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  1. I am way behind on posting to this thread. Please excuse me if I make multiple posts I will do so because I know what a great source this particular thread is for those who are just starting their coin collections and those looking for the next "just have to have." Afterall, if you don't see pictures of the coins.. then how will you know what's out there? This thread isn't so much about bragging, but about getting the coins out there.... right? Here is a set of Journeys I received recently. Love them.. especially the Black Nickel with Purple.. it looks very other worldly to me.
  2. I don't think so at all, Chickahominy. There are as many preferences as there are collectors, and there's always room in everyone's collection for a great personal coin like yours! You'll find that you can build your collection through trades, and correspond with new friends all over the world. That's the special thing about making your own personal, and I'm sure you'll have fun with it!
  3. Good luck with your GRE's. My daugther took it back in May and she was so worried ahead of time. I can understand how you are feeling. I'm sure you will do great on it!
  4. Thanks for noticing my coin I really do appreciate the positive feedback. I got the word today the samples will leave the mint on Sept 26th.
  5. Note to self.... NEVER EVER post a coin you are minting ANYTIME near the dates of GCF! There is NO way, my little rooster coin can even stand in the same room as this Yimon Yime coin. <sigh> Okay, I'm partially teasing Beautiful coin! I will begin my search for it!
  6. Wow! Was there a model for the female? Tattoo and all!
  7. Ladyrich, Geocoin collectors don't collect coins they find in caches. UNLESS, it is a special unactivated coin that is meant to be picked up (for example, mystery coins, Eartha's, FTF coins). Coin collectors are purchasing these coins with their own money. They are trading each other for coins to add to their collections. Some coiners are making their own coins out of glass, washers, china and pottery. Others are contacting mints and having their own coins made at their own expense. Many coiners release coins to travel, just like you do. If anything, you can trust a coiner to be careful with your released coins. We always look for "just the right cache" to leave your coins in... a cache that is popular and muggle free usually works Please, don't be afraid to indulge in the hobby of geocoin collecting. You will meet many creative and generous people in this community.
  8. My first coin was a Scarlett Macaw that I won in a cointest run by Erica opoly. I had to guess where she was going on her vacation! I released the coin and it made it to Hawaii. Unfortunately, it has recently gone MIA.... but what a place to go MIA!
  9. Oh my gosh! I am all choked up. Jennifer, it is so easy to be nice to you! (Jennifer is one of my fellow local cachers. She is so dedicated to the caching community. She has traveled ALL over the local area to attend my meetings and flash mobs.) It's good to see you posting on the forum. Be careful, because these coins definitely ARE and addiction. I believe that was a gold Honu Turtle geocoin. Check it out...
  10. Thank you for all of the nice compliments. It is the first coin I've designed and I wanted it "just right" before posting here for all of you experts to look over. There will be 4 gemstones per coin. It will be 3.5 MM thick. To be minted in Antique Gold, Antique Silver, and a Copper finish. 100 coins in all to be minted. Fewest of the gold <-- my personal fave I'll take offers for trades, once I have it in hand. Too much to keep up with at the moment to fret with that. Yes, I'm excited!
  11. Chickahominy


    You and your Mom are in my thoughts. I would like to make a trade for a GA coin. Do you already have an SC coin?
  12. I have requested that I mail the mission, but that my daughter in Nevada receive the mission. Won't she be surprised! Thanks! Name sent: 9/15/09 Mission name received: Mission mailed: Mission received:
  13. Ordered a set, or was it two? I, being a genuine Southern Belle, am particular to the Sweet Tater! And as we say here in the South to all the Bubbas... "Just say NO to crack!"
  14. So, I am finally ready to debut my personal geocoin. Sara, at Oakcoins, and I have been working on it for months. The mint is finalizing a few details for me, and then we will go into production. This coin will be available for trades and gifting. Edited to say: I have a little list of people who I already owe a coin to.
  15. PM Sent........ Feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse....... thanks to chief20r2 for agreeing to sell me his extra Mt. McKinley LE geocoin. i have been looking for this one for a long time! i really appreciate it! Congrats on the sought after coin. Aren't coiners (and geocachers) the best ever??? I believe they are. It seems that more than finding delight in adding that "one coin" to their own collections, they garner happiness from helping others to add that one coin to THEIR collections! I wish all of the world operated on a coiner's philosophy. It would be a better place. (yeah, I know.. pretty mushy this AM)
  16. Okay, so I didn't get in on tonight's games. The hubby helped me pick for next week! Woot woot! Cross your fingers that he sticks with me in this and I don't frustrate him too much! I thought this would be a great thing for us to do together. Thanks for the cointest!
  17. I know you're waiting for them too, so we can complete our trade. I will probably have one left for trade. I don' know which one yet. I reserved one of each 'cause I couldn't decide which one I liked more. LOL Great! Let me know when you have things sorted out. I'm interested! ~m.
  18. I spit iced tea out my nose when I scrolled down to see your handsome fellow in a football helmet! O m g! That is the cutest thing ever!
  19. A cat and frog??? PS.. I am excited about your new coin! Hope you'll save me one, please? My personals are in the die stage.
  20. I come before you humbled and shivering with excitement. I had no idea that I would be the winner of this cointest. Thank you so very much for honoring me with your very own coin. Are you sure you want to do that? This came at such a good time. I had a horrific family meeting yesterday which left me in tears, with hurt feelings and a feeling of lost faith in people. I have been given hope. Thank you. ~Molly
  21. Pretty coin. I think y'all hid this forum post from me, because I missed out on these. Would love to get a set. Any chance?
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