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  1. First five are in stock and on special right now, get them early. Trackable State Medallion Sets
  2. If someone backs out I might have a set available. Otherwise I might have a few extras, just not an entier set. Email me and I'll add you to a list.
  3. I made the suggestion to edge engrave the plating name on them, to avoid confusion. I was led to believe that happened TMA Suggestion was taken. Becasue it was engraved, they limited me to 10 characters. I shortened the names but I am sure you will figure them all out. And trust me, it will help. Mike
  4. They were supposed to be the same color based on the black & white guide we were given. I already okayed mine. So no changing it now. I have been disappointed this year on how the whole design, color chart numbers, changing the numbering, new options, short order time and approval time has all gone. I hope the coins turn out better than the process to order them has. See as order was due today, how many coin versions did we end up with? Mike
  5. Contact me to thru my website to discuss.
  6. The SLAGA Event has been published!! GC2CXDQ I'll post my artwork as soon as I approve it. CF30 M'kay, here's the artwork for the St. Louis - SLAGA version: CF30 How is this possible? I thought area 1 and 3 on the front all had to be the same color? The circles oon the back int he center were also not called out as a different area to color? Can these kind of changes be made? I would like to change mine if they are. Please get back to me quickly.
  7. Gold Silver Nickel Brass Copper Black Nickel New Antique Gold Antique Gold Antique Silver Antique Nickel Antique Copper Antigue Bronze Satin Gold Satin Silver By the way, these are suppose to be in by the beginning of September. I hope to deliver a number of these in parson at Geocoinfest.
  8. Sorry order did go in to the mint. I am trying to make an adjustment on Sunday night and if so, what finishes and quantities were you looking for? Mike
  9. 1 is blue 2 is pink 3 is white 4 is light yellow 5 is ??? 6 is ??? 7 is orange 8 is light purplish/pink If there is 10 spaces to color how do we tell you what number in the compass points are: light blue medium blue bark blue green There is only 5 and 6 but you have 4 different colors. Hope I explained this well.
  10. Be careful, 2 & 7 or next to each other in the new diagram.
  11. I thought it was B but Marks artwork shows that 5&6 can be different on each point. Not to confuse things more but if you go to the new artwork on the google site 7 and 8 are mixed up compared to how they were. 2 and 7 were in the same place and now it is 2 and 8. HELP! I have submitted my colors and will wait to approve mint ready artwork. That will be easier then trying to understand all these changes that we are suppose to follow in less then 2 days.
  12. Now I am confused, you can only use 5 but the sample artwork shows 8. Scratching my head. You can have the areas 5/6 alternate like the artwork but the line drawing doesn't show that. Can I get an email from mark or emma on what areas we can actually color. Thanks
  13. Think I can get this one. 1 is blue 2 is pink 3 is white 4 is light yellow 5 is ??? 6 is ??? 7 is orange 8 is light purplish/pink Ok now I have to ask. In the numbered artwork there is only one area labeled 5 and 6 so you should only be able to have 2 colors there but in the colored artwork that was posted there is 2 different colors for each (makes 4 total). Someone else can try.
  14. WOW! Love the look and hope the stainglass look can be achived as shown in the artwork.
  15. what email did you use for me if any? can you add mike@atwellfamily.net? None yet, didn't get an opt in email from you, yet. Sent!
  16. what email did you use for me if any? can you add mike@atwellfamily.net?
  17. Love the coin!! I do have a question, why do some people add the box around teh tracking number? Think it would have been ok without and just don't see the point. Mike
  18. Responded to email but thought I woud here also. Trying to make a coin in 14 different platings is not an easy task. To sell some as trackable and some as non-trackable makes it 28 different versions. This started off as a design tool for most yes. What happend is that the mint pushed back and needed so many in each plating. In order to accomplish this I offered a STEEP discount on the set and almost (all but 2 right now) designers ordered the set, espcially at the discount I am giving. I am still going back and forth with the mint to firm up all the details, if anything changes I'll let you know. Guess this is a case of not being able to please everyone. As it stands I have orders for 18 set.
  19. Apparantly not. I had to change mine last night. I think it's first come, first serve... but that's a GUESS. Can someone give me access to the site then please? I did email Emma on Friday.
  20. Ok, I got it figured out. Trackable set available at Translucent Color Wheel. There will still be a non-trackable coin but right now I am taking reservations for the trackable version. Thanks
  21. Are those of us from last year getting preference to our colors? I want to use the same colors again and the same plating.
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