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  1. Thank you I have a few small signature items in mind. I can't wait to get started.
  2. Stickers? I'm very new to the sport in fact I haven't even started yet. I'll have my new GPS at X-mass and hope to start the following weekend. So, here is my question. (and a story I guess) I used to work for a guy who was really in to eBay. He sold anything he could get his hands on. One particularly strange item that he sold often were these rolls of fuzzy Domino's pizza "Avoid the Noid" stickers. I asked him why people kept buying the things and he would always say that he didn't know but it was just one guy that bought roll after roll after roll. So finally one day the guy e-mailed my boss to ask if he could buy ten rolls. My boss said OK but ask that he tell him what he used all those stickers for. The man agreed and said that he was a Geocacher. He said that he would leave a sticker at each cache as his trade mark. That was the first I had ever heard of the sport. This conjured up images of landmarks covered in stickers from hundreds of cachers.I now know that this isn't the case but I was wondering if people leave stickers on caches or log books to mark where they have been? Or was the sticker guy simply leaving the the stickers as "Swag". If so would someone leave just a sticker and take something or would they leave the sticker as a trademark and then leave a more valuable piece of swag? I understand the equal or greater than rule but I guess I'm just confused by the trademark part I for one think that it would be cool to leave something that you would become known by but at the same time I want to abide by all of the rules of geocacheing. Also, I'm a little unclear on what you write in a log book and how you prove that you have been to different caches? I suppose that it isn't really necessary to prove anything it's the hunt that counts, but I'm just trying to learn how you play the game. Thank you for help. Waroku
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