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  1. From a relative new bee here... All i can say is wow! Very cool project. Very cool collaboration. I downloaded the trails last night and the WA24kTopo (from GPSFileDepot.com) this morning. Very cool. I put the Trails and WA24kTopo in gmapsupp.img on the 400t with the Topo USA gmapprom.img. I have the City Nav gmapsupp.img on the SD. Everygthing seems to work fantastic.


    I have a couple of questions:



    In post #215, there is a reference to a Google Earth .kmz file being available for download. I'm not having an luck finding it. Can anyone offer assistance?



    Somewhere in the beginning of reading all 7 pages, there was something about the trails in McDonalds park in Carnation being questionable. After looking through all 7 pages, I never saw where anyone verified them. I'd be willing to do some of that if it still needs to be done.


    Again, amazing effort.



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