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  1. Very nice. Am in the waiting line as well.....
  2. I just got my order in for one of the copper. Castleman is down to 15 of those now. Nice coin.
  3. Email sent. Always nice to be able to add to my state geocoin collection.
  4. We'd like one of the silver ones.
  5. I gave a Finland coin to the head of a Finnish company we were doing business with upon his retirement. I suggested he pick up geocaching as a retirement hobby!
  6. Got mine. Lovely coin! Vielen Dank!
  7. I'm a sucker for a lovely country geocoin! Order on the way!
  8. We'd like to get on the list for one. Thanks. Paypal used and coin payment made.
  9. Got mine today...always nice to see a beautiful new geocoin after a hard day's work!
  10. Got my Norway coin today. Absolutely love it! Even more so, I enjoyed the nice letter Qurius put in the envelope. Very nice background on the coin and friendly greetings. Thank you Morten and Tone!
  11. Got the Norway and Taiwan geocoins in the mail today. Very nice international coins. The Norway geocoin even came with a very nice letter. Geocachers make up a great community!
  12. Merry Christmas...I got a new pair of boots which I took out in the rain and broke in doing some Christmas geocaches...is there anything better?
  13. Got a nice notice confirming my order, paypal success and that the coin had been placed in the mail. Who hoo....the Norwegian ancestral bones are shaking!!! Owner even let me discover one of his coins. Very nice experience...thanks much!!!
  14. Ordered one. Been there once. I spent most of my free time in the Chinese museum. That building is incredible.
  15. OH man, I did the whole registration thing in Norwegian and paid in paypal and got a Norwegian email in response. Hmmm...I hope it meant my order worked....
  16. Well I worked my way through the website and got into paypal and made a payment. I hope that it all worked ok. If not...drop me a note and I'll retry. In the mean time I will work on my Norwegian! Am sure the coin will be worth the effort! Thanks.
  17. Got mine today. Very nice. Even though you gave measurements, I was amazed by the size and weight. This may be the biggest geocoin in my collection. Thanks for a great coin.
  18. Ordered mine when I got the notice from Hogwild. Can't wait to see it up close and personal!!
  19. Been away for a few weeks...e-mail sent on this lovely coin
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