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  1. HI I thought that I would put my Magellan Explorist 710 on here for a few days to see if any of you wanted to buy it from me before I list it on ebay. I have had it since late 2012 and I have not used it much at all. I have taken it out a three times maximum and never in the rain, never in any kind of wet conditions, even though its rugged enough to take it! The condition of it is as New although there may be very faint scratches on it from sitting on my desk or being in the box but nothing more. I am only saying this to protect myself from anyone that might go over it with a magnifying glass!!! Take a look at a couple of pictures here.. http://tinypic.com/r/j0bqld/6 http://tinypic.com/r/4ggj9f/6 http://tinypic.com/r/23icy6u/6 Its a good unit and I have also installed the latest OS UK 1:50k maps which was a real hassle. Still they are installed now so no need to take them off. If you were to buy this unit on Amazon you would pay £350 for the GPS alone. £499 on Magellan web site! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magellan-eXplorist-Waterproof-Handheld-Hiking/dp/B0049HA1N6/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Full spec here; http://eu.magellangps.com/eu/en-gb/eXplorist-710.htm If you want to buy the OS UK Map its £199.99 http://eu.magellangps.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=3059 So I that would be £549 all in. I am thinking that £400 all in should be about right OVNO. No real silly offers please. Remember that this is so much more than your average GPS unit. It has a 3+Million Pixel Camera, Video and Voice recorder. All of which allow geotagging to the files. Its pretty neat really especially for geocaching! Contact me through the site, I assume you can send a PM.. I will check after posting this message, or send a mail to blokeinlondon@outlook.com I am in the EN5 area for anyone wanting so have a look or wanting to collect. Thanks for looking... BIL
  2. Really depends on how much you want to spend, we have just purchased the Oregon 450 with the OS UK Discoverer maps bundle, not cheap but if you look on line there are good deals about. It is a fantastic piece of kit, well made, built to last, if you dropped it it would be ok and it is water proof (1Metre for 30 mins). Still getting to grips with the unit but, so far I am very impressed, has all your requirements, and is touch screen. Battery life is a claimed 16 hours I have re-chargables in it and with all the playing since father christmas delivered it I have not had to re-charge them! It interfaces well with Geocache.com to download all the data for cache locations, descriptions, hints etc (if you are a premium member [PS as a garmin owner you can get a 30 day free trial of full membership free]). I did look at the Dakota20 with maps but decided I wanted the bigger screen. GPS62s/st is popular unit similar design to my old GPS60 which is still going strong. Hope that helps Thanks I bit the bullet and bought a GPSMAP62s.. Got some OS maps as well but must admit that I prefer the openstreetmaps as they are quicker and seem to have more detail than the OS ones.. Appreciate the help
  3. Hi I was in your shoes a month ago. I ended up buying a gpsmap62s as touch screen was not too important and I liked the look of the 62s. I did not get it with maps so I am trying to figure this out at the moment. People here have directed me to http://talkytoaster.info/home.htm as a place for some free maps and I have downloaded one or two to play with. Initial thoughts are that they seem to work.. http://www.openstreetmap.org/ is another but have not figured out how to download the maps for use on the Garmin as yet but I am sure the information exists here somewhere. Alternatively you could have a look at www.gooutdoors.co.uk as they have the 440 touchscreen on offer with the OS map for the UK on it but I am not sure about the level of detail of the version of the maps with this one. If you look to buy the OS maps from ebay then go careful and check out the feedback of the sellers as there are one or two that seem to sell "copies" and these are reported to be suspect.. Only from what I have read. Keith
  4. Connect your 62s to the computer. The computer will recognize it as a USB Mass Storage Class device (an external drive). Go to that drive, go into the "GARMIN" folder, then the "GPX" folder inside it. Unzip your PQ, and copy the file xxxxxxxx.GPX into that folder. Don't copy xxxxxxxx-wpts.GPX. Read up on Field Notes. The file is geocache_visits.txt and can be found in the GARMIN folder (not the GPX folder). Not sure what notes you're referring to... Once you mark them as found, they should not appear when you're doing a search (unless you're trying to show found caches). To delete them entirely, you need to remove the GPX that contains the cache. Not really. There are things that may make it a little easier - I use GSAK a lot. Unfortunately that is true. All very helpful thank you for such a swift answer. Not sure what notes you're referring to... I think that these notes are field notes. On the GPS62s when you mark a find then you can add comments. These comments I think are the same as field notes. I cannot see a way of editing these on the handheld 62s but I think that you have already said that these notes simply appear in the file geocache_visits.txt so I can edit from there. I will study tomorrow as it is past midnight here in the UK and I need my beauty sleep!! :-) All the best Keith
  5. Hi I am hoping that some out there have a bit more knowledge than I do about paperless geocaching with a Garmin than I do.. Being new to all this I am sure "you" must be out there to direct me. Bit of background.. Been Geocaching a few times mainly with an Iphone and the app.. This seemed to work well but the accuracy of the gps, the battery life and the fact it was not my phone, company one, meant that I needed to get something better if I am to get into GeoC more seriously. Fast forward to today... Researched on many websites and this one. Bought a GPSMAP 62s and have so far downloaded a GB map from openstreetmaps and loaded it.. Seems to work well but have ordered the OS maps of GB, on its way. Signed up for premium membership to this site to gain the benifits of being able to do pocket queries although I am sure that I have a lot more to learn on this one! So my questions are: If I download pocket queries they come down as gpx files.. How do I get them on the GPSMAP62s with all the additional information like hints etc? (I think that I have worked this out but curious to what answers come back so I can check I am doing this right) Once they are on the GPS and I have started to find caches I mark these as found on the GPS 62s and add comments if I have the time the the input of data using the virtual KB. How do I then upload this information from the GPSMAP62s to geocaching.com? How can I edit the notes in the GPS62s as I cant seem to find this as an option on the hand-held unit? How do I then clean up the cach's that are on the GPS62s so that they are only Cach's that I have not yet found? Is there some easy seamless way of doing this that I have missed? Sorry of all this is out there on the site and I have missed this. A few helpful links to this pre-existing info would be real helpful. My initial thoughts on the GPS62s is that it seems to have been a good buy. Very robust and fairly easy to figure out. Anyone else using this or similar to geocache your thoughts on the way you use this would be most welcome. Its all a bit of a steep learning curve! I hope that I have put this post in the right place. Thanks for reading.. Keith
  6. Try gpsfiledepot.com The ibycus Canadian topo maps are quite good too, from what I hear. Hi can anyone help with any sites that give access to free UK mapping please? Legal ones of course. I have just got myself a gpsmap62s and trying to figure it out. Having some mapping data would help I think!! :-)
  7. Try gpsfiledepot.com The ibycus Canadian topo maps are quite good too, from what I hear. Hi can anyone help with any sites that give access to free UK mapping please? Legal ones of course. I have just got myself a gpsmap62s and trying to figure it out. Having some mapping data would help I think!! :-)
  8. Hi all I hope you do not mind me posting but I am really getting the bug fir this lark and the iPhone app is good, but I want something more accurate. I think that the geo app is great but sometimes I am finding that it tells me that I am close to the find and then all of a sudden I am 100ft in the other direction ! I would like to buy a gps that I can view maps on but would prefer it that the maps were open source of some sort. The maps on the geo app are very good, or I should say good enough fir me. What should I buy? What are people using in the UK? The app on the iPhone also uses data download and I want to avoid this as I am going off to France in a few weeks and the cost will be nuts! Any thoughts as to what I should invest in? Don't want to spend more than 200 quid really thanks for reading
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