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  1. I've only been caching since Feb of this year. Like many others, when I first started would find 7-10 caches in a day. Since, then I have slowed down and now cache when I have the time. Now, I'm at 80 finds and some hunts are easier. I asked myself why? I think it is I'm used to parellel sticks, I know where to look, know what an ammo box is and how big it is. I still have great fun finding the cache. For me, it is the hunt. Knowing I found something, thay other people have walked by etc. I've hidden one, and admit the coordinates I first posted were off. Before I submitted my find, I had checked my coordinates twice, just was not getting a good reading though. But thanks, to some of the first hunters, I was able to update the coordinates. In my many minds, I have had few ones that were dead one. Many are within 30 feet, which is fine with me. It is part of the game and in my opinion adds to the challenge. Since I live in the Federal Way area, there are lots of caches in the area. Being new to the game, it is hard to find a good location. Everytime, I spot a cool spot and do a search for nearby caches, there is one or more too close. So I continue to look. I have some kewl ideas, I just have to find a good location. So am I bored with caching? Nope! I've just slowed down a bit so I can enjoy my newest hobby. I always enjoy running into fellow cachers. I've met only a few, but everyone has been a pleasure to meet! Hope to see you out hunting! Steve (JavaDuck)
  2. Congrats to everyoone on their recent milestones! I was down in OR,and stopped in Eugene and found 8 of 11, so now I'm up to 78. Quickly approaching #100!
  3. Hi all! I just had my 60th find today and have a big day of hunting next weekend in Gig Harbor. I know how quickly those finds can add up. I have two possible caches for my 100th find (Nellie Does Green Lake and Tunnel of Light). Are there any other caches in the Seatte to Tacoma area that would be great as a 100th find? Thanks!
  4. I created my nickname JavaDuck years ago when I first started being online. I got Java from the fact that I like to drink a good cup of coffee from time to time. I don't drink it everyday, just thought Java went with the Duck part well. The Duck part comes from being a graduate of the University of Oregon, the home of the Ducks! I'm still a big Duck fan, even though now I live in Husky and Cougar country.
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