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  1. Note: I have a policy that ZZ coins are LE by default and will never be minted again in the same metal/color combo. I should also point out this is as complex as my editioning policy gets. No XXXLE-AE for me! Thank you for that. I am having my personal minted and I fretted over naming different editions. I finally decided to do it MY way, because in my mind, each one of my metals are LE (if that's the pinultimate) I'm glad to read that someone else is of the same mind.
  2. Our pick was right on! MN over Detroit Now for next week??
  3. Count me in. Wait! We are talking a GCF in October? Or is this the 10/10/10 event we are speaking of? Two events, or one? Either way, I'm up for it.
  4. I co hosted a 9/9/9 with AtlantaGal and we had a great turnout - 55 people. For a weeknight in the conservative South, that was great. Most of the people who came to our event will not be going to GCF. We had families, with small children, college students and people with responsibilities that keep them here in SC. My point? A segment of the population that comes to the local events, would not be traveling in the first place. No competition.
  5. Could we please make a list of the Delorme trackables? I get confused sometimes now that there are a number of trackables in their inventory. Feel free to add to the posts... 1. Eartha
  6. Wow! That is a beautiful coin! Congratulations Li-Z! May you find many more special coins and may all your caches come easily.
  7. How about a kitty cat dressed up to look like a bear?
  8. That is a sharp looking coin! Goodness gracious... I'm going to have to start selling off furniture to fund my coin addiction!
  9. Oh my! That is a purty sight! I'm seriously going to print that out and hang it on the wall. Tsun? How about an Earth Turtle poster???
  10. Relevant Forum Thread Well, duh! I SHOULD have known that. Someone please tell me then, what are people calling the recently released "flat" Delorme coin? Thank you, Toojin for the answer
  11. That is the cutest coin. I'm so glad the boo boo unicorn has a happier side. I saw a baby mini horse the other day in a field and she was soooo tiny. Just like a little unicorn. I could just see her with a fake horn on her head.. with ribbons! Your coin makes me smile. Nice job PS.. I have heard wonderful things about Emma. Sarah, though, should win the prize for patience as I have changed my coin SO many times that I've lost count.
  12. I sure wish you could come to the GCF with these because Chicken and Yime sure sounds great together I prefer my Chicka with Yemon Y'all just don't know. I just might show up at GCF at the last minute! With all the beautiful coins and great vendors that will be there! My oh my! I would definitely need a "voice of reason" to be belong side me so I don't go overboard with the coin purchasing. Where's AG when you need her???
  13. These were in my mailbox when I returned home today after being out of town for a few days. A Tsun Bora Bora Earth Turtle, a Nevada coin for my daughter, a Yorkshire rose (I LOVE it!), an 8/8/08 coin from a trade with TMA , and a BCGA coin. The BCGA coin is very attractive. I love the twisted edging and the suncatcher aspect of it. I think it should hang in a window! Thanks to all for the trades and purchases... Does anyone know which state this 8/8/08 is? Black/ red/ gold
  14. Heard the 3-D was coming your way - so happy - ! Enjoy! And let that baby be discovered too! Thank you for your efforts to make this coin come to us in Europe. It is so much nicer in real than reading about it. Pictures do not make it justice. Since the goal/mission is for it to be seen by as many as possible I thought maybe I could hold on to it until the Swedish nightcaching event. FAD 2009 It is not until october 31 but there will be many cachers there. With some luck it will be the first Megaevent in Sweden. Do you think it is to long time to hold on to it or shall I do it? Thank you again. grodan Karin I don't believe I know what the Eartha 3-D is. Could you post a picture, please? When I find some freetime, I'll research it. I don't think a month is too long to hold onto it. I have watched the Earthas and people who have held them have held them for a month or two, especially if there was a big event coming up. Just my opinion.
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