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  1. Hello.


    I'm a new user of the forum and new owner of a Garmin Oregon 750t.


    I have tried to use the Geocaching option on the Oregon 750t and the first thing it urges me to do is to register the device.


    When pressing the option "Register device" it retrieves a 6 digit registering code and it urges me to register at www.geo-co/garmin with that code.


    I go to www.geo.co/garmin web page using my computer and see no place where I can introduce that registering code so I go through the procedure of manually registering on the Geocaching site with my E-mail and password.


    After doing all this I can log into the Geocaching site allright, use the forum etc. but still cannot find where to introduce or validate that 6 digit registering code and my Oregon 750t still keeps on urging me to confirm the register with the code.


    When I press on the only option on the Oregon 750t to register the device it returns a Registering Error and offers me the option of trying again. Have tried several times with same result.


    I'm stuck in a loop with this.


    Could someone point out whether I'm doing something wrong?


    Have I messed up things by registering manually on the www.geo-co/garmin site?



    I have been doing all the above at home with the Oregon device properly registered on the GARMIN site, it's firmware updated to the latest version available, properly configured and within good reach of the WIFI signal.


    Thank you for your attention.



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