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  1. How can I kill my trackable to stop the german cheats?
  2. I blame it on the "new search engine" which I blame on some lackey that wore too tight of hipster pants and thought they had come up with a good idea.
  3. How do I go about editing the date of my lab cache finds? I found the answers for my lab caches on 05/24 but finally logged them today. Is there no way to edit the find date?
  4. The P&G caches are nice when you're trying to pick up a county and only passing through an area or can't stray far from your intended route of travel. In Oregon I would get those on my way to and from hiking trails. On the trail is where the good caches would be. And that tends to be true in Iowa as well. Get away from P&G locations and the quality of caches improves.
  5. Over the past 5 years I've seen a few caches that the OP would probably complain were "buried" and try to get archived. The best was a TB hotel that was built into the landscaping of a hotel, with the hotel manager's consent. The rock landscaping around a tree at the corner of the property had an underground utility box placed, but no utilities- just an ammo can. I've seen the 4wood panels before on personal property so the 5gal bucket sits lower and fits in with the landscaping. Another was a cache inside a sprinkler system control box that was flush with the ground. But I probably shouldnt have mentioned these, now the OP or some other OCD rules-centered individual will probably search through my finds to locate the cache and write an NA note.
  6. This coincides with my move back to Oregon from the midwest. Might have to do a Lewis & Clark style send-off from St Louis. :-D
  7. My average distance was 586 miles when I lived in Portland (lots of caches in Arizona and a smattering of caches in Europe and the Middle East). When I moved to Iowa my average distance jumped to 1450 miles. It's taken 900 caches to get the average distance down to 935 miles.
  8. After a quick call to DeLorme's tech support because my frustration finally overcame my bullheadedness, I was directed to the online tech support FAQ and a quick reset in the firmware has fixed all my problems and frustrations. Wish I'd called them sooner, would have saved me hours of frustration and headaches with the GPSr. Hah.
  9. And now when it recognizes some of the geocaches in the GPX file it won't show them on the map.
  10. It seems like every 2-3 months Topo tells me there is a firmware update for the PN-60 and then I spend hours troubleshooting the GPSr's new issues with its inability to read GPX files. Nothing makes for a horrible cache day like loading caches into the PN-60, and seeing that it only gave you coords and no other data. Or seeing it gave you everything however when you change batteries all the caches disappear. The latest issue: I load a GPX file directly to the SD card and the PN-60 converts all the coordinates to somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
  11. The pass-through towns for RAGBRAI were announced today: RAGBRAI XLI Full Route I've got each day as a route for those wanting to run pocket queries: Day 1: Council Bluffs to Harlan Day 2: Harlan to Perry Day 3: Perry to Des Moines * Day 4: Des Moines to Knoxville *Note: route in and out of DSM won't be finalized until June or July based on traffic control issues. Day 5: Knoxville to Oskaloosa Day 6: Oskaloosa to Fairfield Day 7: Fairfield to Fort Madison Plenty of time to register for the ride. I plan to host some event caches this year.
  12. I've got both a Garmin GPSmaps 60CSx and a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w. If both show a sizeable distance from GZ, I'll take a set of coords to post after I make the find.
  13. Everytime I meet a cacher in Iowa and a certain cacher's hides are nearby the topic of how poor his coordinates are comes up. Some are in the range of 60-80ft off from the posted coordinates. My understanding is the "NVG" part of his name is "not very good" in reference to his coordinates.
  14. On school grounds: do you have permission from the school bldg/ district to place the cache? Off school grounds: is it in direct line-of-sight with the school building? As an educator, I know I would have red-flags going off if there were regularly strangers hanging out near the school and I didn't know about the geocache. My personal take on playground caches: they're iffy and almost always need the "stealth required" tag. As a 30yo male, wasting time in a playground looking for a cache makes me look like a pervert at the least and a pedophile/kidnapper at the worst. Right after I got back from Iraq a child went missing. In the first two weeks everyone thought he had been kidnapped and I wrote off all playgrounds during summer and nice weather as a caching stop. It later was found out that the step-mother was involved in the boy's disappearance and 3 years later they have yet to find his remains, but I still keep to that personal rule. If there is anyone in the playground I skip the cache just for appearance sake and to not raise suspicions in this paranoid world we live in.
  15. Yup. Absolutely nothing stopping one of the dozens of anti-government Christian terrorist groups operating in the US from putting C4 and nails into a plastic container labeled "geocache" outside of a federal building.
  16. In Washington (state, not cesspool) the bombsquad got called for a microwave that was plugged into a tree stump in the woods. Bacon loves to think they got more power than regular Americans. Put bacon in their place.
  17. 1) Find 1 cache that has not been logged in at least one year 2)Cache finds must be on or after 11-13-09 So I can only count the cache if it has not been logged between 11-13-09 and one year ago from today... odd.
  18. Are you going to list the bronze, silver, and gold cachers on the cache page? If someone continues to cache will you update their status from bronze to silver or gold? What about if new caches are placed in the area, will they count? That sounds like a neat way to get people to cache in a certain area.
  19. I'm nearing 2 years since my last FTF. It kind of makes me want to get an FTF, but there are several cachers in the area that are addicted to FTFs, so it's not a pressing issue for me. I'm using the winter snow cover to plan a multi that takes you to 12 cemeteries across half the county, ala The Day Of The Dead. We'll see who FTFs it.
  20. I think the correct response is to pour another cup of coffee and search GC.com for another cache to find. Some people have an addiction to that FTF rush. Some are very particular about how they play the game. Live and let live on this issue. Your friend asked you to check the cache out before it was published. You're able to claim the find and you don't care about the FTF madness like the guy claiming FTF does.
  21. And GC should make sure the actual cache is within the 2 miles of posted coordinates as laid out in the guidelines. So then quit complaining. You can do the darn cache with your wife.
  22. And GC should make sure the actual cache is within the 2 miles of posted coordinates as laid out in the guidelines. These appear to be promoting a commercial business by drawing a pretty picture of a Chevrolet bowtie on the map, as well as being outside of the 3 mile range from the icon to do it. Perhaps someone else could now be encouraged to draw a Toyota emblem, or perhaps a giant McDonalds M... I would expect that if the guidelines would be so blatantly violated there would be a good reason for it, but a Chevy symbol? There are several sports team emblems in geo art, that seems to be commercial to me, as well. (Pro sports is all about making money for a small group of owners).
  23. If it's not too late: gather the caches before they get destroyed. Log NM posts and contact the cache owners. If they dont respond in 7 days, log an NA.
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