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  1. Thanks, Neo_Geo. I knew about this one, except I don't have a serial port on my laptop and really don't want wire if I can't use it.
  2. Can't one just buy an AC adaptor? [i've actually not seen one for the 60CS and I've been looking.]
  3. I got a $10, on sale, suction mount from Radio Shack, which has an 8" arm on it. I then bought the Garmin automount and have attached it to the end of that arm. I put the suction mount (in my 4Runner) on the right hand side of the audio stuff, on a clean strip of metal (? - plastic). The connection of the automount to the end of the arm is a bit tenuous, and I wil work on making that better. The result, though, is that I have my 60CS just to the right of the steering wheel (as I bent the RS arm mount to the left). The Radio Shack mount is for compact cell phones and the end of the auto mount fits in the clamp at the end of the arm sort of well. It bounce around a bit, but it's quite fine. The bounce puts less stress on the suction mount. I also have the 12v adaptor.javascript:emoticon('') javascript:emoticon('')
  4. So, be clear, as I have already loaded some maps from City Select to my 60CS, those POI's are gone. If I load the POI's, they will be back. If I download some new maps from City Select, not only will I replace my old City Select maps but I'll lose those POI's. Thanks for your response, neo-geo.
  5. Under what circumstances are these POI's lost? Everytime I download City Select maps? The first time? Also, how can I tell if I still have them loaded? Thanks. [i have a 60CS.]
  6. Surprised not to see any comments about the web site. http://rtr.ca/geo. It's quite good - providing ready phone (on some phones) access to the notes for caches. It even decrypts hints.
  7. That web site http://rtr.ca/geo is GREAT. No more paper for me!! My phone can get the info on it just fine. I was hoping such a thing existed. Thanks to the creator.
  8. Not tried it, but I thought MOB started navigation. If you are in the middle of a navigation (like you've driven towards a cache and now you are parking the truck to walk), then I suppose you'd have to stop the MOB navigation and restart the cache one.
  9. Got replacemnts, too, from Strong Engineering, w/o asking. Impressive. Old ones were fine, even though I had to cut them down. I've not tried the new ones yet. I feel much more secure with a screen protector on it. I'm not going to change brands. These work just fine.
  10. I'd like to see the database for geocaches completely separate from the waypoint list. I'd also like to have the waypoint data base display a collection of icons, not just all or one. I'd like SD cards (well, I thought I'd just say that). At least I'd like the GPSr to act as a UBS host, so that it could read SD cards from a USB SD card reader - or to read a USB "keychain" hard disk. 54 megs is great, but I really would like to have access to at least 500 megs. I'd like to be able to turn the barometer off. I'd like the compass page to be able to display coordinates (maybe it can, but I did not see how). I'd like to be able to interface the CS with an audio output source, so that I could have voice prompts in a car. [it's too dangerous to be reading the GPSr when alone, navigating in a car.] I'd like to be able to overlay maps, say topos and city select. I'd like to know how much memory I have left. I'd like to add just one map area to the installed maps - and not have to reload them all just to add one. I'd like velocity and max velocity to be more accurate. The algorithm could be changed to make "delta t" larger, which would make "delta d" more accurate. I'd like to be able to toggle back and forth between two pages instead of having to page through them all.
  11. I've had max speeds posted of 194 miles per hour on my CS. Surely what is going on is a function of the definition of velocity: distance/time. And since max velocity is an instantaneous velocity, the time interval is taken to be very small (as the CS cannot do limits - if you know some calculus). Now, the time interval is surely quite accurate as it is a function of only a clock. But the distance is determined by the GPSr. And there is a large variability in the distance - that's what the accuracy circle is all about. So, if the distance used in the computation of dist/time is off by a factor or 2 or 3. then the velocity is off the same. It is probably not hard for the distance to be off by a factor of much more when it is very small. That's why the max or (non-average) velocity is so far off. I don't even pay attention to these any more. Although, sometimes, they agree quite will my my car speedometer.
  12. Do categories of waypoints (I take it this means something like subdirectories) carry over to the GPSr?
  13. Just used GSAK to create a big .loc file of caches. Exported to a Garmin .mps file. Uploaded into Mapsource City Select v. 5. Gave each cache the "box" symbol - which is the symbol I use for unfound caches. Downloaded (via USB) all the waypoints to my 60CS. I'd like those geocache sites to appear just in the geocache waypoint list. They are indeed there but they are also in my regular waypoints. Not only is this a duplicate but I'm trying to keep the number of my waypoints a bit small, at least for now. So, is there a way that when I download geocache waypoints they go JUST to the geocache waypoints on my GPSr and not also to the Waypoints waypoints? [i know I can display waypoints with a certain symbol, but it would be nice to display all BUT a certain symbol - or even to choose a checkbox of symbols.]
