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  1. Hi all! I'm about to start planning the 3rd annual Geocaper. I already have 3 people that have expressed interest in helping organize the event. You don't have to an expert at creating puzzles, there are many other things that have to get done as well. If you would like to help out send me email. I'm planning on the 1st meeting being sometime in February, with the event being in July. JavaDuck (Steve)
  2. Here are the final results for the Wonka Geocaper! Thanks again to all of the participants and the volunteers! Hope to see you next year. (And yes my head is already beginning to fill with ideas for next year) So drumroll please..... The Official Wonka Geocaper Results Final Results-800 Possible Points 1) Ragamuffins- 700 points 2) Snozzberries- 650 points 3) Tibby's People- 575 points 4) Team Slugworth- 475 points (Claimed 4th with the fastest time tie breaker) 5) Everlasting Gobstoppers- 475 points 6) The Oompa-Loompas- 425 points 7) The Dweebs- 375 points 8) Quad Quandary- 350 points 9) Vermicious Knids- 325 points 10) Grumpy & Gassie0 225 points
  3. Thanks to all of the volunteers (and especially Team Noltex and GrnXnham) for helping making the Wonka Geocaper a great event. Thanks to all of the teams that participated. It was fun seeing the event unfold throughout the day. I hope you all had fun and hope to see you next year. JavaDuck
  4. Just one day left until the Geocaper! Due to some last minute cancellations, there are 2 team spots available. If there is a group of 2 to 6 cachers that would like to take the spot, please email me ASAP. We'll accept teams until 7:00pm tomorrow. Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose your own team name. The two team names available are the Violet Blueberries or Hsawaknow. If you're interested, please email JavaDuck the following information: The members on your team Your team captain Which team name you prefer It will be first come, first serve basis. JavaDuck, Head Puzzle Oompa-Loompa!
  5. Only 4 more days!! I hope all the registered teams have been exercising their brains! Wonka loves sweets, but he also loves puzzles!! See all the teams on Saturday!
  6. Only 6 more days! Hope all the teams have been exercing their brains! The puzzle Oompa-Loompas are almost done preparing all the sweet and wonderful surprises. It looks like our request for cooler weather will be honored (no 90 degree sunshine this time). See everyone Saturday! PS We still could use 1 or 2 volunteers the day of the event. If you're interested please contact me!
  7. Just one day left to sign up for the Wonka Geocaper. The deadline is today (Saturday July 7th). There is just one team spot left. First come, first served! After that cachers can feel free to post a message here or on the event page to see if the registered teams had spots open. Many marvelous surprises awaits the following 11 teams! 1) Snozzberries 2) Vermicious Knids 3) Hsawaknow 4) The Everlasting Gobstoppers 5) Ragamuffins 6) Quad Quandary 7) Team Slugworth 8) Team Grumpy & Gassie 9) Tibby's Friends 10) The Dweebs 11) The Oompa-Loompas
  8. Here is an update of the teams signed up for the fantastic Wonka Geocaper! There is just over a week left to sign up for this fun event. We have just 2 team spots left, and we are now accepting teams of 2 to 6. Sign up and compete against: 1) Snozzberries 2) Vermicious Knids 3) Hsawaknow<br> 4) The Everlasting Gobstoppers 5) Ragamuffins 6) Quad Quandary 7) Team Slugworth 8) Team Grumpy & Gassie 9) Tibby's Friends 10) The Dweebs
  9. We're filling up fast! Only 2 team spots remain! Sign up your team of 2 to 6 today, and join the following teams for a fun filled day of caching and puzzle sovling! 1) Snozzberries 2) Vermicious Knids 3) Hsawaknow 4) The Everlasting Gobstoppers 5) Ragamuffins 6) Quad Quandary 7) Team Slugworth 8) Candy's Bad For You 9) Scooby & Friends 10) The Dweebs
  10. Just 2 weeks left to sign up for the Wonka Geocaper! We are now also accepting teams of 2 until the July 7th deadline. There are only 3 spots available, so sign up today.
  11. Less than 3 weeks left to sign up for this Wona-filled event! Gather up your best puzzle solvers and match wits with the other local puzzle solvers. Who will be first to gather all of the golden tickets and ??????? We have 3 spots left! So sign up today!
  12. There are now just 4 spots left for the wonderful terrific fabulous Wonka Geocaper! Gather up the best puzzle-solvers and sign up now for a tottally SWEET day.
  13. First Hi Brumbjorn! If I hear of anyone needing a team, I will let them know you are looking! We are now up to seven teams, so just 5 team spots left! The Oompa-Loompa are still busy working on creating a fantastic day for all of you! Looking forward to seeing all of the teams in July!
  14. Just 4 weeks left to sign up for the Wonka Geocaper! We have 6 spots left for teams of 3 to 6 cachers. Join us for a day of fun puzzle-solving.
  15. Now only 6 spots left! Another yet to be named team is ready for the Wonka adventure!
  16. WONKA GEOCAPER update! There are only 7 spots left! The Oompa-Loompa have been very busy helping Willy Wonka prepare the many sweet surprises that await teams! Sign up now and join the Snozzberries, Vermicious Knids, Hsawaknow, the Everlasting Gobstoppers, and the unnamed team. Hope to see you in July JavaDuck (Head Oompa-Loompa)
  17. Hi! Teams can be anywhere from 4 to 6 people. We want to include as many people as we can, but have to limit the event to 12 teams due to logistics, planning etc. Again if you are looking for people to fill out your team, post a message here or check the notes on the cache page. There are 8 spots left. I'm waiting for a team name from one group. Once you have at least 4 people sign up! You are free to add the 2 additional people later or change people if needed! Hope to see you there!
  18. The Geocaper now is only 2 months away! There are 9 team spots left! Plenty of time to gather your Dream Team of Puzzle Solvers and face off against the other amazing Puget Sound puzzle solvers. Can your team squash the Snozzberries? Can they make the Vermicious Knids slither away
  19. The Vermicious Knids have signed up! Now just 10 sweet spots left! Find your dream team and sign up today!
  20. Wonka's Oompa-Loompas have heard that there are cachers looking for a team. Leave messages here and hopefully some cachers can join together to take on the Snozzberries. What does a snozzberry taste like? A snozzbery of course!
  21. The WONKA team is busy working on creating an event that will satisfy the sweet and puzzling tooths of the area cachers. I'll post any information I hear about teams seeking cachers or cachers seeking teams. See you in July!
  22. If you're looking for a team or need more members for a team, feel free to post a message here. Hope to see the local puzzlers at this great event! JavaDuck
  23. Don't be scared. These puzzles won't be as hard, and I'm proud to say I've not created all of them. We are really working on making the puzzles solving time around 20 minutes. And hey we are going to provide the Sweet Cheat Sheet! (trying saying that fast 5 times). Hope to see you there!
  24. The WONKA Geocaper is coming! The 2nd annual Geocaper (geocaching and puzzle event race) is scheduled for Saturday July 21st in downtown Tacoma. Check out the above link for all of the exciting details. Last year teams had a blast finding caches and solving puzzles (and battling the heat, hopefully our request for cooler weather is granted). Gather up your sweetest puzzle solving dream team and compete with other puzzle solvers in a fun and exciting event. Spend an afternoon exploring downtown Tacoma, solving puzzles, satistying your sweet tooth, and finding Wonka's Golden Tickets! We hope to see you there!
  25. I haven't got my car stuck yet, but did have my car stolen while geocaching. Only gone about 10 minutes. One reason to always carry a cell phone!
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