressive mileage. Thank you, Opalsns, for keeping track of the missions. I enjoy watching the travels of these missions.
  20. TMA, Avroair, and AG are all selling off coins? Oh my! What has this world come to? Or is it some conspiracy to make as many coiners as possible part with their money? LOL!
  21. A beautiful Vanelle and a glass compass rose came in yesterday's mail also. I love Vanelle's coin. I can't help but smile when I look at the happy figure that she uses as her sig! Thanks for the trades!
  22. Beautiful coins! I enjoyed reading your story about the rubber stamp. What a great mission idea. I'd love to release one here in SC. I'd also love to trade for your personals. Email to be sent later today.
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