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  1. Congrats to the winner! But the real congrats go to the new owner of that adorable little puppy What a cute little girl she is!
  2. I think that I definately like "A" the best, I think that it would be the easiest to tell what it was from far away. "B" and "D" I looked at and thought "what's in it's mouth?"
  3. Thought I would take a guess... BWI 3:00 pm Continental airlines Female dog American Staffordshire Terrier
  4. Ugh, what a horrible day for Kevin Harvick. Hopefully things will look better in the next couple of weeks. I just have to keep reminding myself there is still alot of racing to do.
  5. A few things that I have gotten in the past week. I LOVE the tengwars... if only I wasn't completely broke and could have afforded more. They are all so colorful, I wish I had a better picture that would show how pretty these coins are.
  6. I got my coins yesterday and I LOVE them! I wish that i wasn't so poor and could have afforded more. These may be my new favorite coins. They are so pretty.
  7. A few great coins that I bought and a few that I was able to trade for! Thanks to steel city babes.
  8. I'm going to go with a quote by the late, great Dale Earnhardt: "Finishing races is important, but WINNING races is more important"
  9. Happy Mother's day to my momma and best caching buddy. I have the best mom and grandma's in the world and feel so lucky to have such wonderful, strong, and beautiful women to be my role models!
  10. We will have an extra of each version if anyone is interested in a trade. Trade pending
  11. This is such perfect timing that I just wanted to throw a reply in. Today I finished my last final in my last semester for my BA and I'm so excited and relieved to be finished! Probably the best professor that I have had was a geology professor that I had last year. I am not a science major by any strech of the imagination, but needed to take science classes to fulfill general education requirements. My geology professor was the only science professor that I had in college that did not look down on or think poorly of students who were not science majors (I had two like that, one went so far as to tell a class that they were all too stupid to be science majors). Instead he tried his very best to get everyone excited about the subject, something that seems like it would be hard considering the subject is rocks. However, his excitment and love of the subject always showed in his lectures and the class really responded to it. He took something that I had little interest in and made it fun for me to learn, and he did it for a class of at least 50. Everyone in that class loved the class and loved him. Rather than trying to make the class insanely hard so he could laugh at the dumb "non majors" he did everything he could to make sure that everyone did well. He offered extra credit if you would come to his office to get extra help, before or after a test. If you did poorly on a test he would give you extra credit or a chance to make it up if you would come and discuss what you missed and let him explain it to you better. His focus was not grades, or making himself feel important or smart, his focus was that all of his students walked away from his class with a better understanding of the subject and hopefully that his students would like geology. His teaching methods definitely worked. Everyone on campus loves him. He is so highly regarded by both people in the college of science, and the dreaded "non majors." He turned something that I dreaded doing into something that I really enjoyed and I still enjoy geology and actually took another geology class that wasn't required.
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