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  1. Allright, I've meant 2004, shame on me. Boys from the States still seem quite interested in following orders, looking at the various actual places of war throughout the world . But back to the topic, when I logged my two virtuals, I also haven't read the guidelines. My luck was that beside getting one new icon into the profile this looked pretty lame to me. Speaking of hit squads, would you prefer hundreds of archived virtuals?
  2. I'm a cacher from Austria, addicted to this hobby since 19842004. IMHO its a quite small group of obsessive armchair-cachers, which maybe haven't got the grip on the guidelines forbidding logging virtuals without visiting them in real. Maybe a kind of blacklist should be set up, maybe fed anonymously. All cachernames often found on faked logs in virtuals could be placed there, as warning for others. I visited a concerned virtual today, and found some familiar names. Looking them up, I saw logs from the States, the Netherlands and Germany within two days. Quite impressing, this jetsetting cacher scene...
  3. Um, what is meant with TPTB? Yet another unknown FLA for me...
  4. Please refrain from making insinuations like this. If you're posting this here, then you don't know a bit about Groundspeak, and you shouldn't be making offensive comments about people that you don't know. I'm not speaking about Groundspeak in the States, if you've got that impression I apologize. But of foreign volunteer members getting a week or two of a free stay to decide in favor of.
  5. There are grumblings that companies are going to go after the lyrics sites...one of these days when they get around to it. Meanwhile the only way to look up lyrics are the sites. The issue at hand is the money they make from Advertising revenue. I suspect a cache page is closer to fair use than not. I got the impression that a lot of lyrics servers have already been shut down or been closed to member-only access. It seems like earlier a raid has been run by a license holding company: Rapidshare sues rights holders and in German: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/77079 http://www.heise.de/tp/r4/artikel/19/19852/1.html http://www.lehrer-online.de/dyn/bin/469166..._www-seiten.pdf And the other articles found on the website of GEMA press releases speak the same language GEMA stands for:
  6. Thanks so far for your answers. IMHO it isn't proper to hide caches to attract business to a hotel. Using geocaching as a literal cash cow seems like a rape of this hobby to me. It has been taken care that no mentioning of the hotel occurs in the cache listings, but the hotel-ad page cries cash! cash! to me. And I won't be astonished to hear that a convenient arrangement including free vacations for some persons might smooth the legal status of such a construction for Groundspeak. Just as a disclaimer, I've neither any commercial interest in geocaching, nor do I run a business that might gain additional income using geocaching. So I'm not the usual greedy competitor from next door.
  7. If I plan to make a series of i.e. Bob Dylan caches, and each if them is represented by a different song, and I put the whole lyrics of this song as cache description onto Groundspeak. Am I gonna have trouble? Is Groundspeak gonna have to?
  8. Just a mental exercise: Which guidelines are contrary to this? The commercial benefit of many caches in the environment is there. But these are my caches, so no other owner can get upset. Can one (i.e. reviewer) prevent such a task? How?
  9. Not my cache, just a nice one within the city boundary. The permission will never get granted, but 3 km upstream there is even a bike-route within the riverbed. So the danger can't be that enormous, in my opinion... Maybe I'll adopt and relocate the cache, of the former owner agrees :wink:. Addition: the "Forbidden"-Sign has been placed soon after WW2, its pure rust and almost unreadable. And it looks like it has never been replaced.
  10. Concerning the archiving of Von Ober- nach Unter St.Veit by Mogel: So geht für mich das Hobby den Bach runter! -- Translation for foreign cachers (and for forwarding this to Groundspeak' date=' as well) I find the behaviour of the Austrian reviewer rude, overbearing and exaggerated. Many other Caches are far more dangerous in their location and aren't getting archived. To speak here of "highest danger of life" is ridiculous. To my knowledge nobody has ever been surprised in the Wiental-river bed by the fast approaching masses of water during a tempest and has either been injured or has died due to injuries, neither a muggle nor a cacher. In every season you can see shoals of people taking a walk in the riverbed. And the 24h deadline before archiving is an impertinence, anyway. Why hasn't a simple 'disable' until the pending relocation been enough?
  11. So at least US-cachers are able to get through to gc.com? Cause from Old Europe its just NIL , either a time-out or the well-known server-too-busy message. Yep, I also followed the sign "complain-here"
  12. ** BUMP ** All right, I'd step forward. Not such a good day concerning performance for Groundspeak. I tried several times (well, dozens of times ) since 11:00 MEST (now its 18:56 MEST), and NO connection at all to Groundspeak. Has it been such beautiful Sunday, that it clogs the whole Monday with logs? And no information at all from Jeremy, if there's something under construction, or just a normal maint-downtime .
  13. Same two questions have risen for me!! The WAP interface is really a very good last hope Interface while doing fieldwork at caches. I'd really appreciate it being updatedt concerning its 7-digit capability and a usage of degree minutes instead of decimal degrees for the coordinates.
