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  1. On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2020 at 10:37 PM, SnowstormMK said:

    This should be fixed, but images will have to be uploaded again.

    Well, in case of no reupload available the broken URLs can be fiddled to download the uploaded unreachable Images ;) .


    Example for broken URL:


    Fixed URL:


    no real magic

  2. Hi there,


    it might be that the reason for the quite sudden non-functioning might be the changed Google Earth - API.


    At least this happened to a GSAK-macro using GE to display caches on a map (swiss gc-forum german spoken ).

    The worldwide freelancing programmers for GSAK addons have been much faster than GS,

    so one can now just use another macro together with OSM-Maps for display.

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  3. In my opinion the regulations for upcoming challenge caches should be quite strict, trying to preserve as well as refresh the spirit of geocaching.


    Two examples:

    A fellow cacher in Austria posted a challenge cache, 800 caches in 24 hours. A s***storm broke loose, as in the opinions of many cachers this can only done by cheating (placing a prepared box in the 1st cache, taking it with you, logging. exchanging it with the 2nd, ...), by air pollution (car) and trespassing laws plus risking injuries (open sliding door & no seatbelt). So it was retracted, and put out again with 400 caches in 24 hrs (Challenge: Powercachen).


    Same story from another cacher in Austria, 3 Types of Caches in all 9 counties of Austria within 48 hrs. Also just reachable by car or motorbike, a log speaks of +1800 kilometers, another log of just 1077 kms (Challenge: "Österreich Rundfahrt" 3x9x48).


    In my opinion, this has not much to do with enjoying being outdoors.

    When I started geocaching in February 2004 (with a lot of free weekends, due to my marriage being in shreds) almost all geocaches in ans around my beloved hometown Vienna where multistage caches. Vienna is surrounded by mellow hills on three sides, and all of them where peppered with great caches, giving me a lot of new places to visit and new impressions to get. The overall amount of caches within the city limits Vienna was 103, published between 2000 and 2004. And most of them are still worth to remember.

  4. I hope this was NOT a recent announcement, Challenge Caches, to me, ARE THE MOST FUN thing in our sport/hobby!


    Then you're not going to be happy about this:


    Challenge Cache Submissions Moratorium

    Posted 21 April 2015





    The announcement concering "Geocache Challenges" spoke of:

    In this spirit, we have decided to retire Geocaching Challenges.


    The Challenge Cache Moratorium just puts the submission of new caches of type challenge onhold for about three quarters of a year, speaking now (Oct 2015).


    So, as already said, one can still find challenge caches and they count as valid caches for your find statistic, but no new caches can be submitted for review and publishing.


    My personal is that the rulemakers at Groundspeak should set up stricter borders to preserve the enthusiastic and exploring spirit of geocaching in challenge caches, and prevent them from becoming faster-higher-longer-records-to-gain.

  5. I live in Austria close to Vienna, started geocaching in February 2004.


    Basic Details:

    -) Favorites: I'd like to see them on a less prominent place, but it would be nice to see on first glance whether I've already left a favorite point or not, without the need to open the submenu


    Additional Details:


    IMHO less might be more, because the main attraction should be the cache, not the nifty functions.


    -) Distance from Home Location: I don't need this, I can read a map

    -) Corrected Coordinates: never used before

    -) Quick Link: never used

    -) Printer Friendly: sometimes (with tricky multi caches) I want 15 or more logs --> more choices or a free field for a number to enter

    -) Driving Directions: never used before

    -) Send to GPS: never used

    -) Personal Cache Note: never used nor needed

    -) Map links: two choices and all others hidden under "additional maps" might use up less space


    Owner Tools:

    -) Archive and Disable should be just within the log possibilities, one doesn't need them that often (the former one usually just once in a caches lifetime ;))

    -) Owner Maintenance should be visible here, especially the need to use it to get rid of the NM-Sign is well hidden for many young owners


    Community Requests:

    -) Last Found summary: yes, please

    -) Event start / end time : yes, please



  6. -) block all kinds of logs with identical content from one account to one cache


    Blocking identical logs to a single cache would only deter the script kiddy long enough to change the script to add a unique piece of text to every log (e.g. date & timestamp each one).



    I think at the moment this is still a small enough problem to be managed by reporting cachers who are abusing the system and getting their account deleted.


    Yep, it has been the same way with computerviruses in the 90's. First normal code in them, then a bunch of different commands performing the same action (and in each strain another command is used), then additional useless codeparts with various length (like push AX, pop AX). This brought a huge change in the antivirus-programs at first by implementing massive pattern recognition capabilities. When scripting viruses popped up, the whole scene changed to behaviour detection in a sandbox.


    And I agree, as long as there are only few culprits among the cachers, they can be sorted out by hand ;) .

  7. @fast typing: why not just copy & paste ;) ?


    @multiple founds: well in the perfect world there would be a checkbox for cacheowners "allow multiple finds"


    @almost identical logs on PTs: yes, indeed, but not identical logs to the same cache ;)


    BTW, if it might speed things up, I can also add the number of my appeal, for lackeys and reviewers to get faster access to it:


    Request {489663}

  8. By chance it came to my attention in the last hour:

    Many or all caches from a German geocacher are so-to-say under attack from log scripts.

