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  1. Is there a Forum topic where I can list my old GPSr to sell it?
  2. How do I find the cache page when I only know irs name (NOT GC#)
  3. How do I change my geocaching name and retain my statistics that were accumulated inder my OLD geocaching name?
  4. I GOT IT!!! I used the link provided by msrubble and his mom's email address. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Pete Camnpete
  5. Only one of them is still active and there's a DNF log for me, but not for him. Thanks for your help. Pete
  6. Neither my grandson nor I can remember the geocaching name we set up for him. Can you help? It probably contains the name "Zach" and "Gramps". He lives in San Jose CA, and has only two or three finds (all in the San Jose area.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gramps (Pete) geocaching name = Camnpete
  7. I've used the Garmin 62S for geocaching for years, and really like it. But now I have to replace it...Does Garmin have a newer model that is an "improvement" over the 62S?
  8. Thanks to both of you for your inputs. CamnPete
  9. How do I download waypoints to my Garmin GPS? Can I create a list on my iMac and then download that list somehow? Thanks
  10. Can anyone suggest a location besides geocaching.com where I can see detailed maps showing the locations of nearby geocaches. I find geocaching.com very cumbersome and frustrating. Thx
  11. How can I use the geocaching.com maps to identify caches near large cities in europe? Or is there an easier method to do so? Thanks
  12. Just tap over the map... anywhere. PS: Not over other cache circle... unless you want to search for a given one. Thanks RuideAlmeida. That worked. I'm anxious to begin using the new app. I really appreciate your input. Camnpete
  13. OK, I'm officially a geodork...I did ""Tap "Map" at the bottom of the app"". I then got a map of the location of a cache I had been seeking earlier, and the narrative from that cache scrolling along the bottom of the screen, to the left of the START arrow. Is there a reset button somewhere that allows me to get rid of that previous cache onformation and start over again? THANKS for your patience.
  14. As soon you run the app, and log with your profile, you should see a map based on your current location (you are where it is a blue circle pulsing). If there are any available caches close by, please choose one. You will see it show up in the bottom of your screen. Select it to scroll into the full screen. Now choose "About" to read the listing; "Activity" for previous logs, etc. If you want to search for it, choose the arrow on the top right with "START" under it. At the risk of seeming to be a real geodork...when I tap "profile" I get my picture, my username, # of finds. "premium Member", "there are no trackables in your inventory", and a "search for trackables" link. That would seem to indicate I'm already signed on. But I can's find a map which displays my location and nearby caches. Help!
  15. I tried that a couple of tumes but it doesn't seem to address how to use the new iphone app. I'm wanting to answer questions such as "what are the caches closest to my current location? How can I read the description, latest logs, CO's hint, etc. on one convenient page? Thanks
  16. Can someone pease tell me where to go to learn how to use the new iPhone app, It seeems very unintuitive
  17. Hi to The A-Team. Thanks for the information and alternative options. I'll give it a try and advise if it doesn't work, but I understand what you're saying. Thanks again. Pete
  18. Hi Hans, I must be doing something wrong. I have the 62S connected to the imac and I've located, but not opened, Garmin/Garmin/GPX on the 62S. Then I click "download to GPX" on the cache's webpage, but it's not getting to the GPS. Do I need to drag and drop anything? If so, which part of the cache's web page do I need to D & D? The GC#? The cache name? Thanks, Pete
  19. I used to be able to go to geocaching.com and find a cache that I wanted to download to my 62S. After connecting the 62S to my iMac, all I had to do was click on "download to GPS" on the cache page and then click on "write" and all of the cache information would be transferred to my 62S. NOW I'm not allowed to click on "Write". so I'm no longer to able to download individual caches to my GPS 62S from my IMac, (which is running IOS version 10.12.1). HELP!
  20. Hi Forest Ghost. THANKS for the update. If I had known that before I could have saved myself a couple of hours of trial and error. Now I'll give it a go on my iPhone5. Thanks again.
  21. How do I download the Wherigo Player onto my Garmin 62S? I use an iMac computer. Thanks
  22. I'd like to be able get access to a data base that contains only archived caches, even if I don't know any of the parameters that would normally be used in a PQ (cache name, GC code, etc.). I'd ideally like to be able to run PQ'ish type reports against that data base. Suggestions?
  23. I archived them and that did the trick. Thanks!
  24. I archived them and that did the trick. Thanks!
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