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  1. I'd like to ignore them but when I know they are slandering my name all day every day, I really can't afford to sit back to be honest....
  2. Yes that is what the OP is wanting, especially when the troublesome individuals go through his listed caches looking for faults just so they can log an Needs Maintenance on a cache they haven't visited or will probably ever visit. For example, this earthcache GC667A7 that they haven't visited, yet they believe is factually incorrect even though the 86 people who have logged the earthcache have never found a problem. They then report it to the reviewer and have it archived for being incorrect.... even though they haven't visited GZ. A block function would be useful to prevent my harassment by these individuals who I have requested time and time again just not to look at or log my caches if they have nothing positive to say.
  3. Why do I want a block function? ----- ^^^^^ stuff like this.
  4. I tried to put aside all negativity a few years ago, we had a bit of a calm where we didn't really push each other's buttons. Then someone started bad mouthing me on a forum and it got ugly again. I'd like to see the end of it and perhaps a block function would just be the solution. They won't see my caches or my logs and that would eliminate the problem.
  5. I wish I knew the answer to where all missing caches go? If muggled where do the mugglers take them? I wish I knew
  6. shocking isn't it we are in agreement :O. There is still the issue of the mouldy manky box sitting on the SSSI moors rotting away, but still being visited by cachers while it is active. Isn't there more chance of one of those cachers performing community maintenance on the manky box and bringing it up to spec due to the amount of passing foot traffic. If said cache is archived due to an NA, now there is a much smaller chance the manky box will be spruced up. Owner doesn't care, now no finders coming along who may care for it. Now its archived, now no-one even knows its there unless you're a veteran cacher. The box sits up there getting even more wet, more akin to a piece of litter. The owner won't come along to remove the rubbish, the reviewer won't, so doesn't this box become a problem to landowners like you mentioned and give geocaching a bad name. Is it not better to allow the cache to remain active until it goes missing or muggled then starting the archival process?
  7. Ok I might just do that. I fully agree with your NM and NA policy on abandoned missing caches. They waste the time of people who don't read previous logs, especially when they rock up to GZ and start searching for a cache thats been missing for a year. That's frustrating. on the other side of a wet abandoned cache, there is no guarantee that someone will replace it with a shiny new one if its archived. Especially on the moors where it is SSSI and no caches can ever be published again.
  8. Just a quick one before I disappear. You worry about caches rotting away littering the hillside when they have been abandoned by the CO? An NA is a solution to that? If a cacher has abandoned a cache when its active, do you really think they will traipse up the hillside to remove the scatty mouldy box? It'll sit there forever.
  9. Yeah thats a good shout that. Plenty of them on here!
  10. The feature exists on social media and is a godsend when ignoring troublesome keyboard warriors? The function is implemented in the Messenger Centre, but is it a possibility to incorporate it into the website. There are particularly troublesome local and abusive finders who harass COs about their caches and just leave criticism after criticism. I have requested them to ignore my caches, but they are so intent on their futile FTF stats they still carry on willy nilly. The only way to eliminate contact with them would be to have a block function to stop them looking for and commenting on my caches. Any thoughts? I'm at the end of my tether with these two.
  11. Numerous things irk me. But the words I would describe two particularly troublesome local cachers I unfortunately share an area with aren't allowed to be mentioned on this forum Oh if only there was a cacher blocking button like on Facebook
  12. There's a little bit of info missing from your timeline! Attached to this post is a picture of the "rotten, unsignable and unsuitable soggy wet log" that caused you so much issue. The CO went and did the maintenance you demanded after you went crying to the local reviewer. What a surprise you wasted his and the reviewer's time! The logbook was perfectly dry and signable if a bit tatty. but still signable and of which you HADN'T. I thought the one rule of geocaching was to sign the log. Drops mic...
  13. Maybe the CO has a superiority complex and is a keyboard warrior?
  14. I'd be interested to learn more details of the algorithm. Nine years in caching and hundreds of caches hidden, adopted and maintained, with a variety of different cache hides thrown in, each with large amounts of favourite points. If this isn't good enough, then I may as well just archive all my caches now.
  15. The two virtuals are 15+ stages so I would add time for that
  16. All my caches are premium and have been for years which is the weird thing. I have regular gripes with a few suspects but can't prove anything without tracing IP addresses.
  17. whats the best way to stop a cache trasher nicking my caches. I've been told Groundspeak can trace IP addresses from audit logs. Who do I need to contact to get this looked into. Too many of my caches are going missing literally just as soon as I've replaced them. Its not muggles as no self respecting human would steal a micro container they just stumbled across. An ammo box yes but not the containers I use.
  18. I'd keep off these forums as most of the people on here don't actually go geocaching, they just sit around moaning about guidelines and maintenance.
  19. You could have just replaced the full logbook instead of slapping on a NM and making the CO go out of their way to replace a strip of paper....
  20. Some COs take pride in having caches that can only be found by their best mates. Local puzzle near me, unfound since the FTF in 2014 by the COs best mate and another puzzle unfound since last year placed and found by vice versa. No hints given unless you're a mate.
  21. From what I've gathered, most of the key posters in this forum don't enjoy geocaching anymore, they just like complaining about poorly maintained caches on the forum rather than going and enjoying the outdoors For me it's about the places I see.
  22. That's not strictly true. Years ago the NWCMM events were organised SPONTANEOUSLY by a thriving geocaching community around the CHORLEY area - with the occasional event slightly further North while you were at University in Lancaster. The community didn't need to worry about stepping on anyone's toes.. or booking a slot months in advance.. or waiting their turn. When you, apparently, got them going again - a document was stickied to the top of a Facebook group which has thousands of members, the majority of whom live outside the local area to where the NWCMM's originated and that meant that the NWCMM became another KT event - with the majority of the events being held too far away for most locals. Not only that, there were rules to be adhered to. All NWCMM events should only be held mid-week AND we had to be sure to avoid planning it for the same week as the KT event. Last November when a long standing local caching team wanted to hold a NWCMM event for Lancashire Day they weren't allowed to call their event a NWCMM because someone from KT Land had already bagsied that month, months in advance. In my experience Will Attend logs count for little - there will always be some folk who just turn up on the night - not everyone can plan ahead. As far as new caches being published goes - that's a saturation issue. I've been caching for almost 9 years and I still have over 1000 unfound caches within 10 miles of home... and the majority of those are unfound for a reason. FTF hunts are more trouble than they are worth - too many sore losers and too much bitterness. The reason the original NWCMMs fell through is that it wasn't organised, whats the point in having a monthly meet when it doesn't happen every month. I do agree with your point about the current NWCMMS going to Manchester too much and I'm not particularly happy about travelling to every event I attend nowadays, however it has been made clear that noone in Chorley is interested in organising an event and the months have had to be given to KT regulars as noone else wants them. I'd rather have two events than no events. I don't really see the problem in being organised and maintaining a standard format of event and also being courteous and not having two events clashing with each other.
  23. I wonder how many CO's who've previously invested considerable effort to create adventures for others to experience came up against this sort of attitude and decided it wasn't worth the effort. As one who's experienced harassment by COs over simply viewing their caches, we don't do any PMOs anymore. When it's happened to you, sure some would have an attitude... I regularly watch my audit logs on my caches as there is someone going round nicking them, one day they will slip up and one day I will find them.
  24. hopefully someone is hacking it to get into all those impossible puzzles.
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