    Countless found-logs have been sent to these caches with identical text from each of the malicious (quite young and basic member) accounts, maybe also performing a huge traffic of sent-out watchlist-notifications.


    I'm not sure wether this is a once-in-a-lifetime incident, but my former business experience in computer virus-research lets me fear it's the other way round. Have now the script-kiddies reached geocaching, too ;) ?


    Behaviour detection might be the only possibility to catch such culprits:

    -) block too fast logs from one account to one cache (as scripting tools are per se against the ToU)

    -) block more than two found logs from one account to one cache

    -) block all kinds of logs with identical content from one account to one cache


    But I fear that the only person getting problems will be the cache owner, for not maintaining the caches correctly by deleting the malign postings immediately. A script running from Friday evening 'til Monday morning may wreak havoc all the concerned caches.

  9. Or upload your "my finds" PQ to mgcp and it will tell you.


    To revive this thread:

    I just tried to find dupes by uploading my finds to mgcp, but to no avail <_< .


    So I did the other procedure suggested using GSAK and adding the FindCount.


    Nonetheless, can someone enlighten me how to do this in mgcp?



  10. Keep an eye on event caches placed by Goldpot , he holds a monthly event somewhere in London, and you will be more than welcome to come along to if there's one while you're in London.


    Also check out Ein berühmter deutscher Besucher nach London which has been specially placed for visitors from Deutschland.

    As an Austrian citizen I'm able to read German but prefer to speak Austrian ;).


    Thanks for the link and the other previous suggestions nonetheless.

    And keep them coming!


    Kind regards, Martin

  11. Dear cachers,

    in August I eventually visit London with my 11-year-old daughter. Beside enjoying its great atmosphere, I'd also like to grab some nice caches in the City. We have 2 full and 2 half days for sightseeing and geoaching.


    So what are the must-have-seen caches within easy distance in London?


    For other esp. German cities there were tourist-bookmarklists available, but 'til now I haven't foudn one for London.

    The only reference was to the Sherlock Holmes series, which seems to be an bunch of very recommended multis.


    Thanks in advance for any advice,


    Martin (Vienna)

  12. The situation with the Royal Parks Ban is exactly the same, it will take patience to achieve the result the Community wishes to see.



    I've recently booked 4 days in London in August, showing this great city to my daugther (11 yrs) for her first time. As I heard the rumors about former micros every miles 1/8s in the parks, I wondered why the geocache mapshows no caches there anymore.


    Thx for the info, and I keep my fingers crossed for successfully biding the cachers time!

  13. Hi folks,

    I talked a colleague into trying geocaching.

    Yesterday we tried to create a basic account, it was a pain.

    Eventually I succeeded after hours of trying.

    Now I try to change the email adress to his.


    He gets the confirmation mail (a big flaw IMHO, everybody can tweak your email , and you get no information about that --> the OLD main address should also have to confirm to the address change!!),

    but when he clicks on the link, he gets an empty window with redirecting in it, and thats it!


    The nonworking link:

    http://coord.info/TD4d09fe9c25e5c41558000xxx (3 digits left out)

  14. Update to the update:


    Another Group_account of me (for setting up events) has an underscore in te nickname, and it still cannot log in.


    Can anybody else with underscores or special chars in the nickname verify or falsify this? Maybe the "-" in fox's name causes the problem?

  15. Hello fox_and_the_hound,

    I've had the same problem until some minutes ago!


    I found out that using the password in all lowercase helped me log in ( I have some uppercase in it). The nickname (as one can see) is all lowercase.


    But another account for group activities still cannot get logged in, and it has an all lowercase password, but the nick contains uppercase and underscore characters.


    For future reference, the web updater does not always work. Running the chipset software installer package will work every time.

    My understanding is that an erased GPS SW can only be replaced by using the WebUpdater.

    The Chipset software installer package doesn't contain the Firmware for the Satellite computing firmware part. Maybe thats why a nuked GPS looks like GPS has been switched off, no satellites at all.

  17. I'd just like to send my deepest thanks to Flux 56, too.


    A week ago I bought a new 60CSX, started into vacation last weekend, and somehow managed to nuke the GPS SW. But using the great advice from Flux I was able to get back from Version 0.00 up to V 3.00, ans satellites were coming into view again.


    Small question after the celebrating the revive of the CSX:

    And how do Unix users manage this?

    With only Windows and Apple software (the Webupdater from Garmin) available for downloading the gps firmware?


    However, thank you a lot again for this solution!

  18. In the abruptly closed thread concerning armchair logging an interesting question has popped up

    (a cacher logged a found when a colleague of him has found a cache being no geocacher):

    Is it legit that teams log a found, even if not all members are present at a cache?


    I created an account for my whole family. My children are still underage, so they usually cache with me. But I also cache without them.


    A friend has created 4 accounts: One for him, one for his wife, one for his daughter, one for the whole family. Whoever finds a cache, uses his own account. I'm not sure what the last mentioned account is good for, maybe then just this account is used for shared founds.


    What are your opinions?

  19. Well, one could also temporarily expand his team to some handy members :laughing::) .

    Anyone believing that the famous Coopers Agency is just one person?

    Those of us who have met her didn't find evidence of multiple personality disorder.


    Really just a single person?

    My deepest apologies in that case.


    I was quite sure that at least a 3 person team cached using this nick.

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