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  1. Just one more screenshot to show how bad, ridiculous, illogical, senseless, and conceptless this change is. Please, guys at GC, sit back, take a look at this picture and tell us why in the world 1,000 geocaches are shown where there are 5,652 results.
  2. Ok, that's also true. But it shouldn't be my job to remember some URLs that might be outdated in the future to get by. If a service says 'all' it really shoud mean 'all' and not only a part of it. Once again, this issue and many others are proof of a poor concept and design. Just like the missing integration of Adventure Labs, no concept, no design behind them all.
  3. Yes, I didn't check that previously. What do I expect if I click on a link like 'All Gecocache Finds'? It's a least me who expects to see all geocache finds. Not only a list that ends after 1000 entries. No matter if that list is sorted by found date, distance, or anything else. Hey guys at GC, that's just really bad software design. Doesn't seem to be based on a deliberate concept. Any student trainee would have done better. Please review your changes once again and bring back those features that the community needs. Currently, GC is not a service worth spending money for.
  4. Wie wahr! Eine moderne Web-Site zeichnet sich ja dadurch aus, dass überall viele große, bunte Bilder sind, man ewig rumscrollen muss und am Ende keine vernünftige Information findet.
  5. Ok, that's true. But what if I want to see my finds from my summer vacation in 2012 or any other finds somewhere in my caching history? At least, the old search results gave me the chance to jump by 10 pages with a single click. By that means I was able to jump fairly quickly to any point of my chronology or those of my cache buddies. And that's not the only feature that I'm missing. Many others have already been mentioned in other posts here.
  6. You made my day, wie man so schön sagt. Die neue Ergebnisliste ist ja schlicht eine Katastrophe. Da kommt deine Info genau richtig. Hoffentlich wird diese Möglichkeit von GC nicht auch noch wegoptimiert. 10 Favoritenpunkte gehen (zumindest virtuell) an diesen Beitrag.
  7. This is the worst 'improvement' ever seen on GC.com. Even worse than the uninspired 'integration' of Adventure Labs. How about e.g. if I want to see to my very first geocache find? Do I have to scroll endlessly to the the bottom of the list? The new search is impossible to use. That's no fun any more. Well, geocaching has in fact become less and less important to me. The point might have come to say good bye to geocaching now. So I just canceled my recurring premium membership. And I'm thinking about archiving all my own remaining geocache listings. Or might there by a chance to rollback this absolutely useless change?
  8. Das gleiche Problem habe ich heute auch festgestellt, die Statistik läßt sich auch bei mir nicht mehr öffentlich machen.
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