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  1. Love this thread! Love the drawings y'all have made. I'm amazed at the talent out there. Now, this is a first for me... drawing in a computer program. Ha! From memory.. one of my favorite geocoins : ) Good luck!
  2. I had a lot of fun watching this move on. Just out of curiosity, though...have any decisions been made on this yet? I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. Yes, it has! It went out in today's mail
  3. I got a great laugh from this thread. I have many of the items on the list. At one time, I had the ORD tag.. and wonder if it is still hanging on a piece of luggage in Florence. Spy vs Spy, yep... fishing coozie (Welcome to Hell Hole Swamp with a pic of a bass.. or the classic, Eat More G.R.I.T.S).. Krispy Kreme hat, check... Glad so many geo buddies came up with the goods for ya!
  4. Oh Mercy.. ! Team Victorious has checked in with their mission arriving from FairyHoney. I have not received Team Winner's mission. I will draw from the names of the members of Team Victory and send one person a special prize package of coins and geo items. Thanks for playing!
  5. Mission One came to South Carolina. It was waiting at my other house for me. I packaged it up and have sent it on its way. A little birdie told me it has reached that destination. Thanks for the mission!
  6. Okay... y'all have been busy! Thanks for carrying on while I've been away from the computer. I've loved keeping up with your missions! Go Teams Go~!
  7. Oh wow... ! I have a lot to catch up on! Reading as fast as I can!
  8. LOL! These teams are really going to extremes to move the mission along. I love it! I know they appreciated your info DaveinDeal.
  9. I know, right? This is almost like the Olympics.
  10. You could send it t me I'll take good care of it LOL! I have been having computer problems and have been online very little this past week. I am so glad y'all have been carrying on the mission.. and having fun with it! I'm going to read the rest of the posts now.
  11. Oh mercy! I know NOTHING about traveling with the coins from continent to continent. LOL! I think if you want to travel with the coins, that's okay. Just as long as everyone has the package IN HAND at some point. Love the idea of meeting up and just passing it! Ha ha!
  12. Did you receive the package? Being kind of quiet about it, aren't ya? Or is that Team Victory's strategy? LOL!
  13. Team #1 1. Maine Family Maine 2. Dr. Neal Pennsylvania 3. Turlutortue Quebec, Canada 4. Penny and Kona Arkansas 5. Susiemerlin 1 United Kingdom 6. 2 Golfers Illinois 7. Rickctroop 13 Connecticut 8. gardengorilla Washington 9. Snowball 58 Kansas 10. The 4 F's Florida 11. plumbrokeacres British Columbia 12. Usyoopers Michigan 13. FScout Kentucky 14. LadyBee4T Michigan 15. kini ont Canada Team #2 1. Opalsns Maine 2. Sgt Mikal Pennsylvania 3. Laval K-9 Quebec 4. tekkguy Texas 5. Grodan & Fiabus Sweden 6. Team Eccs21 Michican 7. fingers crossed Ontario 8. Burgessfour Oregon 9. Fairyhoney Washington 10. Shadow's Friend Minnesota 11. Hakali California 12. SYOTT Nova Scotia 13. Fuzziebear 3 Ohio 14. Fossillady California 15. Ashallond Arkansas
  14. ::::tapping foot:::: wondering where that package is!
  15. Dropped mine on on the Isle of Palms. A beach resort community outside of Charleston, SC. I left it in a playground cache. Thank you for this opportunity to get your message out.
  16. Yay for Team Winner! I'm having fun watching all the effort y'all are putting into this mission. LOL! 4F's, I'm glad the package arrived safely, and so quickly! I giggled about your having to choose a coin. Kind of fun, wasn't it?? Like a kid in a candy store! Team Victory, your package might have to clear customs before it arrives. It was sent straight away to one of the more "difficult" mailings to make sure it got there as fast as possible. I think it will all work out okay.
  17. Good morning all! I am going on a little geo-cation to grab some caches along the coast. I will be away from my computer until sometime Friday. PS >> there are pictures of the mission packages I mailed on the sites with the coins. I mailed coins on the seeking lists of the first two recipients. (Not a requirement... but something that me with the deciding factor of whom to send the missions to.) Check it out... it might help you in your planning
  18. That is just sooo adorable! You just never know where that crow is going to turn up, do ya??? LOL!
  19. I would love to participate in this mission. Thanks for the offer and for arranging the mission. PS.. I have cats and a dog. I would possibly do one cat and one dog... ??
  20. LOL! Good guess, Opal... but no. I did not dip the coins in Pine Cone Cache. That one is in the town where I grew up. I sent the missions to peeps I have never sent things to before.
  21. I love you guys! Okay... I'm going to dip the coins. Have y'all figured out where it's going first? You could, if you tried.
  22. My coin came in yesterday. I will place it in a South Carolina cache this week. I'll be traveling through Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Pawley's Island on to Charleston for a few days. I'll find the perfect cache to leave this special coin in so it will be soon picked up and moved for many others to discover. Thank you for this chance to help.
  23. I am sooo excited to watch this mission. Thanks to all particpants! You are right, Team Victory, Sweden is a long way! Team Winners has to mail to and from Australia, though. That should somehow equal out the mail lag for the two teams (or so I thought ). Sgt Mikal > Oh geeze... did things just get more complicated for me? If the coin isn't "dipped" into a local cache, then miles won't show? We won't log miles for just passing it from hand to hand? It has to be actually placed in a cache to log miles? What do y'all think? It would be nice to log the miles. I wanted everyone to discover the "travelers" and to use them as verification that the mission went "through" the person... (trying to stay a step ahead of you guys.. not that you would do it, but you could conceivably skip people on the mission... just how badly do you want to win? LOL! We could drop the coin and pick it up as we do for the 52 Pick Up Mission. I plan on drawing from both teams to win the travelers at the end of the mission. Do y'all mind dipping in local caches?
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