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  1. Right ! Why does my etrex still work even if its inside my jacket pocket I thought it needed a clear view of the sky ( see I said it was dumb _)
  2. Just like to publicly say "thank you" to Team Slytherin I bought one of their gps , paid for it on Tuesday and it was here by Wednesday Like I said "the wife thinks I'm mad and the kids think its cool"
  3. My car looks as if someone has emptied a wastebasket in it To achieve this effect I just feed the kids on the way home from school Somehow makes my car less disirable , that and the fact its an L reg escort
  4. Not trying to hijack your thread here but I read that the Garmin Rhino can show other gps users in the area , is this right or have I misread the spec. I know its not available over here in the UK due to some law or other that e will end up paying tax on
  5. What's "Gladware" ? Is it tupperware for happy people ?
  6. Hey thats brilliant thank you !! I put in my home coords and what do you know ? the first cache it brings up is mine ! Excellent I knew this moby was good for something apart from the wife ringing me up in the pub
  7. I'd just like to say that I watched a programme on Discovery last night about 3 blokes who went off to walk to the south pole One of the blokes was using a yellow garmin etrex so I guess if its good enough for the polar explorers ..............
  8. for those who are GPs embarressed at the mo ( ie GPS less _) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...2&category=4668 Thats £80 pay now for a Garmin etrex Is that a good price ? Apologies if this is against any forum rules BTW
  9. Well I joined the RAF in 88 , left in 97 and joined the Signals
  10. "tree fellers" are you sure it was tree now , not two or four < stands by for kicking for Irish cachers >
  11. Bit worried about that actually I PM'd him just to make sure my waypoint was'nt too far off
  12. The start point is actually on a prominant feature of the landscape I can wait ......I can wait
  13. Never wondered what Saddam was doing down that hole in Iraq ?
  14. Hi , I was wondering if all you uber cachers out there could answer me a question. When you hid your first ever cache how many times did you have to update the description , clues , waypoint etc until someone found it ? Did you just sit and snigger at the DNF's ?
  15. I tend to disagree , I'm sure I have seen ariels in the middle of airfields with no access roads
  16. Sorry , to re-itterate, any bearing I give under military circumstances will have to be in mills rather than degrees. I dont have a problem myself but people I give a bearing to may !
  17. Looks like some sort of enclosure for an airfield beacon Anyone with access to a nav map should be able to verify it Unless it IS a flying saucer landing site of course
  18. Can anyone tell me if most GPs units will display bearings in mils as well as degrees ? I am of a military bent so hve to work in mils
  19. Someone keeps taking the pens from my desk Who is it ?? Own up !!!
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