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  1. Thanks both. When I created the cache, I don't think the "additional" was an option. Either way, I'll add the relevant parts now so I don't have to go through this again. Thanks for your help!
  2. I need to replace the cache for a multi I placed a long time ago. The coords to the first part are easy enough since they're what's listed at the disabled cache page. But the coordinates to the second part of the cache are what I have lost. Where on the cache description do I click to get them? I've looked all around, and can't find it. And unless something about the setup page has changed in the last while, I know it's there somewhere. Help! Thanks.
  3. Yes, most excellent! It worked for me! Thanks.
  4. I realize that's probably a common question, but the terms are too general for an effective search. Can anyone direct me on how I can input an address (to a website) and get coordinates to that address? Thank you! In case it will help, I am using a Garmin eTrex Legend, and EasyGPS on my computer.
  5. Two days worth of work from two people. National Forest area. I'm pretty happy with the work... that's 20 grocery bags full of mostly glass and cans.
  6. :thumbsup to this story! I picked up my first TB today, and I dropped it off today too. Those are fun little items, might just pick a few up (meaning purchase) and release them..
  7. Well if it's a micro, then I usually pick it up, take it a ways away so I can sit comfortably or something, sign the log and return the micro. Little time as possible in the cache location. If it's not a micro, then it's probably big enough that if they're close enough to spot you at the cache, they're close enough that they'd have seen the cache whether or not you were there. So I'd say in this case it doesn't hurt anything that you appear to be their beacon at the cache.
  8. No problem, but can I just do that or do I have to get some sort of adminsitrator to do it for me or what? Thanks for the help! I hated to start a topic for such a simple problem...
  9. The issue is that I'm using Mozilla Firefox. I opened Internet Explorer (eek!!) and I seem to be in business now. Thanks!
  10. I installed EasyGPS and did the user agreement to download the .loc files for the caches. But when I click the link to download, I just get redirected to the waypoints page (http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/). Nothing will ever download. Anyone willing to offer suggestions? I know this is a basic software question, but I did search, and I did not find. Thank you for your help. Jay
  11. How did you know to use "&s=8" particularly? I can't imagine you just randomly added stuff till you found that... so how'd you know?
  12. I have a personalized label that I put on a CITO container (film canister with grocery bag for trash). Nothing special, but I think it's cool and I know it's useful...
  13. I take some plastic grocery bags with me. I pick up what I see. If it's more than fits in the bag (or often bagS) that I have, then I either leave it, or decide to come back later. I hate to see trash. And I actually thoroughly enjoy picking up the garbage I see.
  14. Just wait until these former drug addicts go to their first multi and the micro with coords of the cache is missing, and they spend an hour looking for it. I'll let you be the one to convince them not to take a hit of whatever thier drug of choice is to combat the frustration....
  15. I put a plastic WalMart bag in an Altoids tin today and left it in a cache. Is that too cheesy of a signature item?
  16. Found both parts of the one I was looking for, then went on and found another one today. So my first and second find.. Good times. Now if I can just find a GPS that has a better than 100 foot resolution....
  17. Ah well, I'm sure the coordinates are right on. Like I said, the GPS I'm using is quite old (one of the three satellite ones) so I'm painting with broad strokes here anyway... As for the cache being on a sign or under a bench or something like that... I really didn't see anything of that sort in the area. Some light poles, some raised sewer drains, all of which I thoroughly inspected. Other than that... nothing. Well, I'll keep looking. I have to say, taking so much trash out (maybe 3 or 4 bags) made me feel pretty good anyway.
  18. The waypoint: GCGY2W I know the owner said the waypoint was moved (by him), but I used the coordinates given, as I'm sure those would have been updated when the cache was moved. Vandals ruined the first location. Any help would be most appreciated, because I'm going to take another shot at it tomorrow. Thanks!!
  19. Well I went back (for more punishment ) to the same result. Could be that the coordinates I have (from my GPS) are vague enough that I'm not even in the right area (as in, not even within 100 feet). Or it could be that I'm just blind :| . Anyway, like most of you have said, I've contacted the cache placer via email. As for starting out with something other than a Multi... well, too late, cause I already started on this multi . Nearest regular Cache is not nearly as close as this one... All in all it's fun, so that's good. I even had some cool stuff with me to "trade" with the cache (or just donate, I'm not particular [well, usually, anyway]). There's always tomorrow. Also can someone tell me what the abbreviations are for Took Garbage, Left Pride? Thanks for your help!
  20. I'm hunting my first cache. I looked at the topics here but didn't find the answer, and haven't found it elsewhere (so I have looked a bit). In a Multi Cache, there's a hint that leads on. What physical shape might this hint be? A piece of paper? Will it traditionally be well hidden (under leaves, in a tree, or what?). It strikes me that it's probably not paper, because that could be considered trash and possibly picked up by some well-meaning person. And it couldn't be too obscure, like coordinates written on the back of a leaf, because that'd be practically impossible. So are there any hints someone can offer? I searched an area for about 2.5 hours today, with zero luck. The GPS I am using is quite outdated, but it got me in (what I thought was) the right area. So can you make suggestions? If there are topics that discuss this, pointing me to them would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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