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  1. wow .... those are purty : ) Oh! I like the stained glass Groundspeak symbol
  2. That old handsome crow always makes me smile!
  3. I have run across three coins belonging to other posters here on the Geocoin Forums. I always let go a little giggle from deep inside when I recognize the owner's name as a fellow coiner. Do others feel the same way? Do the owners of the coins mind if we post links to their coins here?? In the meantime, I'd like to post a link to a coin that is in a cache 99 miles from my home. It's owner is 57Chevy. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=748177
  4. I strongly recommend pulling the activation codes on new coins, traded or bought, as soon as possible. That way you have a record of it should you want to activate it, sell it or give it away and not have to scramble to find out who hosts the codes. And you know for sure what the status is of your coin. That's an awful surprise down the line to discover your virgin coin ain't so pure as you'd been led to believe. Edit to add: I guess Eartha already suggested something similar. Sorry for the repeat. I was going to ask this. How many think you should pull the activation code ASAP after acquisition?
  5. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I won!?!?!? LOL! The Gamma Ray Yime... I love it! (as she searches for her dark glasses) Thank you so very much Yime. I am honored and so excited to win your special coin. Thanks to Mrs. Yime, too! She IS a Sun Goddess and SHOULD be treated like one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. I just spewed out my iced tea! Great vid, Jennifer! Serious blackmail potential there! LOL!
  7. Wow! I LOVE your coin! It is adorable, and pretty!
  8. I took these pictures yesterday evening. I'm really starting to like them! LOL!
  9. I had a friend, with good eyes, look at my number and its really #168 ! Ha ha on me. Thanks for keeping the list, LadyBee
  10. My samples from the mint came in! Yayyy! I must say these coins are a lot prettier in person. My goal was to design a rooster that was still yet a little feminine. A coin that would be worthy of a Southern Belle. I think I did it! I will make a few changes and the minting will begin. Oh, Sara said the mint will be closed for a week or two for holiday?? They must be exhausted after the rush to get GCF coins out! LOL! I will take pics later today. My husband took my camera to a gig with him. I'm excited! PS.. I'm sending one of these along with the Halloween Mission, too.
  11. Mine came in Great job Tambe! I love the glitz of this coin. The glow is an added bonus! I shall send one of mine along with a Halloween Mission! Thanks!
  12. Awww... I like Petey! I have 3 cats, one who is 10 years old and overweight, like Petey. I would be mighty tempted to adopt Petey if I lived in the area.
  13. It looks like I have #188! We can keep a log, here on this thread, of who has which number. I'll make a master list (If I can figure out how Edited to say, I'm a failure at html! If someone else wants to keep the master list, please volunteer! Thanks!
  14. Me too, though I just got my order in today. Yipppeee, glad they made more. I like those! We used to find horseshoe crabs along the Isle of Palms, SC.
  15. Clown face coin = Team OleOmi Thanks!
  16. Got mine! Thank you so much! Very pretty coins. I'm not sure what they all are, and will have fun figuring that out. I especially love the one with the clown face. It makes me smile. Thank you!
  17. Yayyy! I am so excited! Thank you ever so much, Dark Knight. I can't wait to show it off!
  18. This is EXACTLY what I received today! I am SOOO excited! A Dark Knight V2... woo hoo. (My husband wants to know what I'm giggling about.) Thank you for the prize <I promise to upload a picture on Friday.>
  19. I wondered that too. My dog Good Golly Miss Molly hasn't been involved with the Dark Knight but could be persuaded if bribed with a treat or two! I'm Molly !! Reading this thread because of ... I got a little something something in the mail... and I'm not exactly sure what it is! Is this some mystery?
  20. Sarah sent me the mint photos of my samples today. Note: These are "samples." I already see some changes to be made
  21. Looking up at that big red tongue! Particpating: Yes.. I am sending. My daughter, PV=nRT, will be receiving. Thank you. Name Received: Yep.. and I am excited!!! Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  22. Number one of course. As has been said, this coin is about the Sun Goddess who graces one side of the coin. She definitely is a Goddess and a mother earth person : -) What better way to iconograph this coin than to use the symbol in which the ancient female for the yoni. Number 1.
  23. 7 ?? Thanks for the cointest! My Moon Dipper really glows! I kept it by my bed last night as a nightlight! (Great guess Write Shop Robert!)
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