  14. Dear fellows, I've just got a TB from the States (TBZ07B ) , which happens to have an AFB ("Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan" I assume it's an US-owned one ) in Afghanistan as mission, sent from mum to son. As I'm located in Vienna, Austria, I'm not that close. The raised question is. where should it go? I'll spend the next weekend in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, whould that be a better location? Or should it go to an AFB in Germany, to get an airlift together with troop-cachers from there ? TIA, Martin
  15. I've seen two quite different team-concepts in Vienna (yep, Austria, no 'roos ): The first one is the All-in-one team: A group of three colleagues and friends and their two children formed a 5 head team. Logging was very tricky for them, because only the 1st finder of their team (when caching as not-complete team) could log a Find. When the 2nd one of them found the cache, maybe weeks later, he just logged a Note. I can't remember what happened if the 2nd was a non-finder, because a DNF after a Find would have looked funny. But I think this never happened. Still some Founds close in time but very distant from location made their find logs look confusing (sometimes all three addults cached on the same weekend, one in the Netherlands, the other on the Canary Islands and the 3rd one in Austria ) . The second is a seperated family (just their accounts, not really a patchwork family): The guy had his own account, the gal also. If they went caching together with their daughter, they logged under a 3rd (family) account. But somehow this was too fuzzy, so the daugther also got her own account, and they dropped their family account. So as some pre-posters said, if they all show up, three logs in a row occur.
  16. I'm at the end of my wisdom. I've been trying to upload some jpegs from my notebook during the last two days, but a strange error occures all the time. It takes a tremendous amount of time, then aborts with the message: I'm running Win XP Pro on a Fuji_Siemens Lifebook, from behind a companies firewall. I never had problems to upload, even from home via a 56k line it worked. A screenshot: TIA, Martin .sig still pending...
  17. Is there a way to look up all available bookmark lists ? per se or per member ? TIA, Martin
  18. So far this "problem" is purely hypothetical. Until Jeremy sees a widespread problem of this sort, it's doubtful he will put resources into fixing something that ain't broke. I'm not that sure, as you seem to be. Maybe a "madame c." is already being harrassed by another wannabe-power-cacher ? And has asked for advice or even *help* ? So much to the pure hypothetical case. Maybe he/she has asked HHL ? Who knows ? But everything is possible in these strange days, when things are a'changin...
  19. HoPri, thx for the link. I tried to locate bookmark specific threads using the search function , but 'bout 3 pages of hits were way to much.
  20. hi long term cacher. ;-)) are madame c. asking you posting this questions? happy hunting - the old fashioned way (trads only, exceptions may appear) nb: scheint recht viel föhn bei euch zu sein. edit: grammar ad longterm cacher: I think I don't take this as a compliment, so I'm gonna ignore it .. ad madame c.. Either be less arcane, or use private mail, right ? the potential problems were discussed in the austrian gc-forum, and I tried all possible switch combinations afterwards. Why are you asking ? IS there already a kind of bookmark-based harassement going on ? DO the approvers / admins / whoever ignore this ? BTW: Better refine your grammar even further, 'cause "madame c." asks for the 3rd person, not the 1st one, as you surely remember *grin* greetz, Martin NB:Wo bei 8°C und Hochnebel Föhn sein soll, geht mir ned' wirklich ein...
  21. Same for me. I'd really appreciate an opt-out button, even for all bookmarks. What nags me is just the display of the bookmark-link in the cache-description, I don't care about any fancy bookmark listings existing per se. Just leave the caches layout unchanged. Martin
  22. And what about any nasty lists added to your own cache ? Maybe a bookmark-list-flamewar will result out of this !! IMHO not being able to avoid / prevent being on a public shared list is the biggest drawback of the whole bookmark business. I'm really tempted to finally become a PM, to create an Ignore list for all those nasty mistery and webcam caches in my local area. But having my own caches maybe deformed by a bookmark ?? I'd really hate this, even the mere possibility gives me nightmares. Cya, Martin
  23. Hello Jeremy and geocaching community! I'm an Austrian geocacher, active for 1.5 yrs now, and planning to become a premium member. But before doing this step I'd like to get some additional answers concerning bookmark lists: -) AFAIK (and tried out with my girlfriends PM-account) I can combine the public and the shared flag. Public / shared : visible on a bookmarked cache, shareable not public / shared: not visible, can be watched by another user not public / not shared: just for personal use but what about public / not shared ?? Has this any usage ? Also I've seen that a cache-owner has no possibility to prevent getting / being on an unwanted public / shared bookmark lists. Is there a possibility to prevent getting on a bookmark list, like a flag that can be set when editing the cache-listing ? Or can one just whine at the gc-admins ? Just imagine a shared bookmarklsit called i.e. "jewish caches". Many people may like the possibility, but also the danger of wreaking havoc at such caches by, lets say unfriendly cachers can be considerable. I'd like to get an additional switch to prevent gettign added to unwanted lists, without the need of intervention by a sysadmin. Yours, Martin
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