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  1. I have a rumor touch too with Virgin Mobile and I'm also wondering if anyone has found something to enable it to geocache? My Garmin was stolen a while ago and now that the weather's nice, my fiance and I are jonesing to do some caching!
  2. Those dice are the coolest signature swag I have ever seen!
  3. I believe that it is Premier a trouve - or first to find (FTF). Some people add to their game by being the first to find caches as often as possible.
  4. aww sweet puppeh! My Boyfriend and I started caching this past December- just before the snow. For months I was waiting for spring to come because then all of the cache covering snow and ice would be gone! Plus it would be warmer and therefore more pleasant to stand around looking for something. Welp, spring did come eventually, and I realized recently that plants, trees and bushes come with their own set of cache hiding abilities. Also, warmer weather brings mosquitoes, which can make standing around less pleasant! So, I've realized that just about every season has it's challenges unless you live in say. . San Diego.
  5. I've noticed that people acting like they don't want anyone to notice them get noticed. Also that the more people in an area the less I feel noticed, unless I get right up into someone's personal space. My boyfriend and i just found a cache by crawling all over some rocks right near an area full of people and no one really cared what we were up to.
  6. my feeling is that silently walking away might be taken as more suspicious than explaining what you were up to. Letting folks in on the 'secret' is a good thing, IMHO.
  7. I can tell you why I'm a watcher of some caches- though not necessarily yours. Often it's because I've had a DNF and I'm interested to know whether I really didn't find it or if it had been muggled and is no longer there. Also, before I became a premium member, it was a way to keep track of caches I wanted to do.
  8. I had this come up a few weeks ago. The description of the cache mentioned absolutely nothing about the fact that the cache was basically hidden behind the gravestone of a 12 year old girl. This grave was obviously visited regularly and there were lots of flowers and stuffed toys and the like. We stopped our search early and didn't find the cache. I felt really uncomfortable, as if I might intrude on someone's grief. I was surprised at my reaction - I grew up next to a very old graveyard and am usually very comfortable in those sorts of places. I think if the cache description had mentioned where it was and why, then I could at least have made a more informed decision. As it was, I felt blindsided. If the cache was celebrating someone's life then I think I could feel free to look for that cache and not feel like I was doing something innappropriate.
  9. Exploding caches? My boyfriend and I are quite new to this, and we keep talking about the perversity of learning to geocache in December in Vermont, but we haven't stopped yet. We were so excited because today was supposed to be so warm! 40 degrees! That never happened, it was 30 degrees at best and incredibly windy. We still managed to find one, but the snow and cold are turning out to be larger factors than we'd thought they'd be.
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