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  1. I've just organised an event in my local area and have had the lowest will attend count ever. Five years ago there was a monthly series of events called North West Monthly Meets which were frequented by at least 40 people but they fell by the wayside because the main organisers gave up caching and I couldn't sustain arranging an event every month on my own. So I started going to events further afield and started going to other monthly events about 50 miles from home. I recently got the NWCMM meets going again but no-one in my local area again is interested in organising them and now the NWCMM events are being arranged 50 miles from home so there's an event every two weeks in South Manchester. There's an active facebook group of NW cachers but noone is interested in arranging or going to events in my area anymore. There's naff all new caches published or ftf hunts like there was 5 years ago. Loads of my caches are up for resuscitation. has anyone elsewhere in the world seen this happen before? It feels like I'm on my own in my part of the world now
  2. How do you know they were 'stolen' by other cachers? I am having the same issue with my hides. They are randomly being targeted by cachers who tight to go buying containers on ebay. Randomly targeted? Isn't that an oxymoron? possibly. they are nicking caches of random ages in random places so there is no pattern to be found to incriminate who it is. So random caches are going missing. I don't think I've ever met a CO who didn't have a cache go missing at some point. I have though found caches by some CO's which were still right where they were meant to be despite claims that they'd been stolen. aye you did well on that one. it wasn't where I put it when I placed it. Perhaps the issue of double containers at GZ wouldn't be an issue if people actually did as the guidelines requested and put it back where it should go. Still its a nice walk through the fields to go and remove the throwdown, ha thats a new one, a throwdown left by a CO !
  3. How do you know they were 'stolen' by other cachers? I am having the same issue with my hides. They are randomly being targeted by cachers who tight to go buying containers on ebay. Randomly targeted? Isn't that an oxymoron? possibly. they are nicking caches of random ages in random places so there is no pattern to be found to incriminate who it is.
  4. How do you know they were 'stolen' by other cachers? I am having the same issue with my hides. They are randomly being targeted by cachers who tight to go buying containers on ebay.
  5. We dont need an icon. The current one is fine and i don't want my existing stats to be interfered with as I have found a lot of challenges
  6. Yeah, darn this game. It's all about the numbers these days. Sheesh. I tell ya. The point of Geocaching is FINDING CACHES. Also, if you find the cache and it's all broke, full of water and missing a log book, and you take initiative to replace the container, put a new log book in said container and then appropriately email the CO and say, "Hey buddy. I found your cache but it was in bad shape so I went ahead and fixed her up a bit. Cheers!" How does that bring more harm than good? 1) it saves the CO a trip when the community comes together and helps each other out by keeping the game moving along, and 2) you found the cache, and replaced the broken cache with a not broken one and putting it back in it's original spot. How is that harming anything? AMEN. A lot of trolls on here don't actually go out finding caches they just like sitting on the forum talking about how bad COs are for having lives and not rushing out IMMEDIATELY to sort out a cache.
  7. You logged an NA for two containers at GZ? That's not really on. That's just causing littering
  8. I shouldn't need to rush to every cache on the off chance it might be archived within a month.
  9. I and my friend were the ones who adopted a large series of 200 on the hills. Perhaps some background info is needed. The original CO had a habit of getting in a huff and binning everything to then republish in the same spot. After archiving a large original series, he then chucked out another series of 200 less than a month later. Of course he got in another huff and threatened to archive the new series of 200 less than a month after publication due to the actions of our local caching police. Also at which time the hills upon which the caches were set, were in the process of being reclassified as SSSI meaning NO new caches can be published up there. Therefore we had little choice but to take them over so everyone could enjoy them, not just the saddos who rushed out for the FTFs
  10. You want caching police come to North West England. We got them in the bucket loads.
  11. With regard to my adoption post. I took them on at short notice after the original CO got in a trademark huff and threatened to archive a series of 200 that had been out less than a month. This is AFTER he archived a similar crop of hides after an argument with caching police. Why should I as a finder and everyone else for that matter feel the need to rush around every new cache published on the off chance the CO will get in a huff and bin it before I get to it.
  12. What about adoptions ? I and a friend adopted a series of 200 from someone who packed in caching. I didn't set the caches nor do i have any idea of how they are hidden. The only reason we took on 200 caches is so we could log them as found at our own pace. Now this is being made impossible and I'm stuck with one hundred caches i didn't want and can't log.
  13. Looking at images in the cache gallery is how I find most of my puzzles.
  14. There's a puzzle near me thats listed as a D1 T5, only the COs best mates have solved it and its been out for six months. 2 people to have solved a D1 cache. I even emailed the reviewer asking if I had grounds for NA but its not something they can control.
  15. the biggest geostalker going complaining about being stalked. now I've seen it all
  16. Log it them as found and don't listen to anyone on here telling you otherwise. They aren't your caches you didn't hide them so you can log them. I have adopted loads over the years and have no qualms about logging them. In fact I have offered to adopt series before I had found them because the CO was planning to archive them and I hadn't had chance to find them.
  17. I'll fill in the age old answer. What other people do is nothing to do with any one on forums. If I have a friend replace a cache for me, then I'm happy for that to happen. My friend shouldn't be hung drawn and quartered for helping out a friend. Some people need to get a life on here.
  18. +1 The best statement in this thread. agreed completely. Theres a local fellow who sticks an NM, NA or an insult with every log he writes. Numerous times he has said my caches are rubbish. But on perusal through his finds, my dross is all he is finding.
  19. The only challenges published recently near me are just for the rich people who can afford to go on holiday all over the world. It's a farce that Groundspeak banned time based challenges saying they were unattainable. I'll say it's a lot easier finding 10 virtual caches in a day than find caches on three continents ?
  20. I just received a formal warning off a reviewer who is a moderator on here. Now we aren't even allowed to demonstrate our opinions. Dictatorship comes to mind
  21. I'm glad this has come about. The reviewer team in the UK with a few minor exceptions have lost touch with how the game is played nowadays. Many have been reviewers for years and years sometimes a decade. Many of them don't even go out caching anymore. Why are the people making decisions about geocaching in the UK, when they have no idea what is going on out there? They are referred to as "volunteer reviewers", they aren't, they are invited. There are numerous other people throughout the country who do the finding, do the hiding, go to events meeting people who would happily volunteer but are never given the option to. I have done many many tunnel caches and have never come across a single bat in any of them. The reviewers are just coming up with excuses just to prevent any out of the ordinary caches going into their review queue. As for the events, you've killed it for most people now. Gone are the days of finding boxes. Most people nowadays are social cachers . Well done guys well done. I'll buy you each a pint at the next ego stroking event ?
  22. If I'm out of area I won't bother looking for caches with a string of DNFs. Even 1 is too much a gamble. If it's local its a different story I need it off my map so will either go and attempt to find it or just stick a NA on it ?
  23. Biggest pet peeve. Caching police intent on having all caches archived that don't fit their idea of perfection
  24. Nowt wrong with brute forcing puzzles. Caching shouldn't be about let's see who is the cleverest and has the most time on their hands
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