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  1. Yes you can. In the sat page with Gps off, you can pick new location. It wil find new location automaticaly or you can use the scroll map.
  2. I will turn mine on outside the truck, it will have a lock and be accurate to within 17' before I can get it mounted in the dash mount.
  3. Running a Scout troop had me go buy 10 etrex yellow. Also have a Vista and just picked up the 60cs
  4. Marine.com 409.00. Will get by weekend.
  5. I live here in Las Vegas so I decided to visit GPS City. There said they were told by Garmin it would be mid March. They were given no date, just mid March.
  6. I run a Scout Troop in Nevada. Our sponser of the Troop donated 12 Etrex to us. You might ask at your local council to see if there is a troop that has a few you can borrow. If you were close I would be willing to help.
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