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  1. ole trout

    Base map

    Hi Mag Magician, as the old saying goes "by george, i think i've got it"! Thank you and ibycus very kindly. Best regards ole trout
  2. ole trout

    Base map

    Hello again ibycus, i tried but to no avail. I checked all the menus that i could find but found nothing.......yet. Thanks
  3. ole trout

    Base map

    Ok, that gives me something to look for. Thank you. I'll get back to you with my findings
  4. ole trout

    Base map

    Hi, Thanks for answering. Just to be sure, if i go to the map screen then bring up the drop down menu, then click on the "set up map" option then highlight the "#"on the second row, then go to "detail", is that the one that you are referring to? If so, off is not an option, just "most, more, normal, less, least". Thank you for your patience. Lewis
  5. ole trout

    Base map

    Hi, How do i restore the original base map in my Garmin Legend? I installed the map source cd set to my pc then transferred some of the mapping to the Legend. Thanks
  6. Thats true, do not overload the gps. Can you imagine how slow the gps would be if you loaded I have never tried it, but i can only imagine. say 200 coords? I always look for caches within a 35-40 kilometer range. If i am planninhg a trip, thats different. Thanks
  7. Reliable units are available for that price, but probably not units that will take vocal commands I cant even get some family members to take vocal commands
  8. Hi, Thanks for the info. The printer is just humming!
  9. Hi, i bought a Garmin Legend and i have not been able to get out and go geocaching yet due to the extreme cold weather. I like the menu system and it tracks very quickly. I did find another source of geocaching information, it is: http://www.factsfacts.com/geocacher.htm. Thanks.
  10. I wouldnt expect everyone to change their information as the weather changes, but it would be nice if more people indicated if the cache is accesible in the winter. I appreciate those who do. I guess i am getting cabin fever, it seems that i may need to invest in a pair of snowshoes. Thanks everyone. Happy geocaching!
  11. hi all, (great forum) i am new at geocaching and i would like to know why when people list a geocach that they neglect to say that we have to tread through three feet of snow . I have seen the symbols that include the "available in winter" snowflake but there is never any mention of roughly how much snow to expect. Thanks.
  12. Is the geocaching net still going on? Thanks
  13. ole trout

    Gps Sale

    I am still wailting for the Legend that i ordered at Canadian Tire for $99.00. It has been on back order since the 15th of December. I do have a rain check. The Walmart store in Pembroke Ontario had the legend, the map source cd's, and a holder for the same price. I have a rain check on this one too.
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