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  1. now i thik were just racking up post counts, how many times has then been dicussed and how many times has 'if you dont like it dont look for it!' prevaled? maybe some people like micros, if you dont like them, then dont look for em! its not like you have a gun to your head. just another waste of net space. and my $.02 aj
  2. thats why its a good idea to mark your start/parking point, yeah that sucks, and it says it cant display the image you gave the link to. aj
  3. I have been thinking of upgrading my gps to a meridian color, maybe at xmas time and idid see how much smaller area of memory the map sportrak map has vs other gps'. Ill have to think about it, thanks for the input! aj
  4. I was wondering if MapSend Direct Route will work with my spotrak map? i saw on a site that all compatiable spotraks were listed it but the sportrak map. Is this correct? I was planning on getting direct route for my sportrak map, but from what i see it dont work, i hope it does, any one know for sure? aj
  5. i thought direct route only worked the the meridian?
  6. he doesnt spend as much time on the forum If i had the gas money i could cache all day cause i work nights aj
  7. I lost my buck 110 between two caches. My back pack has a hole in the main compartment so i always kept in in a small zipper area. well after one cache i stuff it in the main comaprtment. Got to the truck and realized i forgot my gps! DOH! so i walk about and get my gps. Onto the second cache, once i get there i realize my buck100 knife is gone! so i go back to the first cache and retrace all my steps via the tracking on my gps. Never found it, made a log no one has seen it I forgot my gps at another cache, but picked it back up 2 minutes after realizing i left it. aj
  8. i say why not? when i searched for 'hell' in cache titles i got back 222 results (but some where shell, and not hell, you get my point) i search dadgum and i got back 20 caches. i say why not. as for the kid factor how many 'kids' go online, download the coords, drive themselves to a cache area and look for a cache themselves? just my .02 aj
  9. Today i was going out of town with my Magellan Sportrak Map for a bit and while i was outa town id pick up 2 caches. Well had the gps on all the wya to first cache (about an hour) then it said low battery. So i replaced them with fresh batterys and then found the first cache. I get to my destination and accidently leave my gps on the dash board in the car for over an hour. When i turn it on every thing is gone! No waypoints, all of my tracking history! every thing, but my option like 'max speed' is still on there. My odometer still has all of its miles on it! The gps was very hot, did the heat effect its memory or something? I have had my gps for nearly 6 months and never had any thing like this happen. aj
  10. im starting to understand more why they are counting as caches. my only gripe is that since they count as caches, they should be located on the 'list all cache finds' on some ones profile. aj
  11. I was not questioning their right to exist but mearly asking why do they count as finds. Perhaps not everyone lives and dies by the geocaching.com rules/regs/guidlesines look some here. if you like locationaless caches more power to ya, it dont bother me, i dont want them abolished i was just asking as to why they count as a find. Jmbella, ohh i think so, other wise i couldnt ask , heres your sign. aj
  12. im sure this is somewhere on the site, perhaps i over looked it, but why do locationless caches count as finds? Some of them are as easy as just walking down the street and snapping a picture with my gps. but also let me ask, why do benchmarks not count as finds? you are actully locating something that should be there for a very long time but that doesnt count to your finds? Myself, i think just real geocaches should count as finds, but thats just me. any one got my answers aj
  13. lets say welcome to st albans Treasure in the mound (easy terrain but finders know of a possible problem) RON @ CRW - (havent done it, but its all paved) Hometown Family Picnic Cache - easy terrain but grassy area about all i can think of aj
  14. i know of one cache that i wont be visiting aj
  15. mosquitos suck *Only One Mosquito Was Harmed In The Creation Of This Picture *
  16. Recently at the Braxton County Monster i spotted two black snakes on the way out, but couldnt get pictures. Just 15 minutes later down the road we spotted a rather long, seemed to be around 4', black snake. Heres some pictures. aj
  17. congrats to bluet who has got 100 finds now! Im sure her 100th will be a memorable one, not that its her 100th, but that she spent hours and hours even wading in a water fountain to find it! congrats! aj
  18. those are some ugly pants. Ill stick to my shorts and wading through briars.Yeah it hurts, but im comfy aj
  19. did i read that right $3000? i gotta be seeing crosseyed. Heck if it that much, and i could break the code, id drive from WV to find it! LOL aj
  20. I was thinking about useing a block of wood, I think i might just go that route, thanks for the replys! aj
  21. i just got a cool stamp made by coyote red, went to staples to get a handle toattach the stamp to it, and all the got are the pre-made stamps. I plan to check 2 other office stores, but assuming i cant find one how did you all mount your custom stamps? aj
  22. that reminds me, my very first cache hunt when i brought my friend, I made the mistake of printing of the cache papers (i dont do that any more) 2 weeks ebfore i went. We started hiking those serious long and steep hike, got there looked for and hour to find nothing. he seemed sorta bored at this. so i said well its gone. so we did another, found it no problems. he really enjoyed it. got home, checked the net to see the cache was archieved 2 days before we looked! DOH! aj
  23. congrats, good job on those finds! aj
  24. i didnt relize you did 100 cahes at geowoodstock, wow! bluet told me about that event but i didnt think it could be done! well probibly not around here any ways! LOL. congrats! i just cant wait to get 100! muchless 50, lol. aj
  25. ya i have had a day like that. i tried 3 caches, all i nthe same city, i couldnt find any of them! well one wa a multi, but i couldnt find the last part. I went back to each one 3 times before i just gave up and had some other cachers nearly tell me where they were. good hiding spots. i hope i never have a bad luck sting like that again. aj
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