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  1. yes and yes, and all the area pawn shops are watching for it, but you know how that goes Did you notify Garmin incase someone trys to register it?
  2. Sorry!! Replyed to yours last night only to read "Do not reply thru this Email". check your email box now.
  3. Jan. 15,2011 Indiana Dunes Regestration starts @ 11:30am Chili dump??? at 4:30pm
  4. Only "dishonest" is if you pay for it and then don't recieve it.. Your feeling are hurt but you are not out anything..
  5. Gadget Monster, Please remove this 300 from your Garmin account so I can register it and update it. Thanks. Doug
  6. Just bought one out of the market now!!
  7. I received the GPS today in the mail.
  8. He has an offer from me $260. He wants $275.00 plus shipping. You can't get one on Ebay for under $289.00 Refurb. and he is adding a travel bug plus map of your state. So $275.00 is fair. Buy it so I don't!! PLEASE
  9. He has a lot of stuff with it. Ask him to update the listing.
  10. If I dont get it. I will get ahold of you. Not in the mailbox again today.. I got a apair of Hiking Boots from CA. Today(Saturday) I paid for Tuesday?? Yes USPS.. TwoCs..Oregon 300 with map too?
  11. Groundspeak, We could have a problem..... 1 week no GPS.. Telling me shipping from Chicago to Ft Wayne, IN = 2 weeks?????
  12. Money sent thru paypal.. Thank You.
  13. How about $250.00 plus Shipping Will pay thru paypal today..
  14. Sent PM.... Thanks for the response. Going to pass right now.. Thanks again Doug
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