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  1. Delivery in early December. We should be hearing something about this coin. The link to the timeline is no longer valid. OP, please let us know what is going on with this production. As I said previously, you collected my funds.... and others, I'm sure.
  2. Would love to hear about the progress of this coin. My money was sent awhile back.
  3. Well said, Opalsns. I agree that this game has taken directions that were never foreseen. My argument recently is that with the new "trial" phone aps, people are running out, finding a cache or two, taking everything they want and not logging a thing. One of my caches was recently signed with names like, Erin, Suze, Tom ... NOT geo names. The travelers were gone and not logged. Who were these people?? My guess is that they are trying out their new phone ap. I'm afraid we are placing caches, spending the money on them, the time and effort and not enough is being done by Groundspeak to protect the game. There, I said it. It would suit me fine if everyone had to pay to play.
  4. I think that this attitude is as much if not more of a detriment to the traveler game than those who wish to trade one for one in caches. My coin wants to travel east, all you can do it travel west, hypothetically. What good does it do me to have you pick up my coin? Leave it be for the next person who CAN move it to where it wants to be. OR, leave it be so someone else actually gets to pick up a traveler instead of you getting to grab a handful of them at a time since you will be of no help to it anyway. You play your way, cause I'll play mine. I'm not judging or getting angry with anyone about it. I just want to point out that there are different points of view regarding this subject around every corner. As I have watched with my own travelers (check to see how many I have released.. quite a few.. not to mention the travelers I have given away at meetings to other cachers), ANY movement is good movement. Sometimes a traveler has to go East to be picked up by someone going West. Yeah, I can leave it in the cache for someone going East to pick up.. but before that happens, someone may muggle the cache and not log any of the travelers. At least I'm getting them moved and not muggling them. That's my point.
  5. My turn?? I live in an area where we get many tourists come through. Caches go missing often. Travelers are taken and never heard from again. Yet... there are caches out there that have been active for a number of years. Travelers get picked up and taken to wonderful places, like Hawaii, Germany and France. Tourists come in and dump a handful of travelers that have come from afar... like Canada, Washington state and New Zealand. I have lost my share of travelers and had my caches muggled. It's heartbreaking. When I think of the time and money I've spent on this hobby.. well, it's enough to make me feel guilty for days. But I love it and I dont intend to stop. My tips follow: I make sure that my caches are in low muggle areas. I experiment in "iffy" areas by leaving a pill bottle rather than an expensive lock n lock. I write on my cache pages to look out for muggles and to rehide well. I know that if a cache isn't hidden well, it will not last. I make sure all of my travelers go out with a mission paper AND in a zip lock bag. All travelers that come my way get a mission statement printed out and placed in a baggie (if not already so fixed). When I come to a cache with travelers, I move them all. Yes, I take them all. That way, if the cache is muggled.. all 4 travelers won't go missing. All that being said. I think we are seeing an increase in the number of caches disappearing, and the number of travelers escaping. Could it be the new phone aps and more people are cachiing??
  6. Emailing in a few. I would LOVE to help release the travelers! Thanks!
  7. I picked up one of Islander's coins today. I'm waiting on it to be logged into the cache by an out of town cacher.. then I will grab it. Will also read the rules to make sure all are followed. This was an exciting find for me! : )
  8. Yes, that has definitely been my approach and attitude from the start! It just seems like, from everything that I've heard and read, that these have an even higher than normal disappear rate. Thanks for your input! Every one of the micro daisies I released went missing. Same for the sunflower coins. Therefore, I will not be releasing anymore flower themed coins.
  9. Any coin that you release is in danger of going missing. If you don't want to lose it, don't release it. That's pretty much the rule. Of the travelers I have released in the past two years, 36 of the 122 have gone missing.
  10. Oh My! It's a rooster! I am checking now to place an order : )
  11. That is a thought, Eartha. It seems to me that we have more new cachers who are trying to move travelers (and place caches). Almost with a sense of reckless abandon. I've spoken with several local cachers about the need to educate new cachers. I'm also making sure any travelers I come across are marked and bagged.
  12. Thanks for all the comments. I enjoyed the sharing of info. AG - I realize that we live in a vacation hotspot and some people carry the coins home with them.. therefore the delayed logging. I allow time for that. Cache owners are not logging the coins as missing after a year. I always try to post a note to the cache page and the coin page. I'm not sure about alerting Eartha. That just seems to be a bit of a hassle for her. I'm more of the thought of the cache owner perhaps taking the travelers or neighborhood children. I have visited two caches lately in plain sight of neighborhood houses where there was a lot of muggle activity. These caches had 4 travelers gone missing from 6 months to the day before. I have to think that muggles are taking the pretties. I want a way to mark that these caches are not safe for travelers. Is it rude to leave a comment like that in my find log?