  14. Maybe this is how things are designed, but it is not so good: When I lose GPS signal on my 60CS, there is a beep (and I have to press a key to acknowledge that). So, I continue driving and don't know when/if the signal is strong enough to produce a lock. I need to keep looking at it, checking the display at the top to see if I've regained signal. This seems like a poor design. Or, am I missing somthing.
  15. Similar question: got a new 60cs. Installed City Select v 5. Did I erase any Points of Interest? Also, can one buy/get a POI file that has better/more recent POI's than what is in City Selecte v 5.4 [there are a rather surprising, to me, number of errors - things that should be there that are not [eg: Appalachian State University] and a number of things that are there and should not be [a number of hotels and restaurants in Charlotte, for example]]? EDITED: Oh, just to be clear, I'd want these POI's to be part of (or replace) the POI's that I get when I down load various City Select maps to my GPSr. So, I guess I'm looking for a POI update to City Select. ALSO, I notice City Select ver 6 is now in Beta. Will the 60CS behave differently? For example, ver 6.0 has categories of waypoints. Will there then be categories of waypoints on the 60 CS? Thanks.
  16. I had problems, too, getting the gps to be USB-recognized. I think I had my computer try to install the 60cs too early, before I had updated City Select to version 5.4. Called Garmin (I had no time to trouble shoot, was leaving the next morning for a road trip) and they walked me thorugh it. They had me download some drivers from the web site (I'm not sure which ones) and then, well I'm not sure what. Suddenly win xp was asking me where the drivers were (it would not do that except for the first "bad" time) and then I pointed to where they were and all was fine.
  17. Does the 30001 Cellmate 93039 30001 work ok when the unit is on? Do buttons get pushed? I bought an accucase http://www.accucase.com/gps.html for my 60CS and it fits perfectly (size #1). But, when it is on, various buttons get pushed when it is in the case. [is there a "button lock" option? I did not see one]
  18. MINE TOO!! Now, the 76CS is due in April (I hear) so, therefore, what? )
  19. Can I do anything before my 60CS arrives? Like can I update it to the latest verstion? Can I complete the install? Thanks.
  20. gpsdiscount told me maybe Mon. If so, I've asked them to overnight it to me. If it comes to them on Tues, then I don't know what I'll do. I don't know when delivery is promised on an overnight. "Anytime" on Tues (when mailed on Monday) would be fine, but I want to take off on Wed by about 10 or 11 am at the latest. If I did get it Wed morning, I'd have hardly any time to do anything. When timing is tight, technology never seems to cooporate. I, too, order City Select around the same time I ordered the CS. I've got it and a car adaptor and some screen protectors just waiting. Oh, the firmware update I referenced was the one for the 60C. With some luck, the 60C firmware update in already in the 60CS. In fact, someone on this (or another) thread suggested that the delay of the 60CS has been caused by this firmware update.
  21. Can you tell me what to do in what order? I may get mine on Tues (from gpsdiscount). I'm leaving for a trip on Wed am. Might even get it Wed am. I'm new to this and I can't afford to tinker. I'll not take my (XP; no service pack) laptop on the trip. I gather: Do firmware update (hopefully this will not be necessary). Install Ways and Routes (or whatever it's called). Is there an update for that? Install City Guide v 5. Make sure it's updated to ver 5.4 Assuming it's now USB ready, download, in one session the several state maps I need (not biggies: VA, NC, MD and WVa) Will this do it? Is there some POI file that might need to get reinstalled? Also, if I have time for virtually nothing, would that be still a bit ok? There is no basemap viewer (that I could find) so I don't how broad it is. Thanks.
  22. Or, maybe just wait for the 76CS. Is there anyone taking orders for it yet?
  23. It seems to be that the 60c(s) does not ship with Trip and Waypoint manager, but the 76C(S) does. Is that true? Should I care? [i've never used/seen either.] Thanks.
  24. Thanks. [i don't know why I'm so skittish here.] I feel like the first time PC user who is concerned about 40 vs 60 gig HD, writing to people who began with a 10 meg drive.
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