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  1. I used Astro File Manager to do the backup. Pretty much as in these instructions Sideloading Kindle in 3 steps Hope this helps!
  2. While waiting for Amazon to bring geocaching applications for the Kindle Fire into their app store, I've tried the sideloading approach. I am also weary of downloading the application (apk) files from anywhere but the official store, so I've used an Android phone that I borrowed to do it. Here's what I did: 1) Download and install application to Android phone from Google app store, 2) make a backup of the app with backup software. Move backup (also an apk) to computer with USB, 3) move file to Kindle with USB (you could also try emailing), 4) install on Fire with same file explorer/backup tool. No tampering with root access was required. I've heard, but haven't tested, that this only works with free apps. As the Fire really can't be used for any kind of navigation, I only use it to have a backup of my GSAK database with me, so I'm using apps that support either gpx-files or GSAK databases. The cache finding I do with my handheld gps device. If I need online access, the Kindle can take advantage of my phone's wifi hotspot. Since the gc.com webpages are not really tailored for access with small displays, the Fire provides a nice bigger view of the gc.com pages, when needed.
  3. Package received today! Very nice coins, Christmas munchies and goodies - thank you so much Todd! Hershey's chocolate is already gone
  4. I've owned a couple Italian Moto Guzzi motorcycles, and they are made in the town of Mandello del Lario, in Italy. So picked the town name as a nick to other forums, and just moved it on to geocaching, too.
  5. Just to confirm that I have not received anything in the mail, but since I am overseas, I am not surprised. I do not mind if I have to wait a little bit longer. It'll be Christmas all over again!
  6. Signed up: Nov 12,2011 (adult) Name Received: Nov 14, 2011 Package Sent (Date): Dec 1, 2011 Package Received: (Date)
  7. Signed up: Nov 12,2011 (adult) Name Received: Nov 14, 2011 Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date)
  8. Sounds like you are planning quite a trip! The train network in Europe is a great way to see different countries, and I think there are special tickets (Interrail, etc) that give you discounts on longer train trips. I've stayed in hostels in Germany, Sweden and Finland on motorcycling trips, and I've enjoyed all of them. But those weren't in the biggest cities, but smaller towns. One thing you might want to consider is the timing of when you travel, I understand some of the hostels are quite busy when the universities have their summer breaks. And I'm sure you'll be able to meet up with cachers in different countries, with a little advance planning!
  9. Signed up: Nov 12,2011 (adult) Name Received: (Date) Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date) Have not done any missions before, this will make this Christmas extrageospecial!
  10. Thanks, I agree with your comment. Just wanted to make double sure that I had not overlooked a feature in iGK that would have resolved my gripes about not being able to sort on user data fields.
  11. dakboy, how would this help with iGeoKnife? Are you proposing that one runs multiple queries beforehand against one's default database. And creates individual databases from those queries so that they can then be viewed one by one in iGK? So in addition to my usual default database containing all conceivable caches within nnn miles, I would export to iGK a subset of the database that contains any cache that had UserData1 - entries? Will still need to open each individual cache entry in iGK as the UserData fields are not visible on the cache list page. Worth trying I guess...
  12. Thanks for the tips, I like it when local attractions are combined with the phrase "plenty of good caches" Also thanks for the warning on LIS, I'll keep it on my wish list, but with caution.
  13. Hi, right now I have a hotel booked near the Campo Pequeno Arena (chose it for it's proximity to the airport and promise of good bus and subway connections) and have planned on using public transportation in the city and perhaps a train trip west of the city (along the shore). I'm in town for 2,5 days. I'll be alone, so I plan to do my caching during the daytime. So far, I've listed LIS Spotter's Place as something I plan to log, given how old a cache it is.
  14. Came across this site while looking for an OSM map on Portugal. Has anyone used this for Lisbon? Any feedback?
  15. Planning a short visit to Lisbon and sure appreciate the "not to be missed caches" list for Lisbon, thanks!
  16. Went and downloaded this. I appreciate having an offline GSAK database quickly accessible on the iPad, and I like the way the app displays the cache information (compared to other apps). But I do miss being able to see the User Data fields, and also the User Flag. I typically use these fields to track caches that are preferred for finding and logging. Now I can sort on a User Data field, but I cannot actually see the field. Not very helpful, as I do not know what is in the user field. Also, if the app would always synchronize the databases, that would be great. But I guess because the naming of the databases has to be manual, this is not easy to achieve.
  17. How does a question about finding a browser for iPad that works with beta maps belong in the GPS subsection? The issue with beta maps remains just browsing the website for caches. This is not about using iPad to actually gps to a cache.
  18. This post is not a reply to the original question, but since the topic is broad enough, I have another question: The Beta Maps continues to be unusable for iOS Safari. Has anyone tried any other iPad browsers and found one that works with Beta Maps?
  19. Also gave up after 5 minutes of holding the "Down-arrow" on my keypad, and was still on 2010 logs at that point. This approach just doesn't work if you wish to search for something specific in the logs and you first have to hold down a key for ages to get the information loaded for the search! Maybe if the website was split into pages optimized for workstation browsing (complete with background, avatars, log display options) and another for mobile and tablet browsing (really minimized in terms of material required to load onto the mobile browser screen), it would be better for everyone? Also like the idea of a log tab for a personal vip-list of people, whose logs you wish to see. And could you please get the beta maps working on iOS Safari?! thanks!
  20. For a shortie, tree caches tend to end up in the higher T-ratings. Most often a taller somebody else will be able to reach the first branch, while I will not. And carrying a step ladder long distances is not appealing. Short distances, urban surroundings, I don't mind. Caching cannot be equally easy to everyone, but if you happen to be as tall as someone in the NBA, keep the lengthwise challenged in mind when you rate the cache. As someone said, a pleasant surprise in the wild is nicer than an unpleasant one!
  21. Haven't seen such copies in Europe. I would probably not be too keen to move them, but would not mind them. I've lost many coins that I've released. Finding some way to resend them on their mission (with hopes for better luck) would be nice. Instead of just a plain copy, I've been hoping for an option to buy a duplicate coin with the same tracking number (like TB tags), but I guess that would be a manufacturing nighmare or require made-to-order engraving. Off-topic: It seems that coins that have room for engraving the owners nickname are less likely to disappear. Or TBs, the trinkets also seem less likely to disappear (but that has happened too).
  22. Käytetäänkö trackable-sanosta nyt käännöstä reissari vai reissaaja? Minusta gc.com-käännöksessä näkee molempia...
  23. Ilmoittauduin molempiin ryhmiin (gc ja iPhone), ja tänään tuli kutsut. Omituista kyllä iPhone-ryhmässä on kaksi kieltä Finnish ja Finnish,Finland Team. Molemmissa ryhmissä on 505 stringiä käännettävänä? Olen ylhäisessä yksinäisyydesä tuossa Finland Teamissa kun Harjus ja Geovius ovat Finnish-ryhmässä. Ehkä teen sitten enemmän töitä tuolla iPhone-puolella, jos siellä on osallistujista pulaa. Mutta iPhone-puolella kannattaa varmaan hyödyntää itse gc-sivujen käännöksiä surutta... EDIT: iPhone-ryhmä korjattu eli olen nyt Finnish-ryhmässä
  24. Nyt löytyy 0-piste myös Siuntiosta: http://coord.info/GC2NDEM
  25. Are the delays only occurring with My Finds PQs? Requested mine on Sunday, page says it ran on 4/18/2010 12:59:41 PM, still hasn't arrived in my mailbox. Other emails from geocaching.com arriving regularly.
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