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  1. Way to go my reeded friend. May your next 500 be as enjoyable.
  2. Or someone else found it after you and has yet to log the cache. Don't sweat it.
  3. If cache saturation is not an issue in Greece, then why not find another spot that is far enough away from the virtual? If threre is room, then use it.
  4. When you log your visit there are several possible choices. Two possible choices apply here. One says "Found It" which you use if you did find the cache. The other says "Didn't Find It" which you use when you didn't find the cache. In this case you didn't find the cache so you would use "Didn't Find It". No need to thank me for the lesson.
  5. Ignore them and do not even mention theyre existance. If they do not get gratification they will stop.
  6. Right at the top of this page is a link that says Read First Frequently Asked Questions. There should be a link to the glossary there.
  7. Just what the world needs, *another* micro cache placed by a newbie
  8. You can also sign up for a weekly e-mail that will send you all nearby caches listed within the last week.
  9. Nope, the other people who don't follow the guidelines are experiencing the same blues.
  10. The program is flawed. Just stick with the definitions.
  11. It would be a offset cache, which is a type of multi cache. It's not a letterbox hybrid unless you place a stamp inside and advertise it to letterboxers.
  12. I don't need my car either, but it comes in very handy.
  13. It is fun to check the airspeed and if you have a mapping unit, you can figure out which cities, rivers and lakes you are passing over.
  14. The Gecko 101 doesn't have a data cable hookup, so I would avoid that. The 201 does and is a nice little unit, but for a few more bucks you can get the Legend which is a great GPS for the money. I'd agree with those who say the eTrex Legend is an great choice.
  15. Probably like a carpenter ant bait station. Its a hollow tube with a cap and a pointy end. You don't even have to dig. You can just push it into the ground if its soft enough. You can find it at Home Depot.
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