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  1. How would you move a GPX file on a Montana with a phone? I have a Droid X and always wished I could copy waypoints to the Montana like you can from Garmin GPSr to GPSr.
  2. How do you do that while in the field?
  3. Is there a way to hide all the geocache icons from the map screen? I know you can go into Setup Map/Advanced Setup/Zoom Levels and set User Waypoints to off. However, this also hides all other waypoints as well.
  4. I am a professional photographer and spend most days in the outdoors. I have researched every repellent on the market. Deet is by far the best but will ruin your equipment. Spray your clothes with Permethrin. I usually order about 10 cans at a time. Take your clothes outside and spay them and let them dry for a couple of hours. No more ticks, mosquito or chiggers. Repel and Sawyer both make the spray. I get mine from drugstore.com Use to be able to get it at Wal-mart. It is good for 6 washings. Great video here: http://www.sawyer.com/permethrin.htm http://www.drugstore.com/search/search_results.asp?N=0&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&Ntk=All&srchtree=1&Ntt=Mosquito+Stop+Insect+Repellent+Clothing+%26+Gear+Spr&Go.x=15&Go.y=12 Picaridin is the replacement for deet. You can get it at Wal-mart. The packaging is tricky. You must check the fine print in the bottom corner for the work Picaridin. They package deet in a similar package. http://www.picaridin.com/ Hope this helps, Jim
  5. mamoreb, Same thing here. I quit telling to find the next closest, doesn't work.
  6. Mine was working great for two weeks. I was using it all day then that evening it started acting up. I was on 2.6. I tries to calibrate several times. I then upgraded to 2.7 to see if that would fix the problem. When I got a replacement it was on 2.4. I upgraded to 2.8. Working fine so far. I use it almost everyday.
  7. I purchased mine from megagps.com I called Garmin last Monday. They said they had never heard of this happening. Never mind its all these forums. They said there was nothing they could do. I called megagps.com and told them I had talked with Garmin support. I gave them a credit card and they send me a new unit and an RMA to return the defective unit to Garmin and get a credit back. I had a new unit by Wednesday. Hope this helps. Jim
  8. I had to get mine replaced because of this issue. It worked great for two weeks. Garmin said they had never heard of this happening.
  9. I have found Locus Pro to be the best GPS app for the Droid X. After you install Locus Pro you can install their Geocaching addon which will detect your location and load the closest 50 caches. Look for Locus Pro and Locus-addon Geocaching. https://market.android.com/search?q=locus+addon&so=1&c=apps c:geo is also a great Droid geocaching app. https://market.android.com/search?q=c%3Ageo&so=1&c=apps
  10. Interesting thread. Seems to me that with all the technology, the latest GPS should work hand-in-hand with a smartphone. If a GPS can send data to other GPS then a smartphone should be able to send data to a GPS thus combining the best of both worlds.
  11. Someone else helped me find it. I never would have found it either. I need the seconds to set a camera clock to geotag images. Jim
  12. Trip Computer>Menu>Big Numbers Jim
  13. Do you mean going into Waypoints first then hit menu. Where To?> Waypoints. If so, my menu button inside the Waypoints goes to the "Enter name for search" screen. Jim
  14. I have tried it several times with no problems. Running v2.6 that was installed on the unit when I got it. Jim
  15. When I select Map Point I get a "Use" button not a "Go" button.
  16. I panned from Indiana to Yellowstone and worked fine. This is my second unit. My first one was DOA. This one has been working great. Jim
  17. Setup>Routing>Activity, select "Prompted".
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