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  1. Just got back from a three week caching holiday round Scotland and what I like to do on holidays is take all the TBs I get from said holiday and bring them all home together and drop them off in my local caches. All of them get a higher distance increase that way. I came across a lot of caches on holiday I would make a special trip for to go and liberate TBs. I was amazed by the number of ghosts left in the system that had been there years. It got quite irritating by the fourth time. Finally gone through all my hides and marked the missing TBs as missing. Some had even been sat there for three years!
  2. Whenever I enable a cache, I always log an OM too for the reasons of the score
  3. I thought if quality watertight boxes were used then there wouldnt be any wet logs occurring
  4. There's the problem. You can't offer any positive opinion or advice on geocaching as you no longer participate in it and are apathetic towards it. Why haunt a geocaching forum? In response to the original question. Just worry about 'your' geocaching and not bother with anyone else's and you'll be a lot happier.
  5. How can someone who has given up and set three caches be measured against a cache owner of 15 years experience? Who also maintains their caches well? Just for clarification I am not talking about myself here. I knew full well I wouldnt get a virtual as I have too many warnings under my belt but there are local cache owners to me who much more deserve a virtual than some anonymous part timer who gives nothing to the game.
  6. The announcement made by Groundspeak indicated only the top 1 percent would be given virtuals.
  7. There are cache owners who set quality caches that amass lots of favorites and they also sometimes set standalones, series, events, earthcaches. Diversity is the spice of life. Why should a cache owner with a high amount of hides be automatically branded as a power trail cacher.
  8. There are many cache owners who set quality caches and are do gooders when it comes to maintenance and some who have been setting big quality boxes since 2004, 2005. They didn't get virtuals as the algorithm decided they were bad cache owners because they have too many caches and it gave virtuals to inactive given up cachers. This is a kick to the teeth for cache owners who have given 10+ years of effort and expense in cache setting.
  9. They do have to be within 2 miles but there are some exceptions
  10. Yes but giving virtuals to inactive cache owners who give nothing to the game is also a bad idea. I agree about number of hides shouldn't have been a factor but there are cache owners who have a large amount of hides who also have a high total number of favorite points who effectively were spat at in the face for years of work.
  11. If its not a game or hobby? What is it? A cult? A religion? A method of ego boosting? It's certainly not a professional sport.
  12. It's a game isn't it? How I play my game is up to me and I am happy to log puzzles I havent solved.
  13. Nothing wrong with battleshipping. Groundspeak guidelines dictate I only need to sign a log. If I am able to find a puzzle through alternative means, then why does that make me the criminal? I'm happy as a finder to not solve a puzzle and log a cache. That's how I play the game.
  14. [Text removed by moderator] This particular series has only been out a year, it got a flurry of finders when it was new and now its been sat there without finds for about 8 months. Of course the caches will be inevitably wet. This one guy was the first to turn up in ages. I never said I wouldn't maintain it, I said I would archive them if the situation continues. How am I supposed to know what state a cache is in if it hasn't been visited for 8 months?? The problem I have is that most cachers nowadays are so fixated on the state of the cache, they never ever say anything about the walk they've done, the wildlife theyve seen or the gorgeous views. They are just so fixated on the scrawl of dingy paper they write nothing else on their online log. As a CO I want to hear about their experiences and frankly that's gone out the window in recent years.
  15. Sorry no you haven't. Is it just me you are stalking, or do you watch daily logs of every single cache in the world and then comment about them on this forum? I don't see other cache owners berated on here like the harassment I have to endure.
  16. Please answer the question. Do other cache owners receive this same level of scrutiny on their caches or do you just stalk mine? You've done well today with your stalking bearing in mind the earlier site outage.
  17. Do other cache owners get this level of scrutiny from you regarding their caches? There are over 2 million cachers in the world. The fact you are stalking just one constitutes harassment.
  18. I may have missed a lot of the thread. From what I read you were going to look for the spot cache after it had two dnfs on it and muggling. I checked the listing and it had numerous found logs. I was rather confused.
  19. Its been found and logged since 2017. Whats the point in going out to look for it?
  20. I wouldn't go as far as classing my post as evidence. I tried to set evil revenge puzzles but they were solved and found within minutes, so in reality revenge puzzles don't exist. They're just bog standard unknown caches
  21. too be fair I tried the revenge puzzle front but they were all solved within minutes
  22. Why did you jump straight to an NA if a bear got it? What I've got from this thread is surely a NM first would have been more valid.
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