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  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas. Got into GPS several years ago with a Magellan 300(?). Currently work as a Technology Manager for an investment firm. Own the PN-40 and Oregon 400t. 'Main' hobby is RC aircraft, getting started into geocaching as a way to get out and get some exercise on days unfavorable for flying. HM
  2. Got a PN-40 and a 400t. Family member wanted to get me a GPS, I mentioned the 60csx and the 400t as candidates. Came back with 'backordered', so it might not happen. So, figuring no GPS as gift, I get to digging on Groundspeak and such, and decide that the PN-40 sounds pretty sweet, so I jump on Amazon and get myself squared away with one. Christmas rolls around, am opening a gift, lo and behold, its a 400t. Just wanted me to think they couldn't get one delivered in time. Works out okay, get to spend time w/ both. So far its mixed. Both have strong and weak points, but am reserving opinion until I've had a chance to work both of them in the field. Thanks Santa!!
  3. US Army 1978-1989 1st Bn 75th Inf. Rangers, HAAF GA O5K School, Pensacola, FL 2nd Bn, Ft. Carson, CO 2/187th ABN Ft. Kobbe, Panama HM
  4. Calling it a 'Manual' is a pretty good stretch. They should just print the wiki pages and stick'em in the box, at least you'd get some useful documentation! ...and now I'm double posting.. aarrgg...
  5. Calling it a 'Manual' is a pretty good stretch. They should just print the wiki pages and stick'em in the box, at least you'd get some useful documentation!
  6. Good grief.. thought I had been through every menu on the unit, missed that one! I'm at 'software' version 2.10 w/GPS @ 2.42. I gotta ask... which of these is actually the firmware that I'll be updating? Just tried to get it registered and some updates via Garmin. Now thats ugly. All I kept getting was 'download complete' '..remove and restart, reconnect, click next'.. and so on.. must have went through that 10 times before it dawned on me that.. you know.. its probably not doing anything.. and likely wasn't. Am also using a PN-40.. much smoother firmware update procedure.. Okay.. now I see which is firmware, I'll learn to read one of these days.. apparently just not today. Thanks! HM
  7. This must be one of those 'something everyone knows' and I'm looking right past it, nor I can find anything regarding... How do you know which firmware you're currently running? All I see is 2.01 for the maps on startup. Not tapping a menu twice or such? That being asked.. I want to hold off on the 2.8 update. But if I'm at 2.03 or whatever it is, and there are a couple relevant updates, is it possible to get just those. From the looks of the Garmin site its latest or nothing. Thanks! HM
  8. No joke. Amazon had the PN-40 at 269.00 a few days ago and I held off. Went to order it yesterday and it was up to 339.00. Placed the order before it goes up higher. Knew shouldn't have waited. As to the PN-40, wasn't on my list to start, almost went for the CXS 60 or Oregon. Used Delome topo maps for years, so familar with that end, didn't know they had a gps unit. Read so many good reviews of it, seemed like a no-brainer.
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