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  1. Very helpful, thank you. It would seem that under the new "quarterly" iterative release that it is no longer a big deal to have the 2011 mapping since it will be very similar to the 2010.4 or 2010.4.
  2. I received another Garmin unit as a gift. I thought that I would wait until the new 2011 maps are released before turning it on since you get one free update to the most current mapping based on first sat acquisition date. Does anyone know when the 2011 maps will be released? I was hoping to take this updated one with me to Puerto Rico in March but live with my older unit with the 2009 mapping until then. If I turn it on now and update I think I would get the somewhat dated 2010 maps.
  3. Daughters got this for Christmas present but now there is 9" of snow and it is 20 degrees. Will have to wait a few days to follow the arrow.
  4. I looked thorugh the website for Geomate and could not determine if Puerto Rico caches are included as preloaded...it just references the US. Does anyone know if PR is included in Geomate's US?
  5. Are there any Puerto Rico geocaches in the preloaded GeoMate Jr. database? If I get the update kit woudl I be able to load geocaches that I produce using pocket queries? I purchased one for my children as a Christmas pressent. I loaded the batteries for them but haven't tried it out myself yet since it is like 12 degrees here.
  6. The first two were not for PR, only the third one was. I just tried re-running again and used a GCxxxx rather than a ZIP code and it arrived via email immediately. All is well,
  7. No differnt than how I did the other two except changed the ZIP code. It runs but doesn't email the zip file. I can see like 388 caches on the preview. I query for 500 of them within 200 miles of ZIP code 00773. I didn't filter anything else out.
  8. I'm interested in which of the updates (East vs West) contains the midwestern states. I need Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas primarily. Anyone know whcih update I should apply?
  9. Ran three pocket queries today. Two of them arrived just fine. The third never arrived in email. I have tried re-running it but nothing. Does anyone know the fix or could someone run a PQ for me and have it sent to my email. Simply trying to get all geocaches in Puerto Rico to upload to my Nuvi 270. mcguirejohnr at hotmail dot com
  10. What about using my Garmin 270 to route me near the cache and then a cheap Apisphere Geomate or Garmin eTrex to zero in on the cache? I know it wouldn't have paperless caching but for a couple of youn children just hiking around the parks would this work? I read a number of postings about paying to upgrade later but for children wouldn't this work pretty well?
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