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  1. I certainly have enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the stories about all the feline friends. Aren't we lucky to have been chosen by such wonderful creatures? I'm sending my entry. It's a picture of me and my cat Suze Q aka Zeta. Three years ago, my son and I went to adopt a calico cat after the death of my cat, Smudge. We got to the owner's house and found three kittens: the calico, a male kitten and Suze. My son picked up the calico and said, "We're taking this one home." Meanwhile, I was loving on Suze. She immediately molded herself to my shoulder, laid her cheek up against mine and purred. Oh my! I told my son, "No, we are taking THIS kitten home." After much gnashing of teeth, you guessed it, we brought both kittens home. They have been our delight. It's the first time I have had sister cats and it has been a wonderful experience. Suze has a very demanding personality. When it is meal time, she will make a pest of herself until you stop and feed her. You can bet she is the first to the food bowl and will even "bully" my older cat until she gives up her portion to Suze. She is wide open until it's time to sleep. Then she will cry until I help her find an appropriate napping spot. It could be in one of her favorite chairs, in my lap, on my bed, in a linen closet or in a spot of sun. She still likes to "ride" on my shoulder and will let me carry her around the house and out to the mailbox that way. Suze never backs down from a challenge and this has proved for some interesting and amusing situations. She loves to climb on top of doors and to the top of shelves without consideration of how she will get down. She faced off with a copperhead snake 5 feet long, not giving up until my husband killed the snake! Sometimes, she visits neighbors and comes home smelling like bacon! Once, she went visiting and got locked up in a garage for a weekend. She slept for 3 days after that adventure! Our lives have been enriched by all of our cats, but I am especially thankful for my sweet Suze Q. Thanks for the cointest!
  2. I think a Redneck geocoin would be great for South Carolina caches. I could find a number of caches to place one in.
  3. You MIGHT be a redneck if... you cut your grass and find a car!
  4. LOL? I didn't see anywhere that "subject matter" of our posts counts. We could come up with some sort of daily posting game?
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me activate a Crake Productions Indian Paintbrush GC. I went to the website, entered my info.... but no email has been forwarded to me with code. Are the codes automatically generated? Is the site down? Please tell me what you know. Thanks! ~molly
  6. Another big mail day here in South Carolina. The Virginia geocoin is stunningly beautiful. I bought the beer coin for my daughter. The Kansas sunflowers are for the both of us.
  7. I received these pretties in the mail Saturday. I am pleased with them
  8. A SHINY silver one??? Ooohh... I like shiny things! I'll send you an email through GC. Thanks! ~molly
  9. LiZ and DJ J.... please tell me the name of the coin with the heart in the middle? Could I possibly get one? It is beee uuu tee fool! Thanks for the info.. ~Molly
  10. Oh my !!! Oh my!!!! I won!!! I am so excited! I am beside myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Fins to the left.. fins to the right! It's a Ragtop day for sure! LOL! Addy on it's way!
  11. 2nd guess... you are coming to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to see the sights and go geocaching.
  12. I love it! I definitely want one or two. Thanks for the beautiful design. ~molly
  13. My favorite vacation was last year when I went on the road with my husband for a week. I went to all of his gigs in the Myrtle Beach area. I was his roadie, groupie and manager. We had so much fun! I think you will be going to a Jimmy Buffet concert in MA for your vacation.
  14. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me with my problem. Several times now, I have run queries for my data. I click on the button which supposedly puts the query in line. I get no results. That is to say, I get an answer back which says "no results for your query". What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much! Molly
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