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  1. Libras rule...... I agree... Edited to say.... Ooops... I already posted on this. Sorry. Thanks for the birthday wishes...
  2. Great ideas and wonderful advice. Yes, I agree, tape on a flip is aggravating. I wrap the coins in bubble wrap or tissue paper before taping them. Now to work on keeping that inventory list of what's going out and what's coming in.
  3. Mine came in, also. I can't stop looking at them because they make me smile! Being a Southerner, I'm partial to the Sweet Tater!
  4. So, the much anticipated ICE Redneck Coin came in the mail last week. Woo to the Hoo! It is the prettiest paint job I have ever seen! Take a look for yourself. Renegade Knight, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coin. It will travel with me on my journeys as a good luck charm. I do feel guilty taking your personal coin from you. Do you think you can find another one?
  5. Best way to ship coins? I know this has been talked about before, but I feel it needs to be revisited. There are many coins changing hands right now, i.e., the 999 coins. My opinion? Bubble mailers are GREAT. Plain envelopes, are risky. Taping the coin to the INSIDE of the mailer makes sense and is good practice. Just my two cents.
  6. Mine came in today. Fast shipping! I really like them. A good clean, crisp, heavy coin! Very pretty.... they make me smile. Now to check out the glow feature!
  7. LOL! Not without me y'all won't! Sending email.... Hmm.. seems to me there were some special email instructions... looking, looking
  8. Email sent. This coin is awesome! Thanks, Tambe!
  9. Oh my gosh.. the anticipation is great! Seasonal colors? Halloween colors?
  10. Well then, if that's the case, I'll just have to post the photo and release it for sale very soon...say within the next 3 hours. I think I'll be sleeping in 3 hours.
  11. Hmmm... this thread has been quiet. Today is my birthday, but no present in the mail. So I am guessing that I am the recipient of the delayed package from grodan and fiabus... If that is so, I am not worried at all, I am sure it will be great. I'm sure it will show up in a few days one way or another. Happy Birthday to you! Today is my birthday too!
  12. You mean best thing other than eating crackers? Eat ice cream!
  13. Not an ammo can or Groundspeak logo to be found anywhere. Getting tired of any coin that lacks an ammo can or a gps being grouped as a bad coin or not a geocoin. Need to add (as long as I'm in a bad mood today, anyway,) cointest...mission. Showing support and concern...
  14. Does the Bikini top move?, It looks a little off center, Just curious It doesn't just move. It's completely removable With strategically placed magnets . . . VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!TEE HEE! Smuggling Caches!!!! I Buy WHERE?????????????????????????????????????????? I sure am enjoying this thread this morning with my coffee Vices and spices! Love it! Opal - bird is the word! LOL! TMA - strategically placed magnets?? Does wardrobe malfunction ring a bell? Me too.... can I haz?
  15. Check with Parrolet some of those are her AEs Yes, these are from Parrolet. I believe the pink parrot is her personal
  16. These feathered friends flew into my nest last week
  17. Oh my! What a pretty shiny blingy coin! Can I haz?
  18. Chickahominy


    beautiful picture! did you take it Vanelle? i just love great coin pictures! i'm trying to become a better coin photographer myself, but my color blindness can be an issue sometimes. That is a beautiful coin I'd love to see a picture different states together. Anyone?
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