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  1. The antenna makes the radio system! You could spend hundreds of dollars on a radio and little on the antenna. Your still going to have a poor radio system. This holds true for ALL radio services. Take the time to install a good antenna correctly. After your antenna is installed correctly, it shouldn't matter what radio is connected it will work. You shouldn't see much of a difference between a $5 yard sale special and a brand new $1,000 rig as far as range is concerned (all specs being equal). Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  2. There is no "easy" way. They are all pretty easy, but still require some degree of learning. There are many websites, books and other study sources. You could also seek out a local club for classes. For the most part is to just do it. Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  3. Any HT can be connected to the TinyTrak3 (TT3) from Byonics. You just need to make the correct cables. As for the VX-7 plugs, they can be bought from most dealers. Just ask for the cloning cables, and you'll get 2 of the 4 pin connectors connected to the cable. You just need to cut the cable in half and figure out which wire goes to which pin. Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  4. jrohde


    I just setup my Legend to interface with my newly assembled TinyTrak3. These are connected to my Yaesu FT-8800R in my Geocaching mobile. If anyone is interested I posted some info to my website. APRS info TinyTrak3 Info 73 Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com KC9AXZ-4/M
  5. I'd suggest just trying for your Tech license. You'll get a lot better range using 2 meters. If you insist on a CB though, they are all pretty much the same. The easiest way to go is buying from a yard sale. I've seen LOTS of CB's at yard sales for $5 or less. Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  6. jrohde


    The eTrex series are all the same as far is pin out goes. I haven't connected any GPS units to run APRS yet. I'm only running a home station with a I-Gate. I do however know a few people that are running Garmin units for APRS. Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  7. The only time I use Echolink is through a local link node. I don't connect through the internet. The local node is about 2 blocks from my house, so I can work it low power on a HT. Jon KC9AXZ www.kc9axz.com
  8. jrohde

    I passed!

    Congrats, welcome to the hobby 73 Jon KC9AXZ
  9. That would have to be the Yaesu 8800R. The crossband repeat compliments my VX5 HT. Non amateur equipment would be the new 5.3 mega pixel digi cam. 73 Jon KC9AXZ
  10. My post was not intended to "bash" any radio operators. I was just basically saying that there is so much more you can do with a amateur license. Not to mention, it is also very cost effective Personally, my GMRS license fee was a total waste of money. This is a "GPS & HAM" forum. Therefore, it would appear to be a good place to promote the service. Jon KC9AXZ
  11. Again another argument to get a amateur license. I personally wouldn't spend that much money on a GMRS HT. For the same price I could get a 6 watt 2M HT. Your simplex (non repeater) distance would be better than the inflated claims made by manufactures. With a 2M HT you also have the option to use almost all local repeaters, which add many miles to you communications. Jon KC9AXZ wasted money GMRS call... WPUR857
  12. jrohde

    New Toys

    Ham radio is, and can be a very expensive hobby. On the other side of the coin, the license is free. The testing for the license may cost you about $10-12. If you decide on GMRS, then there is a license fee of about $75 (if you prefer to be legal). As for equipment, unless you go with cheap bubble pack equipment it is going to be in the ball park on prices. Currently a Icom 2M HT is going for $89.99 at AES. You will spend about that on a GOOD GMRS or MURS HT. If you are going to spend that kind of money anyway, you may as well get the license. Just my $0.02. Jon KC9AXZ
  13. jrohde


    There may be some digipeaters in the area. Keep watching the raw packets going by. It you heard a station through a digipeater the station call should have a * next to it. Most digipeaters have a alias set to "relay" or "wide". If you send your position through path "relay,wide" it may get picked up. If there are no digipeaters in your area, then by all means use your station as a digipeater. My APRS setup is running UI-View. I happen to be the local digipeater and I-Gate. I'm pretty green at this APRS stuff myself, but figure the setup was pretty easy. Jon KC9AXZ
  14. Wow! If that thing didn't have the NMO mount on it, I'd think it was a torture device. 73 Jon KC9AXZ
  15. That was not what I wanted to hear. Oh well. I guess I'll hold off, and keep my R&R. I'd love to be able to load like you described for City Navigator. The maps that Garmin decided needed to be loaded into my GPS go way to far North and South, but I need it to go further West. I can't load more maps with the memory I have available. Thanks Jon KC9AXZ
  16. I'm considering buying the MetroGuide CD's. I've seen a older version of MetroGuide (2.00) in action. I didn't like the map selection that was offered. I do have Roads & Rec, which I like the map selection options. The version of MetroGuide I seen, would select way larger areas of map than I wanted. The version of Roads & Rec I have, allow me to select different counties in the state. I'd prefer to select by county, or better yet highlight areas to load (like cropping pictures in a editor). I'm curious as to if this is still how maps are selected in the newer versions of MetroGuide. I'm thinking of buying MetroGuide 4.02 or 5.0, for my Garmin Legend. Thanks Jon KC9AXZ
  17. This I just my opinion, take what you want from it. Personally, I prefer to keep my communications and GPS equipment separate. I really don't like the idea of sharing my power source. This is especially true, if it would come to an emergency situation. Jon KC9AXZ
  18. Got a question about the Alinco DR-135TP. I see it has a front panel GPS input. From the pictures it looks like a phono plug. I haven't seen this rig on display, so I couldn't confirm. Anyway, how is the cable made? Can you order it as a accessory from Alinco? I assume it wouldn't be too hard to homebrew. I'd think you'd be able to buy a data cable from the GPS manufacturer, and hack it up. I've also seen sites that sold the different types of GPS interface plugs, but the whole cables are cheap enough on eBay. 73 Jon KC9AXZ
  19. jrohde

    Aprs Maps

    Hello all. I notice there is a APRS interest among the group. Imagine that! I receintly setup a "test" APRS station in the shack. I was running WinAPRS through the sound card (RigBlaster NOMIC), and a ADI AR-146. I run this setup for key to key packet on 145.030. I was really impressed with the "APRS test" outcome. I was even more impressed with the amount of traffic I seen! There was about 2/3 of the state of Wisconsin covered with beacons. The WinAPRS software was real easy to setup and understand. My only complaint was the map detail. I downloaded the monster WinAPRS setup 50+ megs with maps. The detail was not great, just the state outline. Here is the question, where to find detailed maps? Would I be lucky enough to be able to merge maps form any of the Garmin Mapsource CDs? I'd like to be able to run maps with all state and interstate highways, and "major" cities. I'd also like to be able to run a few detailed city maps. On a final note, I just read the APRS book the ARRL has listed as out of stock. The book was really informative, but a little dated. Some of the internet reference pages were a little bit of internet history. I'd suggest that anyone looking to get into APRS, find that book somewhere! I found it at a library that was a few cities away. I was lucky enough that our local library could "borrow" it from them for me. Take Care, 73 Jon KC9AXZ
  20. Have fun in Gatlinburg. I'd love to be there myself. Jon KC9AXZ
  21. I also have GMRS license (I rarely use GMRS though). I believe the license covers all family members living in the call holders household. Jon KC9AXZ WPUR857 KC9AXZ.COM
  22. Jon Rohde KC9AXZ Sheboygan, WI EN63dr
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