  13. Today, I found a cache with 4 travelers listed and none in the cache. One was a Celtic Peacock.. a beautiful coin of which I'm sure the owner was proud. A visiting cacher left a note a week ago that they should have found 21 travelers in our local area... but found none as they were all missing. I know, cache owners and traveler owners need to be better about making items MIA. On a personal level, I have decided NOT to leave any travelers in caches that currently have items listed but missing. That means they went missing once... they could go missing again, right? Could Groundspeak come up with some kind of a rating system that would let cachers know how safe a cache is? Perhaps something like 12/24 Travelers safe in this cache. Or a little colored bar with lo to high danger for travelers. We need to do something! We invest money in these coins and want to be able to release them (and find them)! Help us out, please.
  14. It has been a long time since I've participated in a mission, too. I was looking for a Halloween mission.. none this year? I think we (the cachers on this forum), became frustrated with missing missions there for awhile. I know this one will go without a hitch! I'm signing up for 2 missions. One for me and one for my daughter. I'll send both with both of us receiving. Is that okay? Mission #1: geocoin username Chickahominy Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: I have not purchased any new coins in a year. I love flowers, butterflies, cats, hearts, compass coins and Yimes : ) Mission #2: geocoin username PV=nRT Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: Laura just moved to New York. She lives in the Catskills where it will get very cold this winter. She loves to hike, camp and spend time outdoors. <personal information removed by moderator - you send it privately, you don't post it on the big 'ol internet>
  15. Is excited about the upcoming new opportunity to have one of these coins and help with the donation to a great cause. Someone please holler at me to make sure I don't miss the reservations thread. AG, that would mean you! LOL!
  16. This coin is breathtaking. Well done! I always smile at the "extras' you include with your coins, i.e. the velvet bag. Very classy! My mother and a close friend passed away with breast cancer. My mother in law is a 12 year survivor. I pray that a cure can be found for this and all cancers. I'll be looking for further ordering instructions. Thanks for the coin!
  17. I have desired a Ladyslipper for some time now. Pretty coin.
  18. Just what we need... more confusion. I cache in several metropolitan areas of SC and in all of them there have been trackables disappearing in large numbers. A fellow cacher asked me tonight what he was supposed to do with the coins and tbs he finds in caches. Somehow, somewhere people need to know about travelers and it needs to be kept SIMPLE! What happened to if it's activated, you move it. You move it according to the posted mission. If it's not activated, then it's adoptable. Why do we have to fret over collectible or not collectible? Cachers I know are refusing to move travelers because they don't want to be held responsible when they go missing. Something needs to be done about this for the love of the game and the love of the travelers.
  19. I have a butterfly collection, holiday themed coins, sealife, flowers and personals.
  20. I've noticed the same in South Carolina. I cache in the Florence, Myrtle Beach and Charleston areas. I've learned NOT to drive out of the way for a traveler, because chances are.. it's not in the cache. I always report the travelers as missing and encourage owners to mark them as missing. A lot of tourists cache in the Myrtle Beach area and are very disappointed to find caches with travelers listed to be empty. Good tip to leave them in Premium Member caches only. I'll try that and see if they make it. I'm reluctant to look at my personal travelers to see how many are missing. It's too sad.
  21. I'm pretty sure Dr. Neal owns every coin minted by now : ) I've come head to head with him in bidding wars on coins and he always wins : ))
  22. I think it might be the Tama Maneki Neko, but I can't find a picture of it to post it here.... Edit: This was a fine work of investigation, but I found a picture... I hope... LOL! That's IT! Elli Pirelli wins! I see I had the wrong arm in the air.... hope that doesn't back wave all my good luck. This is one of my favorite geocoins. I look for Tama Maneki Nekos wherever I go. There is one, and the only one I've found, at a local Chinese restaurant. My husband and I started patted it on the head for good luck. We have had some bad situations turn out good since doing this. Now, we're afraid NOT to pat it's head when we go there : ) Great guess.. thanks for solving it!
  23. grodan fiabus cat? Good guess, Dr. Neal! Wrong guess.. but a good guess! Thanks for trying. (wondering if my artwork is really that bad?)
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