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  1. Congrats Weightman! It was a pleasure to be with you when you reached 500! NLS and I hope to reach our milestones later this week!
  2. Congrats to both LandRover and Blue on their milestones!
  3. 14 plus hours of caching yesterday and what do I do! I sleep in and with NLS head back to our own round 2. We had so much fun yesterday that we decided to head back and find some that we had skipped yesterday. So today was a shorter day, but still fun! Thanks to everyone for a great day yesterday. I look forward to the next cache machine!
  4. When your trunk of your car is filled with ammo cans waiting to be hid. Definitely, when family and friends keep asking, "Does everything connect to geocaching?" when say that would be a great container, or hey that is a great hiding spot.
  5. I just checked and within 10 miles of my home coordinates there are 240 caches. I've found probably around 60 of those. I have plenty more to find, and more are contantly appearing. I'm lucky that I live in an area that has so many caches.
  6. I'm in Federal Way, WA. I was out double checking coordinates for a multi-cache I'm hiding. My magellan was having huge errors today. It would point to where I knew the coordinates were way off, because I had used Photomaps to ensure coordinates from ealier in the week were good. I turned my GPS off and on a few times too. I would have a good reading for awhile and then way way off again. Strange since we had blue clear skies.
  7. I starting caching at the end of February. I have to say the most memorable caches would be Panther Lake,Bloated Head, and .The Pirate's Parrot. Panther Lake becacuse it was my first find. That is where all the excitement and addiction started. Then it would have to be the group night hunt for bloated head on Halloween for my 100th find. Finally, the Pirate's Parrot for solving a tough puzzle and being CoFTF. I also enjoyed meeting lots of fellow cachers my first year. A few out while caching and many others attending events. I look forward to a great 2nd year of caching!
  8. Thanks to Weightman, Landrover, NomadRaven, Romulusnr, and Ethan for a great day of caching. I had a great birthday. It was fun to see people search for caches that I had already found. Look forward to seeing the group at the Gig Harbor Cache machine. Happy New Yeat to ya all! To NLS, thanks for the message! I know you would have joined us! I hope your search for the BOBs has gone well!
  9. I'll be at the coordinates listed on my A Dicey Hunt Page tomorrow morning at 11am. Looking forward to seeing anyone that wants to join in. Happy New Year! JavaDuck!
  10. Congratulations to all that recently reached various milestones. A few at 100, some at 200, 300, etc and a few at 1000, WOW! Congratulations. And may the finds continue to be as exciting as those first few!
  11. LandRover! Dicey Hunt is my own cache, so can help out if needed. Have found most on your list, but would not mind tagging along as you find those. I'm open to any caches, just want to spend some of the day enjoying one of my hobbies!
  12. Hi all! Saturday is my birthday!! I would love to do a few hours of caching to celebrate my birthday and the New Year. I'm in Federal Way and was thinking about just picking up the closest ones to home to me. I would be up to visiting caches I have already found and let others search. Open to any other suggestions as well. The ones on my nearest to home for me are: Take a Swag at It Have you hugged a muggle today? Auntie Hills Lakeview The old tree Centurian Martian Probe 003 Centurian Martian Probe 11 I was thinking about starting at 11am (I and many others would probably like to sleep in a bit after being up late celebrating) We could meet at the parking coordinates to my own cache, A Dicey Hunt at 11 and go from there. If you're interested or have any ideas, just post a message here. Happy New Year and have a great 2005!
  13. Congratulations to NLS for her 200th find while vacationing in Chicago! I know she went sailing right past it and should be at 300 in no time!
  14. Thanks for a great party. I enjoyed talking with many new people and having a chance to talk to otehrs I had only met briefly at other events.
  15. I second the thank you! Thanks for picking them up, etc!
  16. I plan to get to the party as soon as I can. I'm still interested in 10 of the cans. What time are you going to be there MA?
  17. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all !
  18. I would be interested in some as well. I could do between 5 and 10. Just depends where pick up would be etc. I'm in Federal way. So when are you picking them up, hoping next week? Going out of state for the X-mas weekend.
  19. I'm hoping on making it up to the Party, have to be in Seattle in the afternoon. Maybe it should be a day of Seattle caching and then the party! Fish Ears is a great cache, I was FTF. I checked out Brain Dead page earlier today. Looks like a new puzzle cache to work on for this week!
  20. Ahh yes the great Heinous hide! That was one of the first few caches I went looking for. Boy, did I ever learn quickly about what containers can and cannot be. That one took me 3 or 4 tries before I finally found it. Gig Harbor has plenty of evil hides. This one Green Light ath the Tides haunted me for 199 days and many many hours of searching. I looged plenty of DNF's and notes on that one. hehehe!
  21. Hi! I'm JavaDuck (aka Steve) and I'm a DNF'r. Some of my favorite initial DNF's have turned into some of my favorite caches. In the past week, I was successfully able to move two long standing DNF's (multiple searches, and one that involved over 8 hours of combined search time) into the find column. I'm not ashamed to log DNF's. Everyone has to have em sometime.
  22. A quick update. 48 hours have passed and no word of my car. Buh Humbug! At least I get to go caching this weekend!
  23. Thanks everyone for the posts and emails I have received. I've had one of the best weeks of caching. Finally found 2 tough hides that have been on my to do list for months, attending a great cache event, had 2 co-ftf's, did my first night cache, and met someone to go caching with from time to time as well. Thanks NLS! We have a great group of cachers around here! So thanks again, for brightening up the end of my day.
  24. No word yet, made all the necessary calls. Roommate was home so he could come and get me. All I have to say, is whoever took it better watch out. Kharma is going to bite you back big time. If I here anything, will give an update. So if you see a black Acura Integra license plate 247 HWY, contact the police please! If a fellow cacher helps find it, dinner on me!
  25. Hi all! After a morning of great caching with NLS, I decided to stop and try and find the Auntie Hills cache. I parked my car and headed off to the search site, I returned about 20 minutes later and my car had been stolen. So, a good fun day of caching ends on a bad note. Just wanted to let people who may go searching for that cache to have a heads up.
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