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  1. How long does it take to unarchive a cache ? I archived mine by mistake , its only been approved for 24 hours !
  2. Well I've had all my questions answered now both on and off thread so hopefully I can get things rolling now. May even find some caches too
  3. Have just been up to my proposed cache site today for a recce , surprisingly only half the area is owned by NH the rest looks like common ground If it is common ground then is this okay to cache on without permission Judging by the amount of emptys up there it may not be a problem
  4. What if I cannot find the landowner by word of mouth alone , is there a registry I should contact ?
  5. So all caches are there with the landowners permission ? I see
  6. Permission ???? I've worked out I can do an offset cache , its going to be on or near a public footpath So do I need the landowners permission regardless of where a cache is ? Surely that limits me to parks or my own back garden ? PS the NH site is free to enter , it just happens to be a big bumpy field
  7. Hi I've been lurking for a while and thought it was time to out myself I want to place a cache but the land I'm want to put it on is National Heritage In theory is it okay to use the NH site as a waypoint and offset the cache so its physically not on NH land ?
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