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  1. Curious. Are there any Star Wars or Jedi geocoins out there to be found ?
  2. Any idea if the creators of it ever plan to release more Birka coins? ... even new designs? It's my absolute favorite design of all I've run across. Have several, but miss my antique silver one that has been lost for a year.
  3. I'm looking an antique silver birka geocoin. Anyone know of one still out there that might be available?
  4. Ok ... I'm following this thread with popcorn in hand.
  5. Receiving the antique version of this coin helped spur me back into geocaching after several months away from the sport. I want to say that this coin is by far my favorite ... more so because of my great respect for American Indian beliefs and ways of existing. I have learned many things from both Cherokee and Lakota teachers and respect the Medicine Wheel for what it truly represents. My thanks for bringing this coin into reality. Know that mine is well loved and means more to me than you could imagine. I now use it as my personal dipping coin for marking this caches I visit.
  6. Received my two a couple of days ago and am very pleased with them.
  7. Many coins get stolen once released out in the wild. ... I myself released one a couple months ago and it went mission in the first cache I placed it in. What many recommend is that the person who releases a proxy should put that it is a "copy" or something to that affect in the title for the coin and description. As to why not just keep them at home, I would say because owners still want to perform missions just as others want the icon they get from the discovery. It's a take it or leave it thing.
  8. I REALLY like the idea of the matched set. Add me to the notification list when you are ready for orders!
  9. Did they give you any idea how long they are thinking it will take?
  10. I had the feeling it was something like that so I've been waiting patiently while staring at mine. Respectfully, --Mike Tripp aka. "The Moon's Eye" of the U.S.S. Pathfinder
  11. I love the rose compass coins! ... WHILE DID I HAVE TO BE BROKE WHEN THEY WERE IN PRESALE?????
  12. Thanks for the update. Received mine in the mail the other day and am beyond PLEASED! Thank you for the hard work put into these designs!
  13. No worries. ... Just making sure I wasn't looking in the wrong place.
  14. Got mine in the mail today and love them! Question ... Where do we go for the activation codes? I checked CoinsandPins.com where they were made but did not see it there. Also checked Scavok.com and tried the activation there but with no success. I may have missed it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  15. I cannot help but to ask ... what happens to the incorrect finish ones made by mistake? Will they be melted down? Just curious.
  16. Received the email and placed a presale order! Very excited to be getting a couple of the antique silver with dark blue. Beautiful coin design!
  17. Fast shipping indeed! Received mine here in Virginia today and have to say they are at the top of my favorites list. Even better than I imagined they would be!
  18. I definitely like the way this one is looking and cannot wait to see how it turns out. I'll definitely be getting a few when the time comes to order.
  19. I have a TB Hotel set up not far from where I live. If I have reason to believe a TB is missing, I will go check the cache and also check the log to see if someone signed it out as being picked up or not. If it is not logged as picked up online after a couple of days, I will go ahead and mark it as missing. If I mark it as missing, I also make sure to write a note on the item page that lets the owner of the travel bug know why I marked it as such and if anyone logged it as being taken but has not yet claimed they did so online. 1) It keeps the bug owner informed. 2) The person that has it can still retrieve it even if it is logged as missing. 3) It keeps people from wasting a trip for something that has already continued on its way. Another thing I have done for mine is that I put a lock on it and hid the key to the lock relatively close to the cache with instructions on the cache page on where to find the key. This helps keep muggles who might discover the hotel from simply digging into it, taking what they want from it. So far, the hotel has a decent track record. (knock on wood) Edited to add: If a person logged they picked up the bug but indicated they are on a trip. I likely would give them a few extra days to make the entry but still post a maintenance log telling visitors it is gone but have reason to believe the person just has not had time to log the visit and retrieval as yet.
  20. Another reason I seem to like your coin designs! Who says size doesn't matter.
  21. What he said as I could not put it better myself!
  22. Dipping my "geo-dipper" into a cache definitely is a good way for me to track my cache visits for miles. I also copy the "find" entries I leave at each cache into the dipper entry for my personal TB so that i always have a record or journal of my own adventures. Toss in that my geo-dipper allows me something I can use and place in photos to show my presence at a location for places like Virtual Caches or Earth Caches where you normally have to include a photo of yourself to get credit. Hard to do when you are running solo and using a regular 35mm and not a point-and-shoot. ... so easier to photograph the object ... and much more personal than an image of my GPS device.
  23. I received a pleasant surprise as friends from Germany sent me a "Certificate of Acheivement" geocoin to celebrate my 100th find which happened last month. It turned a sour day into a great day.
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